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  1. Tamara Dowd

    Just another thing Disney is taking the “magic” away.

  2. KenG

    I have a couple thought on this:
    They could have just raised the price of the rooms by a bit to cover any costs and who would know as room prices go up all the time.

    The bands are great, convenient around the parks, the pools, and especially at the water parks so you can easily buy snacks and other items while keeping you wallet in a locker. But, for those of us who have an Apple Watch it would also be nice, and maybe better, to just have an app that’s both on the phone and the watch to do all the things the Magic Band does (and yes, the newer Apple Watches can be used in the water.)

    So I have mixed feelings about it, but starting at $5, oh well…
    Give us an Apple Watch app as well and then I have a choice.

  3. Disney has been cutting the budget through the pandemic and charging full price. If you go now, you will notice a shortage of the once large cast member army. Charging for magic bands is something some nameless money cruncher concocted. They are looking for anything to keep themselves afloat. This will hurt them in the end. Universal is leading the way with good deals and welcoming guests (instead of being afraid of them). I was stupid enough to pay for full price and half the magic. I won’t do it again.

  4. Price

    Same! This whole “pay for full price and get half the magic” nonsense is going to BITE Them in the butt once this stupid Pandemic ends!

  5. Bill

    So they charge several hundred dollars per night for a room, but can’t afford the pittance a band would cost them. Probably no more than a buck or two at most. Talk about penny wise and pound foolish. Just one more to thing they’re doing to screw the Disney name.

  6. Bill G.

    People were signing up for free magic bands even though they had a drawer full of them. From an environmental and waste reduction standpoint I think it is a good move. But I would have done it differently: Magic Bands are free but you each get $10 on a gift card upon checkin if you choose not to order them.

  7. KenR

    When people are posting pictures of wreaths and Christmas Tree Garland made out of magic bands, it is no surprise that they are not sending a free one with every reservation. It’s too bad that they cannot provide a free band to guest that have never been there or are infrequent visitors. There are years when we went 3 times, got 3 free magic bands which were added to the ones we also bought and the ones we already had from previous years that were still good. The batteries may run out but I learned that the important components worked forever (room entry, tickets, fast pass, and purchases) similar to a regular hotel key card that does not ever need a battery. I was also told that two many active Bands caused them to have issues and that they should be deactivated.

  8. Allan Reid RN

    So Disney now thinks its ok for guests to go on rides with a cell phone in their hands, pocket etc, and there will be no problems at all with safety issues re: flying phones. Apparently management has already forgotten the loose phone tragedy that occured at Universal’s IOA park that blinded a guest and eventually led to the permanent removal of the Dueling Dragons coaster. Injuries, lawsuits and multiple guest fights will all begin soon.

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