Comments for Some Airlines To Allow Certain Passengers To Fly Without a Mask

united airplane

Credit: United


  1. Sue

    I think it’s a good idea. Be there r reasons. For some people not to wear them. And as for Disney that’s fine they want people to wear masks and people don’t complain about wearing them but I will tell you they lost a lot of visitors. But one thing there sure is any social distancing going on

    1. Hi Sue
      On my last Disney trip, I had only one incident in which people were not socially distancing in line. I was at the Buzz Lightyear attraction in Tomorrowland. A family behind me kept staying on my heels. My husband didn’t want to say anything. I would move forward and then they would be up against me. Their kids were standing next to me (as if they were in my family). I finally turned around and asked them to back up and yield the socially distanced markers. They complied, no problem. I also saw others in various lines remind people and nobody made a scene. Which was really good. Be courageous, and remind people when you have to. Most people won’t go crazy.

  2. AIrlines is just the beginning. What do they do when they get to their destination? Disney isn’t going to let them in and neither is Walmart. Are they going to sue them?

  3. J.

    Good news. A small step back toward normalcy.

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