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  1. Kirk

    They can add San Francisco back to the stops and create a Seattle to Mexico route

    1. Valerie J Sanford

      We are booked for an April 2022 Disney Wonder, San Diego to Vancouver. Is this affected I wonder?

  2. Chris

    Since cruises shut down in early 2020, and Canada has stopped them until early 2022, that’s a max of 2 years currently, not 3

    1. Kevin

      Last Alaska cruise would have been Sept 2019 so 2.75 years between Alaska cruises…rounded up in the title? Maybe…intentionally deceptive to make the reader think something different? Absolutely!

  3. Andrew

    Most likely, these cruises will stop permanently. I feel there are those in power who are deliberately prolonging these shutdowns and restrictions to deprive the freedoms of billions worldwide using the virus and pandemic as a guide to do so. Nearly one year later and there are still restrictions, shutdowns, cancellations, etc..even with the vaccine rollouts. These powers do not want us to go back to pre pandemic life as we knew it. They want CONTROL with the suffering of many others I feel.

    1. Josh

      You’re an idiot

      1. Prove him wrong. Why is it that you can still fly whenever you want? Because the look at thing the government wants to do is shut down the aviation industry as it will bankrupt them and the ripple effect would decimate the economy, cruise lines? not so much.

        1. MICHAEL SMITH

          Because you’re in close proximity on a cruise ship and it is proven that disease (any communicable disease) spreads quickly on cruise ships which is why in all the staterooms they ask you to constantly report if you are feeling ill, they encourage handwashing and greet you with hand sanitizer. Planes have better filtration not to mention one is on them for a fraction of the time. Only an idiot would think the government wants Airlines to shutdown. I guess you missed all the bailout money airlines have gotten over the years. Its critical infrastructure. Log off QANON and Fox News (oh wait even they wouldn’t claim this crap) and think with an ounce of logic. Overcautious… I’ll grant you. Some over arching conspiracy… go to therapy.


    The thing that i don’t understand is why Canada is closing costal waters to this. Like I totally get not allowing Ships to dock. But sailing through the waters… that won’t spread the disease. Makes no sense why they couldn’t JUST go to Alaskan ports.

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