Comments for New Cruising Ban Will Bar Disney Cruise Line From Alaska Until 2022


Credit: Disney


  1. Van Hamlin

    Why not use the port of Seattle or Everett?

    1. Evan

      Because the cruise ships are foreign flagged and by law have to follow the Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886 which requires foreign flagged vessels to make one stop in a “foreign” port, in this case Canada, before docking again in a US port. The only mainline cruise ship that doesn’t have to follow this law is NCL’s Pride of America as it is US flagged and crewed.

  2. Barry

    Canada is also implementing a 3 day mandatory quarantine in a government-contracted hotel and a PCR test for people entering the country at a cost of $2000 (which is ridiculously expensive, even for Vancouver) and a follow-up 14 day quarantine at a health facility for anyone who tests positive. So those actions would have already made cruise ship stops in Vancouver or Victoria impractical. Adding this regulation just makes it straightforward that cruising with stops in Canada isn’t going to happen until Canada is able to vaccinate it’s population and get the infection, hospitalization, and death rates down.

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