Comments for Anaheim Supports Bill to Accelerate Disneyland Reopening

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  1. Kirk

    Its simple just put your mask on correctly… get tested… and when its time Get your vaccine. By August we all should be able to get vaccinated and Disneyland can reopen fully

    1. Harry

      I know it isnt that simple because they want the country to be shut down these “strains” are apparently SO BAD that the vaccine doesnt even work
      Welp there goes summer but hey maybe by 2023 we can go to a restaurant again

  2. Pauline

    I am not going back until masks are optional and restaurants are open. Period. I am not spending our days masked. Period. I am ok with INSIDE THE STORES, maybe, but masked outside is insane. No. And restaurants closed? No. We need a break inside, relaxed, eating, cooling off if hot outside. If we never go back, oh well, we will adjust.

  3. Jeremy Hoff

    I went to DisneyWorld in Florida last August with my older three children. We were “young” relative to the average age of other park visitors – I was surprised so many older (nee “high risk”) people were present. I felt it was safer there than at my local Costco then and now. Disney knows how to get it done, and I appreciate Florida being open. It’s interesting how the FL numbers aren’t worse than CA’s. If you’re high risk, or hang around high risk people, stay home. The rest of us can have a nice time enjoying the benefits of paying what we pay to live in So. Cal.

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