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  1. Will

    Honestly glad we’re done with the character of Rey. Nothing against Daisy Ridley, she’s a wonderful actress, and I’d be happy to see her again in future Star Wars works. She was just handed a very poorly written character.

    1. JB Josh

      Exactly what you said brotha.

    2. kimmuryiel

      I never understood taking dislike with a character out on the actor(tress)…I may not like Rey, but I hope Ridley has a successful future

  2. Scott Panyi

    Good! The final 3 films were a poor attempt at film making

  3. Joe America

    Now if the character were played by Gina Carano then it’d be worth watching. Guess there won’t be much worth watching coming out of Disney or Lucas any time soon. Canceling my Subscription to Disney+

    1. Lisa X

      I agree Gina Carano has to be the most awesome person from Star Wars that ever was! She has real courage! Love it!

      1. CFGodwell

        Yes, “real courage” for basically being a QAnon nut that pushed concocted voter fraud lies about Black votes in Georgia. Only fellow bigots agree with this tasteless despicable bad actress. FoH.

    2. CFGodwell

      She’s an atrocious actress and a horrible human being that teased people about wearing masks and pushing voter fraud lies that were designed to discount Black votes. FoH, bozo.

  4. Eritor

    I know Rey was basically a Mary-Sue but I liked her character anyway. The sequel trilogy had so many missed opportunities but was still a fun ride. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the very beginning but I know not to take thing too seriously. That’s the problem with most people, they just take it too seriously. I say just sit back and enjoy the ride. And if it’s not for you, move on. It’s that simple. “I have spoken.”

    1. I usually say anything they give us is better than nothing, but the sequel trilogy went from ok in The Force Awakens to outright abuse towards the fans in The Last Jedi. Then in Rise of Skywalker it felt like 2 movies crammed into 1 with everything moving so fast it was out of control. Now I feel bad for Daisy as she did the best that she had to work with and her limited acting skills, it’s not her fault the writers made her a Mary Sue. The character was so OP it was ridiculous, Rey was literally good at everything she touched and poor Daisy had the weight of the entire franchise on her young shoulders. You really have Rian Johnson to blame for the debacle of his terrible movie. JJ Abrams handed Rian with things set up for him to run with and him and his stupid ” subvert expectations ” bs plus him trolling the fans on the internet, combined with making all and I mean all of the OT characters bums and losers is what basically broke Star Wars.
      Anyway to the question of seeing Rey in any future projects. I would say we have seen enough and please don’t. I believe a poll was taken of the favorite characters in all of Star Wars and out of the sequel trilogy characters the first one was at #17, which was Kylo Ren. That should tell you all you need to know.

  5. Jt

    Why would she, the new sequel trilogy has been a mess for all actors involved, I don’t have any ill will for her but the people who wrote Rey and the directors that can’t identify with making good characters ought to be ashamed of themselves. We have plenty to reference a good female character like Ellen Ripley, Sarah Conner, and selene(underworld). Decades of templates to draw from.

  6. Dean S

    Gina Carano is truly the most awesome person from Star Wars! She has true courage and heart! Nothing but the highest respect for Miss Gina Carano!!! Disney itself is not very awesome and bows to dark forces more evil than Emperor Palpatine!

  7. Mike

    Well you know, it’s tough. She’s a great actress, and you can’t blame her in any way for the results of the sequels.

    Many fans have their own ideas about how things should have gone, but at the end of the day they were still great films, and Daisy is a part of the future of the Star Wars franchise.

  8. B

    Did the author really describe Rey as an iconic character ???????? yeah iconically horrible. Just like iconically bad woke sequel trilogy.

  9. Jeffrey

    The originals were great films and the prequels not as good but Still great films with and all six had had strong female characters a diverse group and all showed the main characters growth and struggles now we have sequels I liked the force awakens except for Rey’s character no one just uses the force with no training or beats someone in a duel that has trained since childhood it’s just bad writing and bad directing the last jedi was a joke a slap in the face to star wars fans Hamill and boyega were done wrong and there characters were have the middle finger by rian johnson and Kathleen kennedy then rise of skywalker came out and was the biggest fan service project ever that took away from the movie itself they had no direction from the start they were rushed rey had no direction except for here your the bestest ever no one can beat you no jedi was just handed there abilities in the force they had to train anikan and Luke both trained hard rey got mind raped by kylo and retained all his training that’s not how it works the people creating these movies don’t know start wars and want to ruin want george lucas created the only salvation for star wars is through Jon and Dave which the mandalorian can’t be saved after the loss of gina carano lucasfilm is ran by women hating racist they fire one for racist posts that weren’t racist just making a point but then say they stand by another woman that is racist towards white people its hypocrisy at it’s finest I just pray they don’t ruin it further

  10. Devon Huff

    If anything her amazing acting made it good. Blame the actress while the writers for it hide. If what i hear is true and they are gonna “remake” over 4 years of filming… Replacing everyone instead of redeeming them is a bad move. No one has a problem with rey just the Mary sueness she had. Hope she comes back and im sorry you had to deal w those people harrassing you. Wish you good fortune Ridley your amazing

  11. Beebop

    Disney obviously caters to the spoiled brat thugs whining about opinion tweets but praise other tweets about killing our President. Communists are close to taking over and it’s being welcomed by stupid people with arms wide open.

  12. westley

    Yes she should have character rights for doing an amazing job also think its not very fare i am big fan star wars since began too and was great seeing female character herion little cheezy as she nearly had same story as luke but think she pulled it of great i hate it when movies change the acters look at marvel soon they wont be any avengers it will be just multiplisity man same acter every hero .kira nightly should say no to lucas lol ps love original marvel and starwars 4ever x

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