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  1. Lisa

    Magic Kingdom might mandate that you wear a mask to enter…in fact, they go so far as to take temperatures and everything; however, once you’re in the gate, it’s a free-for-all and you might as well be at Walmart where nobody cares if you wear a mask or not. Such a frustrating day there yesterday:(. Luckily my hubby and I were smart enough to double-mask, because we probably would have left there sick.
    Apparently sitting down to rest at Disney is a free pass to go without a mask. Hello Disney Personnel! None of these people were eating or drinking… they were just sitting or standing around. One was up taking pictures and turned around into my husband without a mask right into his face. The recording states that people who aren’t wearing proper face coverings will be removed… this is a joke… NOBODY is enforcing this once they have your money. Pretty soon we will be closing again like Disneyland. Good job.

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