Comments for Is It a Mistake to Not Release ‘Black Widow’ on Disney+?

"Black Widow" reported to have already began production

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. EricJ

    Like the long holdups on Wonder Woman and Mulan, some movies had contractual obligation for theatrical release, and not just to make back their titanic budgets.
    That’s what happened before the Pestilence horseman came to teach overconfident studios like Warner and Disney a lesson…

    (And frankly, the troubles couldn’t happen to a more deserving MCU.)

  2. just release it where ever you dont delay any further because most of us has forgotten about Scarlett . it would be great if it is on disney + as digital platforms are high earning go for .im only 15 years but take my opinion into consideration

  3. Stephen Hunt

    You write professionally, but have a split infinitive in your article’s title?

  4. StephenF

    Disney should release the film in theaters and then on Disney+ one month later for the $29.95 premium.

    1. JS

      Agreed. Putting it on both platforms would probably be beneficial right now. When the pandemic is over then they can go exclusively to theatres. Just as long as it goes to the theatres now too because that is the only way I will see this film.

  5. Ambivalent Sam

    Since this is a prequel film and Disney now has a lot of MCU content coming out on Disney+, I think they can safely wait to release this film.

    Patience will be rewarded two-fold.

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