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Credit: Disney


  1. I think the CEO predicting that people are going to wear masks until the end of 2021 is a little presumptive. He must be consulting with Madame Leota. Dr. Fauci is frequently wrong especially with long-term predictions. We must take all of that with a grain of salt. Sometimes, they really don’t know. I hope to have both my vaccines or the one and done johnson and johnson before the summer.

  2. Tamara Dowd

    The only way Disney will get back to original is to sell new annual passes to residents of Florida again!

  3. Jose

    Well another year lost to COVID but yea as long as masks are required Disney land isn’t touching my time or money.

    Disneyland is basically the worst place ever to be at if you hate wearing masks. Don’t wanna wear a mask? Go to the beach or outdoors.

    For those that wanna go with Masks on all day well good luck with that

    1. Sue

      Yup same here it gets hot in Florida in the summer plus you are paying the same price for tickets and getting less. No thank you. And people getting shot where is there proof that you will
      Not get the virus. Bc the government said it safe to get one so you listen to the government good for you. Still don’t know what’s in those shots. Again but if you are abc. CBS or one of those Democrat news channel. Then you need help

    2. Sue do we know what’s in any vaccine that we are our children gets I truly don’t think so,we can’t even buy certain medicine at our local drug stores without showing our drivers license so please for your health don’t let that be your excuse for not being safe and keeping your loved one well .

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