Comments for FL Welcomes Disney Expansion as Companies Are “Fleeing” CA

disney ceo bob chapek with mickey mouse

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  1. Bob Iger

    🤔💭… Take that 💩 to China! We Americans 🇺🇸 ❤️ our country & our FREEDOM. We reject your stinkin’ China appeasing #MediaPropaganda machine pumping garbage into our homes/minds 24/7. If Foridians are wise… They WON’T allow Disney to turn Florida into another Hellywood cesspool full of cheap Chinese ornaments.

  2. Brian

    So, Disney still hasn’t announced any jobs moving from California to Florida? And the source for the idea that companies are fleeing California is a political hack from Florida? Come on guys, this isn’t a story.

  3. Disney I would bet will end up moving most of its production studios to Atlanta which they have already done with Marvel productions. Just a matter of time that the new smaller sets with the new technology that the Mandalorian used successfully will be expanded into their Atlanta studios and UK studios. Bye bye CA.

  4. Ron

    Disney take one more step lift the mask mandate bring back meal plan fast passes and full capacity let’s do it well I guess that’s 4 steps

  5. Kirk

    This is disingenuous because they have been reporting that for months trying to get Newsom to Cave on his park restrictions but given the Two variants of COVID-19 are in LA and SF that’s not going to happen any time soon. Every time they have ease restrictions the case load has gone up. If anything Disney should be asking via the federal and State covid task forces to allow for their employees to be vaccinated on Disney’s dime might help given it’s about a million people when you consider all of the subsidiaries

  6. Rich

    Agree that the talk of moving is just to put pressure on the California governor who has no problem flouting covid rules himself but think the recall effort will get him to open the state up soon.

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