Comments for Wizarding World of ‘Harry Potter’ Team Looks to “Explore and Expand”

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  1. Jim

    “Franchise Beasts franchise” – I think you mean Fantastic Beasts franchise

  2. Michell L Sessa

    I would definitely follow this franchise. Great books and movies.

  3. Drace90

    May I ask why J.K. Rowling’s name links to a completely made up story of Daniel Radcliffe not wanting to return to Harry Potter because of her? That is a complete fabrication. He never said anything of the sort. In fact, last time he said anything about her he made specifically clear that he was NOT feuding with her. Radcliffe was one of few people who managed to disagree with her without resorting to smear tactics, something this side could possibly learn from.

    The completely exaggerated drama regarding anything that Rowling does continues to elude me. If anything, that is what’s doing the real damage here.

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