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  1. I wore a mask with a transparent window on our vacation (12/29/20-1/5/21). I didn’t know if the Disney folks were going to stop me. I didn’t want to cause trouble, and I brought an extra cloth mask. I wore it through temperature, security, and magic band scan. Nobody said anything. On Main Street, multiple cast members complimented me. Memory Maker pictures turned out beautiful. I wanted to show my smile.

    1. Austin

      Going to Wdw next week. Where did you find that mask. Thank you

      1. Michelle

        Austin, I make clear mouth masks. If you email me, I’ll show you a picture of them. They are made with double filters, 4 ply!! 😁

        1. Yeli Solis

          I’d like one!

          1. Tammy Beauchemin

            The cdc is recamending 2 or the most carbon filter you can get.for your mask.they just said there is 19 diff.veriables of this covid ,this is why the 2 masks.

        2. B CrCristin

          Michelle, are the clear masks hot – will they make your face sweat? I would be interested in seeing them. How much do you charge? We’re going this summer and I am looking for some alternatives to wear besides our Disney masks. Thanks!

        3. Tameko

          Please send me info how to order your mask.

        4. Ben

          I’d like to see the mask

        5. Nikki Robinson

          I would like one please!

        6. Michelle Strange

          I would like one

        7. Natasha

          Interesting they update this mask policy.. I’ve been. Writing disability. Department since all this mask nonsense hysteria started and explained how my daughter is hard of hearing and we must read lips so we can communicate with her limited ASL. They said no numerous times too me, then I wrote again after months and vaccines began rolling out abd asked if they updated the mask policy. I shared with them the CDC website on masks accretions for hard of hearing abd begged them to please include this as it’s literally a safety issue if I cannot community quickly with my daughter by reading lips which she does quicker than ASL. I sent photos of this mask that was approved by the cdc and ADA. They just said thank you and to bring it with us on our next trip. Then a week later they announced the new coverings. Very interesting.. maybe all my numerous letters helped to make that decision.. although I think this mask nonsense along with their plexiglass is all theater as masks are not necfesary outdoors. If they work why are we told to social distance.? Maybe it’s because they know masks are not that helpful. Anyway, even cdc stated mask wearing outside the chances of catching anything that way is close to zero. But I love WDW and wouid like to go back. Let’s just hope they get rid of these do nothing rules and mandates soon

          1. Sue

            Good for you! Keep writing as I do. The masks are absolutely 100% uesless and do not prevent the spread of anything. I hope you daughter has a good time.

            On another note, Disney’s treatment of handicapped people has been going down the toilet since Bob Iger took over as CEO. I use a wheelchair and there is no more courtesy to allow you to wait somewhere else – they force you through the line with the chair which can be extremely difficult at times.

            And most people do NOT realize it was Bob Iger who first mentioned face masks even before the CDC issued their recommendations and guidelines (which by the way it is a recommendation or guideline not a must).

          2. Disney would not give me an approval as well. I just wore a mask with a clear window and kept an extra cloth mask in my backpack. I had no problem in security. In fact, got compliments from cast members.

          3. Whitney

            Agreed! Finally I’m seeing someone else talk about disabilities and theask pandemic. We have an asthmatic child and an autistic that we care for and they cannot wear masks. I know many people with medical waivers for masks…seems at the discrepancy of the doctor. It’s a big joke. It should be our right as Americans to choose. Masks literally will not help as much as keeping 6-10 feet difference. If we were as orore stingent about making strangers stay so far apart the issue would not be about wearing masks. The law for CA says you only need to wear one if you are 6 feet from someone outdoors. At least in SD county. I don’t get why in such a big place as Disney they can’t regulate social distancing well enough and only require mask use indoors. Besides the fact that medical waivers should be accepted. It feels discriminatory. The fact is masks are one of the last things to help vs basic manners; covering ones mouth, not being sick and walking around, washing hands. And people criminalize people that don’t want masks mandated but if you’re able to keep clean on a basic level then your odd of spreading are extremely minute. Also the death statistics haven’t been scrutinized enough since the beginning. You can die in a car crash from a car crash, health and if you have anti-bodies it’s counted as a COVID death. I’ve known many people exposed to COVId, myself included, and live our lives as normally as possible and no one I know has died of it, hardly anyone I know has been sick from it and not sick beyond a bad flu-symptoms.Weird.

        8. Julie Chang

          Can you give me info on those masks? They sound great!

        9. michael bechard

          I’d like to see a picture of those clear face masks if I can.

      2. etsy.com
        Make sure it says it will not fog up
        I think the brand was sellermask. They had Disney patterns.

      3. So sorry. I’m too late. I hope you had a good time.

    2. Peter S Johnsen

      You can’t force anybody to wear masks cuz they’re not going to want to do it I for one can’t wear a mask because I have asthma and sleep apnea which makes it hard for me to breathe

      1. Shane

        Whatever. I have a friend who has asthma and she wears one every day and even wears it for her hour long workouts.

        1. Whitney

          Then she likely has asthma triggered by allergies or something less severe. People with moderate to severe are definitely supposed to be allowed waivers because it’s literally unsafe for someone with consistent breathing problems to be wearing a mask all the time. Lol Even unhealthy to wear one too often when you’re the average person. People need fresh air. During the plague most people died from hiding away from the sun and air surrounded in their own germs let alone a lack of cleanliness. If people could have basic decency to maintain 6-10 feet social distance, and would wash their hands, cover their mouths when cough etc then we wouldn’t need the masks. Air quality hasn’t been effected by COVId. Lol Small spaces where people are stupid and you can’t rely on them to cover their noses, to keep distance then yeah that’s when/why anyone needs a mask.

        2. John Rudolph

          Tell you what. We’ll all pretend YOUR mask works if you’ll pretend we’re wearing one to satisfy your virtue signaling needs!

      2. Don

        Uhh, my father also has asthma and sleep apnea and he wears masks just fine. My brother has severe allergies and asthma and he still wears a mask. My grandparents who had major lung deficiencies wore masks. So there is literally no reason for you to not wear a mask.

        1. Ayden

          He doesn’t have to wear a mask if he doesn’t want to wear one. Simple as that.

          1. Jessica

            Nah, he has to wear a mask even if he doesn’t want to. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Those are the rules everywhere. Grow up and wear your mask properly, or stay home. I work as a cashier in my local grocery store, I am literally putting myself and my family at risk to serve the public, and
            not wearing a mask properly or at all, is one of the most selfish things you can do (not that you people care, all that matters to you is your comfort and your feelings). A lot of my coworkers have had to stay home for two weeks, sometimes a whole month, because they’re getting exposed to the virus thanks to selfish customers. Everyone would rather report us to corporate and accuse us of “discrimination” and “being mean”– essentially lying about the situation, just so they can get out of wearing a nask! But of course they won’t stay home because it’s “not fair to make them suffer by trapping them at home”, but they will make up any excuse to not wear a mask. Heck, they would probably flip if they knew any grocery employees got sick, and accuse us of putting *them* at risk for it!

            I am over all excuses for not wearing a nask. Tell someone who cares, because it ain’t me. Wear a damn mask!

          2. Kevin

            He does if he wants to go on private property… just a clue…. Disney is private property. Have a nice day.

          3. Marie Betran

            Cashier Jessica I think you’re awesome.👍

          4. Reggie Bullock

            Easiest solution in the world: if he doesn’t want to wear a mask, dont go to Disney! No one is forcing anyone to go there, but if you do go, wear the mask. Simple!

          5. Mickey

            Jessisa cashier, you are stupid. The mask doesn’t do a lick of good because everyone will eventually get infected. It’s a bandage-meets-screen-door-on-a-submarine solution to developing herd immunity.

        2. There is no reason too. That simple

          1. Stephanie Pena

            I literally never wear one .Going to Disney was a big mistake. In a week I probably wear a mask about 30 minutes..in a week!

        3. TRUE LIBERTY

          Lowe’s changed their policy because people with asthma and similar issues were getting sick from masks. So now they allow people to wear the clear shields instead if they want. They also did a study in Florida before the Governor stopped cities from enforcing masks. They found no difference in rates of infection between cities with enforcement and none. And suspected that mishandling of masks is causing many of the spikes. Anyways it’s Disney property and I respect their rules but will wait until that rule ends before I return. I only spend my money in places that respect personal choice.

          1. Your absolutely correct. Masks don’t help! My husband is doc in the medical arena.

          2. Garret Lars Petersen

            If masks don’t work then why do doctors wear them? Anyway to each their own, we all make our own path. Maybe if we didn’t act like such big babies to begin with we could uave controlled it better. But here we are.

          3. Sue

            That is the problem. Way too many people craved into that request with Disney.

          4. Whitney

            Glad you brought up real statistics but most people won’t listen. I feel as US citizens we should have the right to choose if we are “free”. I’ve had many medical professionals telle about the lies and how there are people in industries that profit from people staying longer in the hospitals and how hospitals also will keep people on respirators longer than necessary many times so that they can bill insurance more. Death statistics have been tampered like crazy; many times people counted actually died of something else entirely; were never “sick” around time of death and yet because they supposedly happen to have the antibodies in their system they count them as a COVID death. I think we should be allowed to wear theasks if we choose, but not forced. Known many people that have been in contact with COVId and are totally fine, no deaths to COVId of anyone I know, none of the five people I know working at major hospitals in SD have seen anyone die of COVID. I’ve known four people that had it for sure, only half had symptoms which were slightly worse than the flu, less bad in some ways. Two of them are on their 80s and were fine. Heard of many similar occurances. Only heard of one death of a friend of a friend of a friend that already had pre-existing health issues and was 90!! Lots of contradictions. And the sympts are symptomsost americans live with daily.

        4. Patrisha Cartwright-Thiemann

          Everybody is not the same. Dont compare one person to another!

        5. Sue

          Actually everything you just listed is precisely why they cannot and should not ever use mask as the necessary oxygen required to make up for those problems are now restricted causing more health problems.

          1. Whitney

            Indeed. And doctors wear masks because even they are required to follow hospital and government rules. Many doctors disagree with the stringent mask rules. They wear masks for their jobs at certain times because they might sneeze into an open wound or otherwise harm an already immuno-suppreseed individual that is I’m….AT the DOCTORS for not feeling well LOL. People forget that washing hands, covering face when sneeze, and maintaining proper distance (even pre COVId) is the absolute best way to stop spread of any virus like this…not incl. Spreading by mosquito etc obviously.

        6. John Q Public

          Anyone who complies to wearing a mask is a brainwashed idiot.

      3. Erica

        I have asthma and I wear mask for 11 hours for work. My work allows mask breaks. If you cannot wear one then do not expose the general public. I have a son and a mother-in-law that are immune compromised they could die from Covid, so do everyone a favor and mask up or do not go out.

      4. Hhh

        Then dont go to Disney right now. 🤷

      5. Le

        Oh whatever, i have both as well and do just fine. Buck up and slap your adult panties on and stop putting everybody’s lives in danger for your comfort, everybody hates them but only a-holes and wackos don’t.

        1. Herry

          I will never wear a mask if people don’t like it, they can stay home.

      6. Greg

        First, sleep apnea has nothing to do with wearing masks, unless you’re wearing one while sleeping. And that takes a special kind of stupid. Secondly, I know a person that has only 40% of a lung (meaning missing 1 lung and 60% of the other). He can wear a mask. So grow up

      7. gogo

        I have asthma and sleep disorders I work in my mask..if you can’t wear a mask wait until you don’t have to wear one

      8. Penelope

        If you’re going to Disney, face masks are mandatory. I have the same issues. I wear a mask. Disney makes no exceptions. No mask, no mouse.

        1. Jason

          “No mask, no mouse” – that’s awesome! LOL

        2. Allie

          There no medical exemptions?? Even for children?

      9. Wendy

        I too have asthma, allergies, autoimmune disease with EDAC WHERE my trachea and my bronchial tubes Collapse, I wear masks just fine. I’m sorry but you are making excuses, and if you go to Disney you WILL wear a mask or you will not go into the park, guaranteed. No exceptions. I’ve seen people with o2 and masks on there.

        1. Joe

          Wendy, I have asthma, allergies, bronchitis, rhinitis and absolutely no reluctance to call you a liar and a sociopath. Some people will find that rude and ask why I don’t assume that you mean well, but after months of bouts of acute respiratory distress that I got to “enjoy” in significant part because of “little white lies” like the one you told on Feb.6, I’m done with the cult of Nice.

          You are pure scum.

      10. Mask Up

        We have someone who in our family who has asthma and sleep apnea. He works in a grocery store and wears a mask for up to 12 hours a day.

      11. Tony

        Well butthole you MUST wear one if you go inside a Disney Park, so no worries there, you DONT have to be there and we are fine with that

      12. Kris

        My friend has a letter from her physician and THR state health department- Disney wouldn’t allow her inside the park … tyranny behavior

        1. Dorothy

          My daughter has tried every style of mask under doctor supervision, they all give her migraines. Dr. Prescribed a lower face guard that works. Where there’s a will…

        2. Tina

          Proud of Disney!!! Your friend can visit when masks are no longer needed. They can’t make exceptions. Period.

          1. Mr. Right

            That is a violation of the Ada and I hope they report it. Anyone who believes masks prevent anyone from contracting covid is a retard who should be euthanized. And this is an ER doc speaking, so go try to lecture elsewhere, morons. They do NOTHING.

      13. Jeff

        If you have asthma you better wear a mask since you are at higher risk, however if you feel you can’t tolerate it then stay away from Disney (and other crowded places for that matter) for your safety and specially other’s, we have been through this for a year now and is because of people who don’t follow simple safety guidelines this thing is going to last longer

        1. Marie Betran


        2. Tink


        3. plague doctor

          When asked what happened to the common cold you’re the same type of person I would say masatoshi suspension work but in the same breath say it’s because people are not wearing masks that the viruses spread you make me sick.

        4. LunaNotte

          Exactly! If you’re health prevents you from wearing a mask, then you are at high risk for severe complications from Covid. Which means you shouldn’t be at these places.

        5. Whitney

          Personally stay away from crowded places anyhow…pre COVId. But definitely anyone immunosupossed shouldn’t be in crowds even with a mask during this time since masks don’t do much if you don’t have good hygiene, you’ll likely still be breathing in COVId if someone near you is aoutjbreather considering the miniscule microns of the virus will go right through most masks. There aren’t supposed to be “crowds” anyway with limited entry and social distancing. Very spread out crowds sure…but not the kind that could spread without a lack of basic hygiene. Unfortunately we can’t trust people to do that, if we could ticket adults for not covering their noses during a sneeze, not waking hands, being within 5.99 feet of another stranger that would be great! Easier and putsoney in more wealthy pockets to force people to wearasks, stay longer on respirators, and buy silly “sanitizing” gadgets. Masks should be a choice at this point. Once we gave enough people a fair warning about what is out there they shouldn’t be enforced like social distance should. It’s insanity. Guidelines are lasting longer because that’s what the people at the top want. They want to prove they are in control and dominate us. COVId death stat.s have been skewered since day one and too many people don’t care.

      14. Nonsense. My youngest son has severe asthma with only 80% lung function and wears masks all day at work with no problems whatsoever. Masks don’t affect athsma. And sleep apnea has nothing to do with masks either.

      15. R Mays

        Then WDW is not the place for you. The mask protocol is for your safety and the safety of others. People like myself and my mom are immunocompromised. Our family went in early Dec 2020 and felt completely safe. Nobody caught even a sniffle.

      16. Cameron

        I have sleep apnea and wearing a mask to the parks doesn’t bother me what so ever and it’s a nose and mouth mask. So try again buddy.

      17. Marie Betran

        You’re right no one can force you to wear a mask, but if you’re entering an establishment that has a mask requirement they also have the right to refuse you entrance.

        1. Kate deel

          They don’t according to the American Disabilities Act. Which is why most places have exceptions and those that don’t are mostly being challenged in court.

      18. S

        I also have asthma and I can tell you masks have zero impact on it. I’ve spoken to a fair few people.with varying degrees as well and no one has an issue

      19. Michelle Strange

        My daughter is lack of Oxygen and she wears hers to. Please stop being hard headed and follow the rules thank u

        1. plague doctor

          “Yes Listen and Obey” I’m sure that’s what Chavez said when he took over Venezuela

      20. Alex

        Then stay home. I know several people with asthma who wear masks.

      21. Steph


        1. Michelle

          Great, more fun for the rest of us that aren’t babies about a piece of fabric. Do you complain about having to wear a shirt in public, as well?

      22. I also can not wear a mask. It’s a phobia brought on by being abused as a child. It’s always been an issue…like seeing the dentist. I’ve always had to take a xanax. I just cant stand anything around my face. I dont wear hats, hoodies, or even sock hats. It’s frustrating cuz I think folks think I’m being difficult…on purpose. They can not understand the things that occurred to me.

      23. Tina

        Oh, cry me a river! There are plenty of breathable masks out there. I also have asthma and sometimes feel shortness of breath while wearing a mask. This isn’t uncommon. Everything can’t always be about our comfort! Stop complaining and just do it anyway like all the other millions of people with asthma. People like you are one of the reasons this virus will last much longer than it should. Try thinking about others for once. Be a kind human!

        1. Tina MM

          This is not me.It is another Tina .

      24. Dustin Davis

        Actually they can force you to wear, its private property.

      25. Ben Henderson

        I had a major heart attack. I work in hot conditions in a South Florida manufacturing facility while wearing a mask, despite my heart pumping at a greatly reduced rate of efficiency. I’m out of breath a lot. Despite that I still wear it. If you can’t wear a mask, stay home and stop spitting and breathing on the rest of us. Thank you Snowflake.

        1. God

          Hey benny boy. You do realize you feel fine now but the thing with wearing masks and cutting down your oxygen intake is the effects don’t come on until you’ve been doing it while. Give a little more and you’ll die and the government will mark you as a covid death. Good luck . Bahhh bahhh

      26. Me

        Yes WDW can’t force you but then you will not be allowed in. Private property

    3. Cristin B

      In Disney, the have yhe right to make anyone they want wear a mask. It is a privately owned business, meaning NOT government owned, so they can make and enforce their own rules, and if you don’t like ot, then don’t go!

      1. Wendy


    4. Dave

      DISINFORMATION …I visit Disney Florida 3+ times per week since they reopened with mask rules, NEVER NEVER NEVER have they let me through with any of my variety of masks other than plain cloth or paper. Never plastic, never half-plastic, and never would cast members single you out to complement you if you made it into the park: they’d ask you to leave!

      1. Steph M

        The updated policy allows mask with center plastic panel as long as the outside is cloth.

    5. Gabriella

      No clear mask can offer protection against the new variants of the virus. You must wear a 3ply mask or surgical mask.

      I believe disney has a strict mask policy to keep everyone safe.

    6. Cindy

      I’m interested in a clear mask. How do I connect with you?

    7. Friend

      Love This!! Even more absolutely love all the dumb anti masker comments here that talk BS.

      Mask work thats why the medical professionals wear them …don’t want to wear one?… dont go to WDW easy peasy.

      -sincerely a nurse

    8. Brittany Barritt

      Please send me info about the clear masks as well

  2. Daddy Piranha

    Before my career, before the pandemic, and before there was disinformation being banned from Twitter (actually waaaaay before Twitter…), there was a kid that was taken to WDW by her aunt. The kid started having chest pains their first day in the park. It got worse over the week, but aunt kept making the kid come with the rest of the family every day. The kid talked to mom back home who insisted that it wasn’t as big of a deal as kid said and besides they were spending so much money for kid to be there!
    Last day of their vacation, little kid was hurting really bad, laid down on a rock sculpture, and never got back up again. We did CPR for 20 minutes before the paramedics showed up. Multiple shocks from the AED. We found out later that she died of an infection in the sac around kid’s heart. If the family had taken kid to the doctor when the pain started earlier in the week, things would’ve been way different. But a Disney vacation is something the family insisted was more important.
    The point is that people paying that much money for a vacation flush their brains right out their buttholes as soon as they check into their resorts. They don’t care who gets hurt by their actions or inactions.
    Wear your mask. Properly. And leave them on.
    Not for you. You can make your own decisions for your own health. But there are grandmas at Disney. Fragile Make-a-Wish kids go there. Cast members work there and might end up with a clotting disorder and never be healthy again (or worse). And perfectly healthy adults show up that will only know they had a virus when they bring it back home and kill a few people.
    Nobody’s vacation is worth someone else’s life or future health.

    1. Kristin

      Amen. I completely agree. I was at Disney at the end of November 2020. And I genuinely appreciated how much they were enforcing masks and social distancing. We had been at Universal the day before and they were so lax about mask wearing. No one was following the rules and it was infuriating. If you choose to go to Disney during the pandemic you KNOW what you’re signing up for. Either wear your mask or don’t go. It’s really that simple. People have become so selfish!

      1. Jeremy

        It’s not about being selfish, it’s about not be governed by the China virus. We are Americans with freedom of choice. If your scared about getting the virus, stay home! You really think a mask is going to prevent you from getting this China virus? Wake up people!

        1. Jason KiesJason

          Oh boy, tge bats are out with THIS Q-bert !

        2. ScienceIsReal

          It’s sad how stupid you are.

        3. Tima

          Jeremy, freedom of choice doesn’t give anti-maskers the right to put other people’s lives at risk. Is this how you also feel about people who decide to drive drunk and put others at risk? They think they are free to do what they want and not follow the laws as well. There are consequences for taking advantage of other’s rights because people scream, “This is a free country and I’ll do whatever I want!” Think about it.

    2. Kdave

      If it’s this dangerous then disney shouldn’t be open AT ALL and as someone who’s brother is one of the “fragile make a wish” kids you mentioned ( he had a brain injury when he was 5 and vented with a tracheostomy and is suspectable to infections) I can tell you that it’s that person’s or their guardians choice to put them into a situation where they might get sick and die for a mere vacation. If they are in the dangerous population for covid they should simply make the common sense choice to not go to the parks.

      1. Nick

        You sort of miss their point, it’s not about whether the WDW parks should be open or closed. The fact is that they are open, and people are very willfully entering, so adherence to the (masking/distancing) rules is necessary to provide the highest degree of safety.
        Sure, not going to the parks could be considered the better safety measure but not everyone in FL who has/had Covid got it from being in a theme park.

      2. Lynn

        Right on I couldn’t have said it any better. You are a very perceptive and wise caring human being. Thank you for speaking the truth maybe these people will listen before they find out the hard way.

        1. Michael Zekovich

          For 1 its there location and rules. They choose to stay open with 1 simple rule. Wear a darn mask. Those bashing the kid that died. A lot of kids complain of belly aches etc. You never think that they are the ones that would be sick. Guaranteed that kid had underlying medical conditions that were not known prior to the trip. I’m sure had those parents known they wouldn’t have done that. You all are just assuming this was a executive decision with them having prior knowledge. This is also hearsay and don’t even know if it in fact happened. Not saying it didn’t, but, I’m sure there is more to this story

      3. Dan Let

        I agree, the stupidity of people complaining about how dangerous this virus is and then deciding to go to Disney.

        1. Steph M

          Its more stupid for people to be in denial about the dangers of covid. It’s dangerous its been going on long enough with plenty si k and dead for us to know. We can’t put our lives on hold but we can keep making the effort to be as safe and responsible as possible by wearing a mask and distancing socially. If everyone had done sk from the beginning and continued to do so now the case count would be very different. Guaranteed many people could have avoided being murderers if they’d been responsible too.

      4. Molly Noble

        Amen. I’m sorry but if you are voluntarily putting yourself in a theme park filled with hundreds of people, you are knowingly taking that risk, masks or no. If you or someone you live with is high risk, you should not be there. Plain and simple. Those hundreds of people who chose to take that risk that day are not my responsibility anymore than it’s my responsibility to run around knocking on car windows to tell people to wear their seat belts. Close the parks if it’s THAT unsafe. Because masks don’t prevent it. We got proof of that back in August.

    3. Went 12/29/20 – 1/1/21. Was really concerned about how ‘safe’ it would be. My mask accidentally slid off my nose & within 2 seconds a cast member pointed it. Thank you for all the rules!! I held my breathe for 14 days to see if any of us would get sick. No one in our “bubble” of 4 did. Everyone we saw used sanitizer before & after rides, plus we had are own bottles. Someone mentioned not seeing well with the mask. Then you have the wrong size. I have to wear small adult. You will not overheat, kids do better than adults, you should be wearing a mask in public anyhow! If you go, be considerate and thank the cast for being there!

      1. Scoodles

        Wearing a mask won’t prevent you from getting it. People that go out without one and just live their life are actually probably less likely to spread it because it makes them healthier. It’s also infuriating that some people believe others should be forced to do something. Apparently not everyone knows, you just simply aren’t in control of others, if what ever other people are doing or what rules their breaking just work around that because it’s never not going to be infuriating, just take care of yourself. And I think why that kid died has nothing to do with money or disney or parents. I’ve learned the dollar means NOTHING. Because it doesn’t. I’m a mom and the hardest thing is making sacrifices, like spending all my time and money on one afternoon for them that I’m just gonna have to cancel because they have to see a doctor (or something), but you have to. Regardless of who you talk to.
        Becausee that’s what it’s like. Growing up in Orlando been to disney many times, its not worth 100-400 per person, per day. When they first opened it was around 20$ and they slowly uped the price. Its more the experience. So imagine like a school field trip to a really nice place with rides and shows, that’s what it’s like but probably just with your family. Its just a fun time. Also everyone is touching everything, it’s not possible to disinfect everything each time, I really haven’t seen them doing that at all honestly.

        1. Elsa

          People are “forced” to wear seat belts, a life gest when boating, shirts and shoes out in public. Do you whine about that too? Just wear a mask and keep your ignorance to yourself. #staypathetic

          1. Keith Pariseau

            People aren’t forced to wear any of those and he is correct mask don’t prevent anything period…by the way I go barefoot and shirtless all the time outside here in Florida and even in stores, I don’t wear a vest when boating and rarely buckle up…see those are choices…with mask that don’t prevent anything and my health is my concern

          2. Ted

            Sorry Keith, Florida actually does legally require people to wear life vests to ride personal water craft and kids under 6.

            Also, you rarely wear a seatbelt? Let me guess, seatbelts don’t actually work, either? lol

          3. Sophia

            Spoken like a true elitist twat.

        2. Joe

          Scoodles, Keith Pariseau,

          Sadly your comments are why I call myself an embarrassed American

          To your point that “People aren’t forced to wear any of those”, you are correct no one greets you n the morning in your house and forces you to put on anything. However there are consequences if you choose not to, some are common sense (like wearing a shirt to prevent cancer, although based on your comments I bet you don’t believe in cancer) some are legal consequences like for not wearing a seatbelt there are fines, jail, or removal future abilities.

          You don’t believe that masks save lives, fine be ignorant and ignore the actual science and scientists, but stay in a place you own and away from public or other private areas.
          You don’t like that a public or private (in Disney’s case) place mandates that require you wear a mask, then simply don’t go.
          To you point that it’s expensive to go to WDW, then don’t go. I don’t book a private plane when I fly because it’s ridiculously expensive, but that doesn’t mean society should make changes to the travel industry because I whine about it.
          You don’t want to wear shoes, a shirt, a seatbelt, or vest fine. But don’t complain about the consequences when something related to those goes wrong, like being fined or for that matter being refused treated at a hospital because you got in an accident when not wearing a seatbelt (which is now legal in some states).

          The overall take away though is that you live in a society, and no matter what you believe you don’t own public areas and don’t get to force your beliefs onto Public and other Private areas. As such when you leave the confines of your personal home (be it a car, mobile home, of whatever) you don’t get to do whatever you want, well obviously you may do it once but then you need to accept and pay the consequence as previously stated.

          Lastly, why complain here? It’s obvious (at least to me) that you don’t like Disney so why even spend time on this site?

        3. Anna

          So much this. I wish I could highlight everything you said, Elsa.

          And, Keith? The reason your state is second only to AZ regarding spread is because of people like you. Maybe learn to consider others instead of living only for yourself. It’s selfish and obviously not the Disney way.

          1. Wendy

            Florida has one of the highest in cases of COVID and I wonder why, simply because of people choosing to not wear masks… well Disney said that’s not happening here, and it hasn’t. Kiddos to them

          2. B

            Keith::::: it’s people like you that are responsible for the spread. You are just a boob. NO one is going to tell you what to do. You must be world renowned virologist, biologist, and infectious disease doctor. Instead of complaining find a cure for the virus that you believe is no existent..

        4. Daddy Piranha

          I apologize, but I’m just going to need a citation on the claim “People that go out without [a mask] and just live their life are actually probably less likely to spread it because it makes them healthier.” I’m afraid I have a little more trust in peer-reviewed journals, medical professionals, and textbooks than I do in “Scoodles”.

          1. #reasearch

            California is doing the worst and they have 95% compliance to the damn rules soooooo
            What is the answer wear masks? Nope still not working. Don’t wear masks. AnD bE A gRaNdMa KiLlER?!?!
            Do some research beyond the fearmongerings also known as the mainstream media

      2. James gibbs

        There is so many sheep who just blindly follow what they are told to do by their masters. Let’s bring freedom back. Let people make their own decisions. If you’re afraid of the virus and think the mask helps; wear one and leave others alone. If you’re not afraid of the virus; don’t wear one and leave others alone. If you are so terrified of the virus that you feel like lashing out at non mask wearers; stay home, but don’t expect your fears to dictate others. Wearing a mask should be a choice not mandatory.

        1. Daddy Piranha

          James, it is a choice. You get to choose between going to Disney and wearing a mask. I’m proud to live in a country with so much freedom. If the required piece of cloth is too much of a burden, you’re welcome to stay at home. Or do you just hate choice and freedom?

          1. Gina

            That’s not choice dear. It’s discrimination.

        2. Rick

          Your “choice” ends where mine begins. If you don’t like wearing masks, keep your no-mask wearing self at home.

    4. Elaine

      Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better!

    5. Nellie

      I agree. Some people take this Disney thing way to far.

      1. Gina

        Visited in April this year, masks in 80 degree weather with humidity was miserable!! Mandated masks at all times especially when OUTSIDE and not close to anyone is ridiculous. Won’t be back until rules on masks have relaxed- should be a personal choice whether to wear them or not!
        Positive changes that disney should consider keeping – less people in the parks, social distancing when in lines, and mobile ordering food

    6. gogo

      I have asthma and sleep disorders I work in my mask..if you can’t wear a mask wait until you don’t have to wear one

  3. AJ

    To Jeremy, news flash. No one cares. Stay mad and salty. In fact, don’t both coming after. No one wants your selfish arse here. To Tina, if you can’t SEE because of your mask, you’re wearing it wrong. Competent people know how to walk, breath, talk AND wear a mask all at the same time! How magical!

    1. Intelligent Person

      News flash, you’re never safe, ever, anywhere you go.

      Some people are loving how overboard we’re going for this virus because they simply live in fear all the time anyway. Makes them feel better.

      Get over it.

      1. Misha Kane

        I lost two uncles and my mother-in-law, as well as material loss through the closure of our restaurant. I’m happy for you, living in ignorant bliss, not being personally affected by this. Truly, I am. But your arrogance is sickening. Be flippant all you wish, but not at the expense of others who have already lost so much.

        1. Chris L

          Life is a risky business, no one has ever gotten out alive. And BTW your state government Had NO Constitutional right to shut your buisness down. Next time they try to tell any of us to close our businesses so we can’t provide for our families….DONT listen. I’m damn sure everyone s job is Essential to their family.

        2. Kelly Connerton

          I lost my brother in law, my sister in law, my former shift partner, a couple of other co workers, the husband of a friend, an acquaintance. NONE of them died from covid. I have an 83 year old friend whose son was so terrified of the virus that when she fell from a step stool, he woukdnt allow her to go to the hospital. Of the the members of my family who got the virus, 3 should have died from it due to serious underlying issues but didnt. I went to disney l.j EST week. It was a lot harder to wear a mask all day especially as it got warmer. So yea. I wont be going back either.

      2. Sue

        So true. And what is amazing is Disney loves that people are spending money and getting less. You hear about we are ok with wearing mask. What about the people who can’t for health reasons. This is not China. They have worn mask for years and still got sick. Mask do t help and if you go to Disney there is not any social distancing. But more power to you if you want to live in a controlled world and wear a mask the rest of your life . If people would only realize it all political. And the government has you scared to death. What else is amazing is. Nobody has died of anything else. Interesting! Plus here in Florida we have to put up with all the tourists coming down here and spreading there germs. Still home. Not everyone think like you guys about wearing masks. It should be a option is you want to wear one or not. If you are that scared then don’t go out simple.

        1. ADINA LONG

          It is an option to wear one. As a business, they also have right to say no mask no entry. Gee, you know, sorta like no shoes no service. Disney is a want, not a need. If you’re that idiotic in thinking, you shouldn’t be there to begin wirh.

      3. Jessica Wright

        I agree, I went to Disney as a Make a Wish kid and I had a compromised immune
        system which I still have after having a bone transplant, and my family and I are getting a kick out of these drama loving people. If you don’t let your body become exposed how will your body ever learn to fight it off later when it becomes the norm

        1. Tina M.

          This is probably the best comment of all.Of course the best defense is to build up an immunity,these masks are all a part of an unknown plan I would rather breathe fresh air when I’m making it through my day.I also have an issue with comments that state “stay home Disney doesn’t need your money”these comments should not even be shown they make Disney seem arrogant and it’s not representing Disney.We that don’t want to wear masks are staying home and we’re not throwing trashy remarks out to others.Also those that say Disney Cast Members are putting their lives on the line for our so called “little bit of Magic,not entirely true they are there because they choose to work for their personal gain first not ours.

      4. In-The-Middle

        Tell all those that died to “get over it.” Tell all who suffered and who are suffering, from the virus or from the loss of loved ones to “get over it.” How much suffering, how many lives lost will it take for people to start caring about each other? Where is the love?

        But you are somewhat correct in saying masks may not prevent the transmission of the virus. At best they stop .3 micron sized particles while the virus may be as small as .1 micron. However, the virus is carried on larger micron particles, spittle and such. Which is why masks coupled with social distancing and hand washing or sanitizing is necessary to keep the viral load down and ICUs from overflowing.

        Nevertheless I still love my brothers and sisters that don’t love us. I embrace our differences and pray for those that have hatred in their hearts. We need to love when we feel the hate and spread it like a virus.

        1. Tina M.

          There is obviously another Tina commenting here,I never said “get over it”I don’t love you,I don’t know you.The “Cry me a River” Tina is not me.I am staying away and out of places where there are large crowds.I have many reasons for not agreeing with face masks, however I have no problem with rules and people that do believe masks are a good defense.I distanced and kept clean long before it was a mandatory, I feel it is proper.I will not be ugly to others there is no reason , this is no fault of anyone here.I did agree above at it is always better to just expose yourself normally at a safe distance to build immunity.

      5. Daddy Piranha

        I usually expect an “intelligent” person to know the difference between “safe” and “safer”. Nothing is “safe”. But wearing a mask is “safer” for those around you than not wearing a mask.
        Strangely, I like it when people refuse to wear masks. It makes it frighteningly easy to identify those that hate their fellow citizens and/or intellectual thought.

      6. plague doctor

        Virtue signaling….virtue signaling everywhere….

    2. LL

      Lol,they arent useless but literally are only of use to a limited degree..better of with a vaccine and I’d need go to Disneyland either way that dude was a creeper


      Go along to get along. Sheep!!

      1. Bcj

        You’re barking at a wall of people that have made up their mind, can’t accept that there is NO consensus on mask effectiveness and have not learned to treat people with differing opinions with respect and shame them. They can have their Disney World and wear their security face blankets. If they worked, it wouldn’t matter if someone else is not wearing theirs if they are wearing their own. It’s pointless to try and convince any of these people.

    4. Tina MM

      This is Tina, it’s not Rocket science on how to fit a mask, they are awkward and loose unless you have a fat face and believe everything you are told.

    5. Tina MM

      Also many people know how to be cordial when giving their opinion, you are someone I would think better suited for watching Disney Movies at home and leaving the Parks to the more courteous.

  4. Chris L

    Life is a risky business, no one has ever gotten out alive. And BTW your state government Had NO Constitutional right to shut your buisness down. Next time they try to tell any of us to close our businesses so we can’t provide for our families….DONT listen. I’m damn sure everyone s job is Essential to their family.

    1. Douglas P Johnson

      Yes life is risky. Also ..
      It is a responsibility. Something you lack.

      1. Chris L

        Individual responsibilty is something that is up to the individual not mandated by our government. Let’s deal in facts and not propaganda. Even the CDC has come out and said that the overwhelming majority of those that this current Virus kill are the obese, and those with serious underlying health conditions. I
        know the stats are way over estimated, but let’s take the NY
        it’s cu
        rent statistics
        into account. The current death toll is approximately, .137% of the US population. looking further into it, Diabetes, High blood pressure, smoking, Controlled dangerous substances, Heart attack, Alcoholism, drug addiction, and a whole heap of other things kill 10s of millions a year. Most of those are preventable by the individual. . . .If they would only take responsibility for their own health.
        If you are an “at risk” individual, then absolutely, mask up, social distance when you can and stay home when it’s not necessary to go out. You wear a Mask if you want, that’s cool, that’s your right. I’m not, that’s my right.

        1. In-The-Middle

          People in China wore masks not for germs or coronavirus (while they may now) as much as they did for pollution. So I’m not sure where you get your info from. But you are somewhat correct, while fear may keep us alive, to live in fear is no life at all. There must be balance. There must be love. Why is everything a conspiracy theory? Did Q get to you too?

        2. In-The-Middle

          Clearly some people have never heard of Auto Immune Disorders. Many are not detectable until it’s a problem. So to mask up, keep some distance and wash our hands is our way of spreading love to keep each other as safe as we can. But the selfish apparently have the right to cut themselves off from reality, from love, from caring about others. ” Do onto others…” I pray for you. What will your excuse be and will it help, when you are pleading your case at the Pearly Gates. Spread the love like a virus. Don’t spread Coronavirus.

    2. Kriemor shnoflek

      Boo hoo. Go be selfish somewhere else. Disney doesn’t want your business.

      1. Chris L

        Actually the commerce clause defines that the states do not have the authority to interfere with interstate commerce. The commerce clause has traditionally been interpreted both as a grant of positive authority to Congress and as an implied prohibition of state laws and regulations that interfere with or discriminate against interstate commerce. So yes I have heard of it and understand it well. Congress could have voted to suspend travel and Buisness . …that never happened. States Governors were not and are not in their right to Make an executive order shutting commerce down for any considerable length of time.

        1. Daddy Piranha

          Unfortunately, you just happen to have enough information to be dangerous. It is actually under the 10th Amendment and the Interstate Commerce Clause that the Supreme Court ruled in Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur v. Louisiana State Board of Health and several other rulings that states absolutely do have a legal right to shut down commerce, quarantine people against their will, and enact public health measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. It is certainly possible you understand the law better than the Supreme Court, the ABA, the CDC, and the AMA, but I’m just going to have to go with the adults in the room and let you have your fun. I mean, at least, until your next insurrection.

    3. Educated Person

      Actually, it is constitutional for a state government, or the federal government, to shut business down. Ever heard of the commerce clause? Maybe you should read the constitution Chris.

      1. In-The-Middle

        It’s all so hypocritical now. Repubs used to be all about limited Gov. Which usually requires more local legislation, State regulation. Now they say the Fed Gov should have done this or that and the State Gov is overstepping. So what is the answer Anarchy? Q? The truth is that we have failed as a people. Our Gov is broken, both Federally and locally, responsibilities have gone out the window, mainly because no one wants to meet in the middle. Everyone has to be right, all the time, even if that means people will suffer or die. We have forgotten how to love, how to share, how to live. Now everything is a fight. So sad.

  5. sbs

    No way in hell would I go to Disney now. Against my better judgment I did go to Disney Springs in October and it was a dystopian nightmare. Constant loudspeaker warnings to stay away from other people and keep your whole faces covered… if your mask should slip below your nose there was a cast member “magically” at your elbow to tell you to pull it up or else.. can’t even lick an ice cream cone while strolling along. Meanwhile the restaurants are full and massless at tables Doing that in the summer in Florida??? For the privilege of dropping over $500 minimum? I don’t think so. And now the vaccines apparently are worthless so what’s the point of getting one

  6. Corey

    I’m not taking my family until masks aren’t required. The studies I’ve read prove they don’t work. The American Journal of Medicine called them a talisman.
    If you want to wear a mask because it makes you “feel” safe go right ahead. It’s not for me.
    I’ll stick with things that actually work like social distancing, washing my hands, and most importantly NOT touching my face. Unlike mask wearers who touch their face and mask every 30 seconds to adjust it.

    Vaccine work! There is no reason to continue the arbitrary rules.

    1. tired

      American Journal of Medicine is open access, so anyone can read it online. There are no articles that call masks a “talisman” in any of the issues since it began publication in 1946.

    2. Jacob

      “the studies I’ve read” 🙄🙄🙄. Shut up

      1. get off the internet

        hey how about you do some research.
        masks don’t work cause covid particles pass through the masks cause they are so small
        6% of covid deaths are from people without any prexisting conditions
        99.85% survival rate from even the 65+ crowd now the survival chances go down if you have conditions like heart or lung problems
        so before you say ShUt Up YoU StUpID BoY YoU dOn’T UnDeRsTanD ThE dAnGeR
        and if you don’t want to then don’t lecture people

      2. Joanne Cutlip

        Well Jacob, I too have read studies that state from their own research, masks don’t work. Instead of rolling your eyes and telling someone to shut up, why not dig into it a little bit and actually read some of them and form your own opinion. Once you do that and express your OWN opinion, I would never tell you to shut up. You are entitled to your own opinion, as are the rest of us.

        Ask yourself, in California and NY where they are militant about mask wearing, why did the numbers continue to rise and they chose to shut down again? Start there.

        1. In-The-Middle

          First off, Cali is not militant about masks at all. They chose education over enforcement. On a 1 hour drive I see about half the people on the streets wearing masks. The transmission came from unenforced private gatherings, markets, elder care and places with limited social distancing and people choosing not to wear masks. Now we may have variants to deal with. Unless we work together this is going to linger for a while. The answer will come in the form of love. Reuniting as a people with love in our hearts that flood out the hate and fear.

  7. Jeannie

    I USED to go to Disney World two to three times a year staying a minimum of 7 days at the parks so we could do two days each park plus Disney Springs/Downtown Disney. I loved Disney. Meeting characters at the restaurants we paid extra to visit, staying late buying extra tickets to nighttime events, paying extra to stay in their rooms. I bought the shoes and the shirts there. Are all meals and snacks there. I have gone once on a weekend since COVID. The masks make it unbearable. Disney is hot anyway. I get winded walking anyway. Masks make it unbearable. I go to Disney for the magic….meet a princess, dance with Pooh, watch the gorgeous fireworks, ride a ride I can just pop on due to the magic of Fastpass, eat a fantastic meal at Tiffins where a table awaits with my name on it we go so often….THAT is the magic I travel 1000 miles for. Six Flags is 2 exits from my house. This year I bought season passes there and have gone :3 times to get my ride and snack fix. Unfortunately I won’t return to Disney until they return the magic. I will wear my Alice in Wonderland shirt and Pooh backpack from hot topic while I ride the Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman rides instead because I can handle the masks a few hours not all day.

  8. Tina

    I’m all about being clean and keeping your distance(I always have) masks however should be optional not mandatory as many of us feel uncomfortable for many reasons wearing one.

    1. Jason

      You can choose to not go then. Simple.

      1. Tina MM

        I do choose to not go until things return to somewhat normal or better.I also choose to not be unkind to anyone that does not share my opinions.I also do not want to be confused to the rather Loud other Tina speaking here.I am Tina M. and will now use Tina MM so as not to be confused.I am not mean, or accusing just discussing.

  9. Mark

    It’s more libtard B. S.

    1. Sk

      I just sold my timeshare with Disney, you can too. I made back about $29,000. I sold 320 points. I am done with Disney. The mask is here to stay folks.

    2. John W

      Agreed. Used to love Disney. Lust returned 3/31/21. Now I think Disney’s true colors have come to the surface – they suck. They’ve empowered progressive millennials to harass “guests,” rather than mandating top-of-line service/smiles/and greetings like “have a magical day.” They’ve replaced that salutation with “sir, please pull that mask up over your nose,” in FLORIDA, in 92 degree heat, outdoors, with no one within 6 feet of me (even though the Journal of Investigative Medicine Study showed 3 feet is sufficient). It’s insane. And I’m a physician. I’m vaccinated. To require this ridiculous policy of children (who are at virtually no risk of getting sick from Covid) over age 2 is also insane. Protect the vulnerable (most of whom should already be vaccinated at this point). They shouldn’t be the in the parks (the morbidly obese) if they aren’t vaccinated.
      We won’t be back for a long time, even after covid restrictions abate. Disney has lost the magic.

  10. Chris L

    Actually the commerce clause defines that the states do not have the authority to interfere with interstate commerce. The commerce clause has traditionally been interpreted both as a grant of positive authority to Congress and as an implied prohibition of state laws and regulations that interfere with or discriminate against interstate commerce. So yes I have heard of it and understand it well. Congress could have voted to suspend travel and Buisness . …that never happened. States Governors were not and are not in their right to Make an executive order shutting commerce down for any considerable length of time.

    1. Franklin


  11. Dj

    Isn’t it funny how we lose total rational intelligence and the ability to think, when we allow fear based decisions to run our lives. And when people do not conform to our fear based thought process and perceptions, we call them selfish. In what world does wearing a mask equal healthy behavior. For people who are healthy, there is no reason to wear a mask. For those who are sick, wearing a mask will only make you more sick, and exacerbate symptoms. There are very few, and far between, instances when wearing an appropriate mask (N95 for respiratory viruses) is actually needed. All other masks, particularly cloth ones, in any scenario are not only unwarranted, but actually detrimental to the health of the wearer. I am not going to reference studies, even though they are out there. I am simply speaking to your rationality and intelligence. Humans would have developed and evolved a natural mask to prevent respiratory viruses and diseases, if that was the way to be protected. But it isn’t. Our immune systems do for us what a mask never could. In the meantime, the average age of people who dying of covid is 82.9 years old… 5 years older than the average American lives already. Hmm. Put your thinking caps on people. Masks hurt more than they help. People with breathing issues should not stop good oxygen flow. People who are sick she not stop good oxygen flow. People who are healthy have no need to wear a mask. If you are sick, stay home. If you are 83 years old and have two or more contributing factors that dont mix well with pneumonia, flu, or covid, stay home. For the rest of the world, back to school, back to work, back to restaurants and bars, back to concerts, back to sporting events, back to church and temple and mosque amd synagogue, back to travel, back to holidays, back to parties, back to Disney, back to life.

    1. Chris L

      To Dj.
      Truth is always rational isn’t it. Well stated.

    2. MJ

      There is nothing rational about what you say. If masks dont work why are their surgical masks in hospitals. Also for your evolutionary hypothesis why do we wear clothes? Shouldn’t the body have developed a natural immunity to the elements. Typical selfish ignorant ahole.

      1. harry

        the comparison between a mask. A piece of cloth meant to make you safe and clothing is insanely stupid
        we don’t wear a shirt to gain immunity. I mean unless that is the new covid reteric we need to believe. Hard to keep up cause it changes every week. You compared to completely different things meant for 2 completely different purposes. Like if I compared a rock to a cat. Dang you can’t beat having a cat. Better than that stupid rock over there. See makes no sense. Honestly I would say that your perception on the virus is ignorant but I don’t know you so I don’t know what you are going through but as I won’t call you a ignorant jerk you should respect other people as well and I am willing to hear your side unless you respond to this with insults and if you do, well then I just will disregard your points because nobody wants to listen to people insulting you to prove a point

        1. MJ

          The idea humans should evolve natural masks is the same bs logic

    3. In-The-Middle

      Sounds like Q to me. Have you never heard of Auto Immune Disorders? So much wrong with the info you posted. Now a discussion of microns .1 vs .3 making a mask effective or not, due to the size of the virus and the type of masks used, than I could see where you are coming from. But clearly we are getting different info because we have different sources. I’ll trust the scientists. The majority find masks to be beneficial while not entirely effective without other applied measures like social distancing. I don’t mean to come off rude, but check your sources and read, read, read. Not social media posts. And if I’m wrong, I apologize.

    4. MT

      Best comment out here, DJ. Thank you for making sense out of a senseless requirement to wear masks. I am so sick of them. They don’t help anything. It is all for controlling us and always has been. We must get back to normal and stop worrying about a virus with a 99% recovery rate for most people and a 94% recovery rate for the elderly. You have more chance of dying from regular flu, which mysteriously we didn’t have hardly any flu cases last year.hmmmmmm. Take your masks off and don’t let them control us anymore! Wake up America!

    5. sbs

      Excellently put. I am on my third severe sinus infection since mask wearing became a “thing.” Antibiotics, steroids, it’s a misery. Masks are a joke and a danger. I’m over it and it saddens me that the American people have become such sheep. Not only that, a good portion can’t stand that they can’t control others and screech like Donald Sutherland at the end ofInvasion of the Body Snatchers at those who realize how worthless masks really are. These sanctimonious complainers are the ones who didn’t get picked for teams in elementary school

  12. Chris L

    To Dj.
    Truth is always rational isn’t it. Well stated.

  13. Mel

    My family and I just came back from Disney world, as a nurse I am fine with wearing the mask. My problem with disney is the customer service is badly in need of an update. They were rude, ugly, I witnessed even hatefulness to guest. I used to love bringing my children to Disney. But after what I witnessed this time I can tell you we will not return. And as far as they don’t need our money, they need to remember in these time it is actually us that do not need them.

  14. Chris

    It’s pathetic how people rush to show their submission and signal their virtue by wearing useless and dangerous masks.

    Hopefully Disney will come to its senses and drop the dystopian rules.

  15. Joanne Cutlip

    No one is reporting the huge numbers of strep throat the masks are causing. Wearing them and breathing in the moist, dirty air is causing strep throat to spike in some areas.

    We were at Disney for a week and September and we aren’t going back until they get rid of the mask mandate. We were miserable. Breathing in that moist, hot air was just too much for us.

    I also don’t understand why you’d still have to wear a mask after getting the vaccine. If it doesn’t change anything, it seems like a waste of time.

    And spare me the insults and name calling. These are my personal opinions and I don’t need social justice warriors spewing their hate towards me. I am entitled to my opinion.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Wait, Joanne, I’m confused. Do you have numbers about strep throat increasing and the cause is “moist, dirty air”? Or is it just your “personal opinions”? If you have that evidence, it isn’t really an opinion, it is a fact. And we all know how Ben Shapiro feels about that.

  16. John

    It’s amazing how all of a sudden we just HAVE to wear masks. I could be wrong, but hospital staff wear masks to prevent things like sneezes to get out. NOT to filter out viruses. The only way to prevent the virus is to wear a hazmat suit. Hell, even the boxes the masks sheep are pushing say “Does not protect against Covid viruses.” It’s because they are TOO SMALL for a mask to prevent letting in or out. So to those pushing masks, please spare us rational people with your false claim you are wearing it to protect others. It is simply a control mechanism forced by elites.

  17. Travellerr

    We are planning a December trip. If masks are required we will cancel. We have visited WDW at least once per year for the last 10 years but the mask requirement will break that streak.

    1. Merida

      Awww, poor thing. Disney will not miss your money nor your care and concern for others. #snowflake

      1. #RESEARCH

        do some research merida
        look at studies and truly try to understand the virus
        turn off CNN and MSNBC and any other media outlet you watch and find some answers yourself
        you will be happy to know that the virus isn’t as dangerous as you think.

        1. Daddy Piranha

          “turn off CNN and MSNBC and any other media outlet you watch and find some answers yourself like I did by reading my cousin Cathy’s Parler post.”

          1. #research

            I looked at the cdc statistics and the virus has a 99% survival rate AUDIBLE GASP
            6% of deaths are from completely healthy people
            There are THOUSANDS of people who have stated that their relatives didn’t die from covid but they just got diagnosed with covid and when they died it was from something else but since THEY HAD COVID EVERYONE THEY DIED FROM COVID HOLY CRAP ORANGE MAN BAD. The masks dont work. DR FAUCI LITERALLY SAID DON’T WEAR MASKS BACK IN MARCH BUT THEN HE BACKTRACKED AND HE HAS BEEN DOING THAT FOR THE LONGEST TIME WAKE UP OMG

  18. D Jones

    My family and I have been to Disney World 21 times in 15 years. We don’t plan to go back until face mask aren’t required.

    1. Rl

      Exactly, if you don’t like the rules. Don’t go. They really don’t care. Do what you are asked at public facilities or just stay home. The end. Suck it up butter cup.

      1. Tommy

        “Do what you are asked at public facilities or just stay home.”

        It’s important to note that Disney is a *private* business.

        They can ask you to wear a mask or wear pink underwear on your head and it’s completely within their rights to do so because it’s a private company. Oh, and they’re not encroaching on anyone’s rights by making those requirements because it’s a *private* business.

  19. Science Believer

    If you don’t like wearing masks, then don’t go out! Don’t go to PRIVATE businesses and complain that they’re taking steps to protect their guests who BELIEVE IN SCIENCE. Stop reading Facebook posts, get your head out of your arse, and start taking this pandemic seriously. You want to know WHY we’re still dealing with it? Because of mask-deniers and COVID-deniers. Nearly 500k people have died in the US because of COVID (yes, COVID is a cause of death as it exacerbates pre-existing conditions)–how many more people need to die before you get a grip?!

    Disney: THANK YOU for taking your guests’ safety and health into concern.

    1. Chris L

      Science Believer

      What facts do you have to back anything that you said up? If your stating that Science dictates that a healthy person should wear a mask, even outdoors, to protect themselves from a certain strain of Virus, what Scientific facts do you have to back that up. Because under that rationale We will have to wear masks forever because Viruses are a part of life and aren’t going anywhere.
      Don’t state opinion as Science, Just state it as your opinion.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Chris, considering how many times you’ve posted on this thread alone that you know what the law is and didn’t say it was your opinion, I reeeeeally don’t think you have a leg to stand on here. But, hey, you can replace it with a peg leg and I hear they’re looking for new pirates for the next Caribbean movie! You can’t possibly be a worse actor than you are a lawyer/doctor/scientist.

    2. Dan let

      If covid is so dangerous why go to Disney in the first place?

      1. Peter Johnsen

        You can’t force people to wear a mask I for one can’t wear a face mask because I have ashma

    3. In-The-Middle


    4. plague doctor

      People like you don’t believe in “science”, you believe in confirmation bias I guarantee you still believe in the wage gap which has been disproved by Science since the 80s. It’s only science to you when certain people say it. If science comes from the wrong source for you it’s called a conspiracy theory. The science says the virus has a 99% survival rate for the average age American. look at the numbers and do your own map the death rate is less than 2%. But someone like you doesn’t do their own math and just believes whatever their confirmation bias tells them to believe. Stop being a cancer and start being a solution.

  20. Brandon

    The amount of misinformation and disinformation these anti-mask idiots are spreading in this comment section is astounding. The request is merely to wear a mask while we are living in a literal pandemic and you turn into a political mess fraught with lies.

    1. Brittany

      Fun Fact: The World Health Organization changed the definition of “pandemic” shortly before COVID.

      Another Fun Fact: The CARES ACT was introduced to congress on Jan 24 2019. First known case of COVID was sometime in Nov 2019.

      Do you see the problem?

  21. Joe

    Believe in masks or not, Believe in science or not, Believe whatever you want!
    If you don’t like the policy then don’t go
    And for those who suggest your rights are infringed they’re not, you have no legal right to go to any privately owned place.
    Stop trolling on sites that discuss places you have no intention of ever going to, and go back to burying your food in the mountains so you can survive the Russian invasion and/or the zombie apocalypse

  22. Luke Hanson

    Disney can totally do whatever they want and enforce what they want in relation to COVID, they probably figured they would maximize their image and crowds with the supposedly doing everything to make people safe.

    But at the same time the only exhaustive study on masking with covid-19 found no correlation between masking and lower sickness rates. Surverys also show most people who get sick say they masked all the time. There is also very little evidence for outside transmission at all. Even at the beginning of this thing Dr Faucci said wearing a mask “might make people feel better” and it seems to me that’s the case. And based on the comments, I think it’s clear most people have a feelings based approach. For example what is up with the “you’re just selfish” talking point? It clearly can be used both ways, but so many people think they have won an argument just by declaring they have the moral high ground.

  23. Larry

    Sorry but not going until there is no mask needed

  24. shelmarie moe

    I am 54 have terrible asthma. I live in washington state close to the idaho border. I choose to go to Idaho for everything because they are open and dont require mask. I never wear a mask while I am there. I do in Washington because it is required. I do not feel other people should be forced to wear a mask even though i am in a dangerous category. If i dont feel safe ill stay home. I would have no problem going to Disneyland not wearing a mask or others not wearing them. But i can tell you I would NOT go if i was required to wear them. If you dont feel safe stay home. Its not like you have to go its a choice.

  25. Reene

    Thank you Scoodles for being a decent human! America needs more of you, and much less members of the MaskateerClub! 😁
    It’s not about a virus…It’s about control…

  26. Jeremiah McKenna

    The masks do not work to stop or even slow Covid. If they did, then the manufacturers wouldn’t make the claim that they don’t onnthe packaging. This is more proof that this is not about your safety, but more about the new facial recognition software that is being tested and updated to read your face by eyes. 6 ft. is theor optimal distance in order to work properly. Why would you want to take a vaccine with a 95% effective rate for a virus with a 98% survivability rate and a relatively low spreading rate? Yes, the numbers are not what they are telling you, especially when the CDC does not remove the false positives or wrong death claims.

    1. Fred

      “The masks do not work to stop or even slow Covid. If they did, then the manufacturers wouldn’t make the claim that they don’t onnthe packaging.”

      LOL. That’s just so they’re not liable if it doesn’t work (because they aren’t 100%) or you wear it on your chin like a diaper and then try to sue.

      This is more proof that this is not about your safety, but more about the new facial recognition software that is being tested and updated to read your face by eyes.

      LOL. The software could be tested without masks. It could just ignore the rest of the face.

      This is a joke post, right?

    2. Daddy Piranha

      “Why would you want to take a vaccine with a 95% effective rate for a virus with a 98% survivability rate and a relatively low spreading rate?”
      I dunno. Probably to stop another half a million Americans from dying. But I’m just a decent person who also washes his hands after taking a dump. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

    3. Mindy

      Exactly masks are useless, when will you sheep start thinking for yourselves and stop listening to the lies the media tells you! We will not be going to Disneyland while they require masks, I like to actually breathe! I can’t believe how many people are scared of a virus with a 97% survival rate! Wow what has our world cube to?!

  27. Erin

    They have been requiring, not forcing guests to wear them since they reopened last summer. I have both the conditions that you say you have and I wear my mask on a daily basis and wore it for the entire 10 days I was at WDW in September when the heat was 95. You’re using your conditions as an excuse, but yeah, nice try.

  28. Mason

    Me and my family aren’t going back until the mask mandate ends. Disney’s heart is in the right place but it’s going to far. I live at least three hours away from WDW in a small North Florida county with a small mask mandate. My dad hates the mask mandate and so do I. My family has gone to Disney World multiple times. I have epilepsy so wearing a mask is bad for me. Besides besides the mask mandate, things have been different. Last time I went to Disney was before the lockdown I got to ride Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad. So Disney if you want my business end mask mandate or make masks optional. I don’t want to wear a thing that I don’t like wearing while on vacation.

  29. Cristin B

    Michelle, how much do you charge? Do they make your face sweat? I would like to see a picture.

  30. joe

    I have asthma and sleep disorders I work in my mask..if you can’t wear a mask wait until you don’t have to wear one..when you take off the mask to take a photo ..your still breaking the rules and possibly infecting the two year olds and younger that don’t have to wear one..your infecting the cast near you …wear the mask at all times or wait until it is safer ..is your picture really worth infecting others..

  31. Tara

    We just returned from WDW. We had no issues with wearing the masks. The only bummer was all the memory maker pictures with masks on but I completely understand. It is what it is right now. I was grateful that Disney cast members take their protocols seriously and are especially grateful that we got the opportunity to enjoy 6 days of fun with my family. As far as the vaccine, I agree with Disney there is no way they can have cast members know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t, and keep track of it.

  32. Bryan

    As long as Mask are required, I don’t think Disneyland or Disneyworld is touching any of my money. if that’s the rule then whatever I don’t need to be at a place where I’m forced to wear a mask as I already have to wear one at work. I’ll just stick to going to the beach and outdoors maskless. It’s better than paying so much money just for an uncomfortable time at Disney. I’ll go again the day they get rid of the stupid mask rule .

  33. Katherine

    LOL, “Disney had many rules and plenty of money” (paraphrased) Bahahahahhaaa! They are absolutely HEMORRHAGING money in the park category right now, lady.

  34. Kris

    The mask is infuriating and pointless- there’s numerous studies that support that masks do NOT work. Disney literally have cast members that have turned into “mask police” it’s very unsettling and not a good experience. If you don’t mind living in a police state to see a mouse.. then knock yourself out. If you enjoy your freedoms and have an ounce of common sense… there are so many other experiences to enjoy

  35. Jason

    Simple. If you don’t agree with face mask policy, don’t go. If you do, you’ll enjoy yourselves! The lines are 20-50 min long and if you use the child pass method (since Fast Pass is not available), there is no line for 2nd group, other than the walk it takes to get to the ride.

    Does it suck? Yeah. I’d rather not wear it. But then, the lines would be 1-1/2-2 hours long for a 50 second ride. So make lemonade.

    Remember you can’t drink or eat in line either. Again, sucks. But deal with it or stay home. That’s the decision you can make for yourself.

    Have fun!

    1. Friend

      This 👆🙌

  36. Seriously, anyone who refuses to comply just don’t go. Do yourself, and everyone around you, a favor and stay home. The rules aren’t onerous… anyone saying they can’t see “Around” a mask is full of it or is buying seriously crappy masks. I wear glasses and I see just fine with a mask on. It’s a ridiculous arguement. As for heat? A mask won’t make you any hotter. Your mouth and nose aren’t where you vent heat from. It’s ridiculous the extent people will go to try to get around wearing a mask.

    Yep, you have a right to not wear a mask, Disney has the right to refuse you entrance if you don’t wear one. It’s their property, not yours. I applaud them for their policy. It’s one of the only reasons we’re considering going. I wouldn’t even think about going if they didn’t have a strong mask policy.

  37. NurseHeather

    I am absolutely appalled at the stupidity in many of these comments. Seriously people: masks actually work. Please show me the scientific evidence (from a reliable source — not just your stupid-ass head!) that proves they don’t.

    Yes, there’s always still a chance you could contract the virus, even if you wear a mask. BUT! If you DO contract the virus while wearing a mask, the symptoms you will experience should be much more mild, less dangerous, and less life-threatening than someone that was not wearing a mask.

    Also, for the gazillionth time: wearing a mask isn’t supposed to protect YOU. Wearing a mask PROPERLY is to protect others around you in case you have COVID or are a carrier of it. So therefore, for the love of all that is good, wear your flipping masks! Have some decency and help protect others. Have you heard of symptomless carriers?! What if that’s you? Do you care AT ALL if you spread the disease to someone else’s family member who ends up getting sick or dying because of YOU??? Or are you that lazy, selfish, and stupid??? Maybe you don’t give a sh!t about other people; that explains a lot, actually.

    One last point that I’d like to make: sleep apnea and asthma are stupid and lame excuses (yes, ‘excuses’!) to not wear a mask. First of all, sleep apnea is a condition that affects your breathing while sleeping. Do you plan on sleeping through your trip to Disney?! If so, I’m not sure why you’d choose to go anyway. Otherwise, I’m sorry to break it to you idiots, but sleep apnea is not affected by wearing a mask while you’re awake. That’s just a ridiculous statement. 🙄

    And there are a lot of people with asthma can wear masks without difficulty. Is your asthma under good control, or are you one of those … umm, … ‘people’ … who think that taking care of their asthma is someone else’s job or that it’s just too much work for you? Or maybe you are an asthmatic that smokes (also a ridiculously stupid choice!). Regardless, suck it up. Actually try following the regimen your pulmonologist recommends for you, bring along your rescue inhalers, put on your big boy/girl underwear, and try to be a decent human being of society (difficult as that may be for you)!

    Why does it have to come to being a ‘sheep’ if you choose to wear a mask? Seriously??? Why can’t people just be good, caring, respectful humans that care about one another? It’s really not a hard concept … unless you’re either too stupid to understand that -OR- you’re an actual sociopath. Do you think we ‘mask-wearers’ ENJOY wearing masks??? That’s a hard NO! But yet we do it because we’re good people that care about others. It’s certainly not because we enjoy breathing air through cloth or paper!

    I typically wouldn’t wish COVID or death upon anyone; but, maybe for you anti-mask-wearers, catching a bad case of COVID is the best way to weed out the idiocy. Maybe it’s the best way to teach you how wearing a mask like the rest of us “sheep” can actually help. But then again, I really have no hope of changing your minds; you’re too stuck living in your fantasy bubble that makes you an invincible (albeit selfish and sociopathic) member of society.

  38. Marie Betran

    You’re right no one can force you to wear a mask, but if you’re entering an establishment that has a mask requirement they also have the right to refuse you entrance.

  39. Connie

    I just hope this is not a lifetime thing wearing masks. I am a cashier as well and I do wear one in stores as required. But I cannot wear one on vacation so I will just be grateful I live by a beach and enjoy staycations. I do miss Disney World but have to sacrifice going since I don’t want to wear it on vacation and I’m vacation photos

    1. Sophia

      Face Diapers can’t go away soon enough!

  40. Not a low IQ chimp

    NOTHING but a bunch of damn SHEEPLE wearing that dog vomit nonsense. Biggest HOAX ever pulled on you SIMPS.

    1. Sean

      A little over dramatic but i agree. Sheeple wanting to feel safe when there is no safety to be had. Face masks are gross and do more harm than good. They’re covered in cr*p and smell gross after an hour. Decades of research show cloth coverings dont work but the Faucci goes up there and says “i wear a mask because its the right thing to do” and suddenly masks are mandatory. Sheeple being sheeple.

  41. plague doctor

    Virtue signaling….virtue signaling everywhere….

  42. Matt

    Do all of you realize that facemasks don’t stop the spread of viruses and yet none of you are scared even 1% to go out in public wearing one? Are you all seriously choosing to be so ignorant or or you actually this stupid? You say the vaccine is only 95% effective and so you believe masks still need to be worn.. you realize that means there’s 0 point in getting a vaccine if it doesn’t change anything and also you think the mask is some perfect protection.. how are you all so dumb?

    1. Mindy

      Amen 🙏

  43. Sean

    Whatever makes you sleep better at night. I’ve worn the masks and followed the guidelunes religously and still managed to get covid. The mask thing is a joke and is wishful thinking. The mask mandates are literally our political leaders panicking and needing to “just do something” to fix the problem. It’s window dressing made to make you think the politicians are doing something for us. Decades of research have shown that cloth masks do not work, yet magically a month of research after the pandemic started suddenly we have all this research saying masks work. Well guess what? They’ve been wearing masks in china for over a decade but suprise suprise where did the coronavirus start? Its a big joke!

  44. Duke

    Some people can be so ridiculous. Follow the rules or don’t go… It’s almost as if they’ve had privilege their entire life *sideeye. When I went it was cold at night and wearing a mask kept me warm; it was a blessing. I will probably continue to wear one —even after COVID— now that I realize how sick people venture out in public without regard for other people. It’s such a simple ask…

    1. Friend

      This 👆🙌

  45. Lisa Park

    Also interested in the clear mask – going to Disney beginning of March – would need 3 by end of this month

  46. Patrick

    I’m just laughing at the image Tina’s comment (in the article) conjures up. Like, seriously, what kind of mask is she wearing that will make it the responsible article of clothing for her to get heat exhaustion AND make her peripherally blind!?! Her excuse sounds very cartoonish. Either she hasn’t ever tried on a mask or she’s still traumatized by whatever face covering her family made her wear when it was her turn to hit the piñata.

  47. Jennifer Santori

    Our family just came home from Disney World this past Sunday. We all had an amazing time. And yes the staff were always around the parks and the announcer on speaker would remind everyone about there mask, washing, hands, and sanitizer. So I’m glad they are doing this for every one so we can continue to have fun with our family while visiting the theme parks.

  48. Steve T Lynch

    That lady in the yellow shirt is thick like oatmeal

  49. Rachel

    How is the person wearing a mask that effects her sight??? It goes over the nose and mouth, not the eyes.

  50. I Make Great Points

    I’m just confused why so many clearly Republican types comment on this or even care about Disney. They fired your role model Gina Carano. They support the gay community. They encourage diversity and BLM. You know all the things you hate.

  51. Ben

    Lol anyone who goes now is basically brain dead.

  52. Jason

    Our Disney vacation in October was miserable due to the stupid mask police and the constant recording playing saying they will kick you out. Dumbest money i have ever spent. Will never go back and I encourage no one else to go either.

  53. Ron

    Regardless of the facemask requirement, I wouldn’t darken the door of the mouse’s house because of the outlandish prices!!! I can’t believe people are stupid enough to pay a King’s random just to walk through gate! I’m content to just cling to my memories of Disneyland when it was a true, family experience unless of course there’s a hidden charge for “remembering.”

  54. UberChemist

    I reacted to WDW’s mask policy and their fascistic enforcement of it by spending my money elsewhere, and will continue to do so until it’s over.

  55. Steve

    Masks dont work.
    The vaccine of death doesn’t work.
    Distancing doesn’t work.
    What is the point if nothing works.
    These restrictions are useless and everyone is inhaling their own CO2 wirh these ironically CHINESE MADE making them prone to pneumonia.
    Why are we so scared of this with 10.1 MILLION different viruses on earth?
    This idiocy needs to go away immediately.
    I haven’t been there for 17 years and won’t go ever again.

  56. I am with people that have cancelled our family trips to Disney world this year. Don’t get me wrong if you want to wear a face mask that is totally up to you. But with me and my career background I know a facemask, the type that people are wearing the paper surgical masks or the cloth masks, don’t do any good against a virus molecule of this size. You wearing face mask may protect you from some spittle. But me wearing one does nothing to help you. We’re going on our one year anniversary of lockdown for 14 days to stop the spread. How did that work for you? It should be very apparent that the people in charge don’t really have much of a clue or really care. Woke businesses that force their ideas on people don’t tend to do well. I hope Disney stops supporting the Democrat’s machine and their play book and wakes up.

  57. Tina MM

    Someone was allowed to use twat in the comments, seriously? I find this disgusting for a Disney Community discussion.I choose not to be a part of this anymore it’s unkind and really getting filthy.The Pandemic caught us all off guard it disrupted many areas of life and it will simmer down eventually,although I do not believe the majority of this crowd will.

  58. KenR

    Wearing a mask outside is nothing but Covid-19 theatre. That said, it is their private property and they can require a mask to be worn even if it is stupidly required outdoors. I am sure they are being hyper-safe right now because they desperately need to show that they have strict policies in place in order to convince their crazy California Governor to let them reopen Disneyland.

  59. John Smith

    If anyone with half a braincell would notice or acknowledge, masks are completely useless. They are a form of submission. Plain and simple. Would you EVER see a medical professional in a lab working around things like this in a stupid cloth mask? Hell no. They wear full hazmat suits. Because as we all know, the virus won’t get you when you’re eating or swimming. It only attacks when you are walking 6 feet behind your kid or in line with everyone else who paid WAY too much to be there. Or after 10pm.
    And, to all of the so-called teachers, parents and holier-than-thou mask lovers who make kids wear them, you are essentially committing child abuse. The human body was not meant to drown in it’s own CO2 of which the lungs expel by design. Plus, if a kid can’t see you smile, or understand you are laughing, they won’t develop as they are meant to. So, you are not only hurting your child physically, but hindering mental development.
    So, to wrap up, until Disney gets rid of all of this “virus” junk and cancel culture, they won’t be receiving any handouts from me. You may or may not agree, but to the people who say “It’s not a big deal. I’ll just go along with it.”, you are an idiot who does not know or understand the freedoms you are surrendering.

  60. k8

    I DO NOT LIKE having to wear masks that have no protection other than you may not accidently spit or get spat on. AND if God thought we needed a Mask, i bet cha’ we’d of been born wearing one. AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THERE’S A PANDEMIC AND SIR…..Sir 4get it. FEAR and the power to tell us to go impede your breathing or health and gums in your mouth. OH BUT IT PAYS OFF RIGHT? Because you know until you get that DNA changing vaccine…oh but NO, THAT’S RIGHT YOU’LL STILL NEED TO WEAR MASKS cause after all the Vax doesn’t change much only your whole self.
    Most insane thing we’ve ever been forced to do. And don’t give me it’s not mandatory; If you don’t wear it you won’t go in to get services, stores, etc..and you WON’T BE ABLE TO GO TO WORK. So, let’s keep wearing the rest of our lives, it’s all good.

  61. JamesM

    We are cancelling our trip to Disney world primarily due to their mask policy. You can’t expect a 2 year old or even a 5 year old to wear a mask all day, especially in the Florida heat. You people have gone insane.
    Keep telling us it’s for our safety and then only show the comments from people defending masks. At some point, we aren’t going to keep living in fear. Change the mask policy to teenage years and up and I’ll consider paying for my family to go.

  62. Whitney

    I want to know how people feel they can breathe in masks? I feel like I’m missing some “hack” because I’ve tried many and wasted money with nothing working. I also don’t understand how Disney can say they don’t allow exceptions for people that have medical waivers! We have a little girl that has asthma and a niece that has special needs and neither can wear masks even though 6 and 12. We are allowed most places, especially wide-open areas like the SD zoo and others without them wearing masks. This feels like discrimination. But what can you do?

  63. Chris

    Their rules just keep getting stupider.

  64. John Rudolph

    My daughter recently visited Disneyworld with our grandson. She said that Disney was full-tilt, Nazi-like, mask militant. On one occasion, she stopped to have a drink and was giving our grandson some water. “PUT THE MASK ON YOUR CHILD NOW” came the curt, rude response from one of Disney’s employees.” “He’s just getting some water,” my daughter responded. After a roll from the eyes of your militant employee, my daughter succumbed. There was absolutely NO NEED for your employee to bark at her like that. If I was there, believe me, your employee would not appreciate MY response.

  65. Henry

    While I respect the right of all private businesses to set their own rules, I do not agree with the Disney policy to mandate wearing of masks. We should be free to make our own decisions regarding the risks we are willing to take in life. However, we all have the right to vote with our $$ and not visit a place that has rules in place that we disagree with. There is no proof that wearing of masks (specially when worn incorrectly) stops the transmission of Covid19. There is no data to suggest that walking around outside without a mask on significantly increases the spread of Covid19.

    1. Nadia

      Totally agree. And I hope that enough people will vote with their money in the same way. We definitely are. Disney does care about their bottom line, for the most part more than about anything else, and the mask-wearing is no doubt impacting that. We will not go until the masks requirements are dropped. In fact we can’t, since they will kick us out anyway due to our 2-year-old. Do they want us to ducktape the mask to her face?! There is no way we can make her wear one otherwise, she does not talk yet, we can’t explain much to her. I think it is absolutely ridiculous, and we will spend our vacation funds elsewhere this year, where we hopefully don’t have to worry about useless masks.

  66. Susan

    The reason I don’t believe in waivers is because when I worked in the medical field for 22 years we all knew doctors well enough who would have signed ANYTHING for us!

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