Comments for Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Accused of “Normalizing Animal Cruelty”

emma stone starring in cruella, possibly coming to disney+

Credit: Disney


  1. Thomas

    I’m so glad that the Cancel Culture is alive and strong so that no one can ever show anything remotely controversial or offensive and everything should be as sickly gentle as Dr Seuss…seriously, if you’re going to moan about ‘Cruella’ then let’s hope that the ‘Wicked’ movie never gets made and the broadway musical doesn’t reopen, would hate to see a show that glorifies a green wiccan practising child hater. If you don’t want to see it, don’t watch it! Problem solved! I’m not excited about it, but thats more because ‘Maleficent’ wasn’t a good movie, and I found it extremely boring, so I don’t hold hope for ‘Cruella’ to be any better.

    1. CC

      Dr. Duesseldorf? You should do your research. He has been cancelled for years. Rightfully so.

  2. Val

    There truly is something for everyone to complain about. If you can’t tell the difference between fake and real…then you obviously aren’t needed an human being to take seriously. Even then media needs these people to make something out of nothing. It literally can be one person who disagrees and it’ll blow up as if it were a mass, turning into just that. Sickness.

  3. Paul

    Before we criticize the movie, maybe – just maybe – we should wait until it’s released to see what the actual content is and how it handles this?

  4. Noli Winter

    Stories should be allowed to use dark themes in order to get a greater message across. Look at Dumbo and parent/child separation, Cinderella and child neglect, maybe even the kid’s classic tale of Hansel and Gretel and child abuse. These tales all have a redeeming conclusion to them. I’m guessing with Cruella being a Disney movie, it will too. But until we have watched it, we cannot know how it goes about that conclusion and we definitely are not in a place to cancel it yet.

  5. Mickeba

    I watched the trailer and I don’t think it “normalized” animal cruelty at all. What it did reinforce was that this is just a really unnecessary movie. They’ve already made the original Dalmations, a couple of terrible animated sequels and a couple of live action ones that were also terrible, so this just seems par for the course. “Cruella” demonstrates that Disney has just torched their “legacy” and all they want to do now is strip mine successful properties. Hopefully, this movie will be a big, big flop.

  6. Steve

    Hmmm. could this possibly be nothing more then just a publicity stunt in hopes that it gains attention so that people will go and watch it??? No such thing as bad advertisement.

  7. Natasha

    My concern is not that this movie normalizing animal abuse because it’s a movie based on a woman that skins animals! It was already bad enough Disney of all companies would promote that but the issue for me is that these digs were no doubt in real life abused in order to make this movie. Most animals performing on movie sets are treated like nothing more but props. They are carted around like an objects, are over trained even when ill, not treated like family, sleep outside in kennels and given no attention, punished if they don’t perform correctly and some are given away to be euthanized when they’re too old or sick to continue making money for their owners. It’s pretty sad. I hope these dogs here haven’t been treated that way.

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