Comments for Disney Parks Might Phase Out Face Masks in 2022, But How?

father and daughter wearing masks in front of cinderella castle at disney world

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  1. Jose

    Nobody really enjoys wearing a mask at Disney and Disneyland is still closed where I’m at.

    Probably for the better. Theme parks should open when masks are completely gone.

  2. M

    Face Masks should be worn until pandemic ends. It keeps everyone safe. Those that do not agree need to stay home.

    1. Not M

      If you are that worried about the virus to where you think you need to wear something over your face to keep you “safe”, shouldn’t you be the one staying home?

      1. Bystander

        Agreed! If they are so concerned, they can stay home and away from people.

    2. Ashley

      This isn’t going to end.. covid isn’t going anywhere.. it’s going to be around forever like the flu and such and we shouldn’t have to stay home

    3. JC

      Face masks give you the illusion of safety. Those that are happy to live their life should do so. Those who are afraid should stay home.

  3. M Squared

    M, you have things reversed. It is those who are susceptible to more serious cases of COVID-19 that should be staying home. Everybody else (i.e. virtually the entire population), who are not at high risk for severe COVID-19, should be out and about, contributing to society and freely living their lives mask-free.

    Regardless of politicized guidance, no restrictions are needed for people who aren’t susceptible to severe COVID-19 (the CDC outlines who those people are). The entire original argument for wearing masks was to prevent hospitals from being overrun. Yet simultaneously, both state and the federal governments created mandates and guidance telling people who are more susceptible to COVID-19 to stay home. If those people follow that guidance and stay home, then no masks are needed and life can return to normal for 97%+ of the population. Those people more susceptible to serious COVID-19 can then wait their turn to be vaccinated (which in most states happens to be right now), and, once vaccinated, enjoy life fully and freely again.

    Stop trying to dictate to others how it is they are allowed to breathe. Evolution never reached the point at which we were all born with filters over our mouths and noses. We should all have the right to choose how it is we want to breathe. Most of us choose no-filter. Only a small, vocal minority want to breathe through a filter. If you want to wear a mask, great. I have no problem with that. The issue is your trying to control other people’s bodies by forcing people to breathe through filters (i.e. masks).

    As for me, I had a 12-person, 5-day vacation planned at Disney World for right after the pandemic started (it was obviously cancelled since Disney World was closed. That vacation will never take place until Disney World removes the mask mandate.

    1. Emma McGregor


    2. Bystander

      100% Agreed. I am not booking anything to any of their parks or resorts. Until it is gone. It is very disappointing because I love Disney.

  4. mc25a

    We are faithful and regular disney park visitors. Last trip was September 2021. I will not return until the mask policy is gone. We usually travel several times a year but don’t care to experience that again and will take other vacation options until then.

    During this trip we observed the absurdity of certain precautions in light of other (necessary) concessions. So many people breathing the same air in close quarters (line queues, even if separated by barriers in certain places). And you know what? I am fine with that, what do we expect after all?
    Not only are the masks oppressive in the Florida heat, they are unnecessary (particularly outside) and probably less sanitary due to constantly touching other surfaces then invariably touching masks all day long. I also don’t care for the judgement and mask policing, both from cast and other visitors for every mask slip or a slight delay in applying after standing up from a table.

    I can’t imagine anyone with any real risk for COVID complications would come to a place like Disney. Mask or no mask there is risk in joining tens of thousands of others in close contact for extended periods of time. For the rest of us it’s supposed to be fun after all. What is the point otherwise? It’s just not a very Disney experience and not one I care to pay for. I was also ready to purchase a DVC membership but won’t for the foreseeable future. I’m ready when it’s gone, but not before then.

  5. A

    What a joke. Masks are useless and anybody who willing wears a mask is a weak, spineless and cowardly simpleton. Disney will not see another red cent of my family’s hard earned money. Good riddance. All the mask loving simpletons can roll around there together with their meaningless masks while they bump and grind into each other and touch the same railings/doors/rides/tix machines/etc. Morons.

  6. Bystander

    I will not be going to any Disney parks or resorts until they get rid of the mandate. Completely mask free.

  7. Common Sense Isn't Common

    Drop the masks, it’s outside in 90 degree weather for crying out loud! If you’re nervous about safety, don’t go to a theme park! Disney could absolutely stop the requirement today if everyone would start thinking with their brains instead of through their facebook-inspired fear again. It’s a corporation after all, they’re looking for revenue.

  8. On the state level, although Florida’s Full Phase 3 Reopening suspends fines for not complying with face mask restrictions in public spaces, it did not eliminate the Orange County mask mandate. While compliance is now voluntary in public spaces, the county has leaned on businesses to continue enforcing the mandate. To that point, private businesses can still operate with any self-imposed restrictions under Florida’s reopening rules. This means Publix, Walt Disney World, or any other business in the state can still deny entry to those not wearing masks, or following any other rules. This isn’t anything new or novel. Those same businesses could deny entry to potential patrons not wearing shirts or shoes, despite there being no state-wide law requiring either of those articles of clothing, either.

  9. Kate

    I have a Disney trip planned for next May, but I will 100% cancel if masks are still demanded. It’s ridiculous. Those that are scared and think masks work can stay home, while the rest of us live normal lives, not cowering in fear of a virus that has over a 99% recovery rate.

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