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  1. Melissa

    We definitely want the dining plan to come back! We love having everything prepaid, we visit more table service restaurants than we normally would and we enjoy having dessert and a nice beverage. We’ve had over 30 Disney trips and the ones with a DDP (especially if it’s free) are less stressful and more fun for us.

  2. Jimmy

    Yes we miss the dining plan as well.. as of now we are going In august 2021 and we would like it back by then. Makes a huge difference let’s hope it’s back in place by the summer time

  3. I have never been lucky enough to have a free meal plan. I almost did in June. When Disney canceled our vacation, they took away the free meal plan. But I digress. Meal plans are great. They give you the freedom to try something on the menu that would normally be out of reach financially. It is a real issue that not all restaurants are open. Menus are changed (your favorite may not be on the menu). I would like to see them return, and all of the wonderful castmembers.

    1. Caroline England

      We were booked to come August 2020 with a free meal plan. Our hol was postponed until August 2021 but we are really going to struggle with affording the holiday if our free dining plan is not attached to our booking again. There are 6 adults and 3 kids all from the UK.

  4. J.

    I will add my voice to the fray. I love the dining plan! It takes all the stress out of eating for us. Please bring it back.

  5. Amber

    We are praying that the dining plan comes back and the 180 day booking window! We like the fact we have everything paid for ahead of time, and we dont have to budget on the meals we pick because they are already paid for. Also snack time is easier for the kids because they know the number we have per day.

  6. Holly

    I can’t wait for the dining plan to return. I just got back from a trip and I think that is the thing i missed most. Paying out of pocket for your meals really takes away some of the magic! Also, i tend to get the cheaper options when paying out of pocket compared to when i have the dining plan.

  7. ROSE

    want to book a trip but we are waiting for the dining plan to return !

  8. Janice A Visalli

    We are coming for the 50th anniversary celebration and also for Halloween. Hope that the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is back but more importantly the dining program. It’s the best addition to our vacation especially for us older folks. Reduces stress of planning meals and snacks. We especially like it for breakfast. So please reinstate it. Thank you.

  9. Celeste

    Why are we paying so much to stay on Disney property when most perks aren’t available. No dining plan, no magic bands, no fast passes, come January 2022 no magic express….At what point will guests be offered a better price on Disney resorts?

  10. Julissa Favis

    I totally agree Disney dining plan just makes it easy and stress free. I actually wrote an email to Disney to ask them to bring it back. I explained that it did not bother me that all the restaurant option were not open. I let them know that I just liked knowing that the majority of my vacation was already paid for. They responded back letting me know that they took my email into consideration. Maybe if everyone does that they will see how important it is and bring it back. Just a thought.

  11. Erin Roneree

    We are waiting for the dining plan to return before rebooking our trip.

  12. Sandra

    The Disney prices keep rising and the perks keep decreasing. The meal plan should start asap and should be free in 2021. If not the cost of trip should decrease. There is very little benefit to stay on the park without the meal plan. We want to come this year. But it will be soooo much more than expected.

  13. Christa

    I hope they do bring back the dining plan. I have used the dining plan in the past and it is a lot less stressful to have your food already paid for. I was looking to plan a Disney trip, but if they don’t have the dining plan I don’t see the reason to plan a trip with Disney.

  14. Katie

    The dining plan made the vacation PERFECT for the parents or those paying…. It took all of the stress out of it. I check everyday we are going back in 13 days and it would ease sooooo much. COVID made us skip 2-16’s bdays so the dinning plan would make up for that some. They both loved it.

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