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  1. Sharon

    I do not like the reservation to come to a park. I live in Florida and I like to come on a whim. I have been a DVC members sense 1994 ! I have been very disappointed in the food choices. The food prices. And drink prices!I do not mind paying for something that is good and have a choice. I wish we could just come in to the park whenever we would like and have more choices

  2. Chris

    I called it from the start that they are here to stay, I think the surveys about new membership offerings at Disneyland where the main differences were price and how reservations will be handled proved that.

    And it makes sense, Disney can have a better sense of how’s many people will show up on any given day and guests can also use the availability calendar to help determine how busy it will be on any given day. For those that go on a whim there is still same day reservations if they aren’t all ginger and if they are, you probably don’t want to visit that park that day anyway.

    1. I’ve thought from the beginning this would be how Disney would being to control the crowd levels in the park and begin to raise pricing and create a “premium Disney Park experience”.

      IE it’s more expensive to get in, less crowds.

  3. Kit

    Horrible idea. People may stick to a plan, but sometimes weather changes plans. What about park hopping? Are they reducing prices if you can only do 1 park/day? Why are they making it so difficult for common people who can’t necessarily guarantee when they get their vacation time?
    Walt and Rot are both rolling in their graves at what the CEOs are doing with Walt’s dream for EVERY family to be able to visit.

    1. Harry

      Now i will say that park hopping is mire inconvenient but i will say that this system guarantees that anyone can get in the park no matter how late because some families don’t have the time to wake up at 5 to be in the parks by 8 on new years eve so this way they booked ahead of time so they can be there as early or late as they want

  4. Disney Dad17

    It’s painfully obvious that this, and the many other changes, really only negatively effect annual pass holders and that pass holders are being phased out. People planning a vacation are going to have no issue making park reservations. It’s the pass holders that show up on a whim. Look at Fast Passes… who complained the most about FP’s? Your idiot general vacationer who didn’t take the time or couldn’t understand how it worked so they complained that AP’s exploited the system. For my family it was nice to know we were guaranteed 3 rides and if we couldn’t ride something no biggie, we’d do it the next time. Park Hopping is the other issue… waiting until 2:00? Face it… the changes benefit vacationers and hurt most AP’s. It’s been in the works for years to phase out AP’s. And to the person that said the reservation system helps indicate crowd levels… I was at the parks Thurs-Sun 2 weekends ago. Every park had same day availability on the day of every day. Those were the most packed I had seen the parks since pre covid. 65-85 min waits at times for big ticket attractions. So no, not a great indicator.

    1. Candace

      “Idiot General vacationer”…. nice comment.

      1. Harry

        Real nice to know you hate people who can’t afford a $1500 annual pass
        Or in the case of my family close to 8000

    2. Sue

      You mentioned the crowds – we were in the Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago and I’m not going back there any time soon.

      It looks fine until you get behind the castle and then there’s no way to avoid people.

  5. Tamara Dowd

    Yup, Disney has done it again. Angered their loyal patrons.

  6. Kimberly Hayes

    Could we AP holders get at least 5 days to reserve ahead of time! It’s hard when family comes to visit and you can’t even guarantee you are going to be able to go and visit the parks with them !

    1. Candace

      Whatever Disney does to have lower crowds for our vacation I’m in favor of. We save $750 a month for our annual Disney vacation. One week, that’s all we get for our money. It was disheartening these last few years to deal with the wave of locals hanging out. We are very loyal to Disneyland, it’s our entire vacation budget including flying in. I welcome any step in the right direction.

  7. J.

    Ughh, terrible idea! It adds yet another level of planning necessary for your vacation and adds stress to the experience.

  8. KenR

    I absolutely despise the idea of reserving what park I want to visit months in advance. Park hours, the weather, and many other factors come in to play. They have more than enough data on hand to understand historical demand and the required staffing levels. The do not need a park reservation system. Way too much advanced planning. What park, what rides, when to we want to eat lunch, where will we want to eat? How do you know these things 6 months in advance. Everything they have done recently has fallen flat or just sucks (this park system and the virtual que for ROTR).

  9. Deb

    In all the years I’ve gone to Disney world we would get up and see what park we felt like going to and sometimes visited 3 parks in a day if we had a fp or dinner in separate parks , that’s just how we like to do our trips so I’m quite sad to see having to book in advance

  10. Sue

    I live about 35 minutes away from the parks and I really dislike the reservation system, but at least you can park hop now, so I can kind of live with it.

    Lately our only visits are to take a walk and just stay outdoors. I’m not going into any restaurant any time soon (it’s not just the people with their masks off when they’re seated and not eating, it’s the thought of my food being exposed to all of those people because it’s not being covered by a cloche), so the days of out going in the afternoon and having dinner are over.

    What I want back are fast passes. And an actual chance to get on Ride of the Resistance – the current system is a ridiculous.

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