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  1. KenG

    With all due respect to the WC crowd, these remain as the most putrid and worst “burgers” I’ve even had from a fast food place.

    Why oh why would you ever want to eat a burger that has been “steamed”???? And the smell of these burgers when I had them in New Orleans many years ago was that of canned dog food.

    Sorry… I know folks like them but I just can’t see why.

    1. EricJ

      My dad used to take me to White Castle once or twice as a kid, and I never even remotely thought of them as “burgers”–
      They were paper thin, drowned in cheese, onions and oil, and some of the best Philly-cheesesteak sliders I ever had.

      That was back before White Castle became nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more Stoner Central in pop-culture, and even though we don’t have one in our area, I’d like to go back to one without being considered “One of us, one of us!”
      (Sloppy-joe sliders? When did that happen? : P )

      1. Dawn Bedell

        So excited!! Can’t wait! Im from up north and my firt stop is white castle’s!! I now live in Valrico and will definitely be making the hour + drive for my favorite steamed burgers!!

    2. Gern Blanston


      Starting a sentence with the phrase, with all due respect, signals that you will be disrespecting and just don’t care that you will be. Don’t like them, don’t eat them.

      This may be shocking to you, but there are people in the world who like things that you don’t like. And vice-versa!

      Next time, read the article, think how much you hate something other people enjoy, and move on without commenting.

      Was that so hard‽

      1. Also, for the record, there are no White Castles in Louisiana.

    3. Dwh

      Your opinion. I enjoy those burgers. I’ve come to realize you either love them or hate them. Living in the northeast I miss the opportunity to grab a White castle burger. I’m not a big fast food consumer, but White castles are fresh off the grill unlike some of the other fast food crap burgers that are microwaved. Often Bagged cold with out the cheese melted. White castle doesn’t steam cook the burgers. They use steam to soften the buns and melt the cheese. I’ll trade all the burger kings in my area for a new White Castle.

  2. Ed

    First-off….they are NOT STEAMED! They are grilled!! They USED to steam the buns as a final presentation….they discontinued that practice years ago as time saving. Also in the late 60’s at a price of 12 to 14 cents per. a widowed mother of 6 small children could comfortably afford that and a stop at DQ for a 5 cent ice cream cone. Bottom line….you don’t like em…stay away and enjoy your 5 dollar cup of Starbucks!!!

  3. Eloy

    I grew up 2 blocks from White Castle Clifton New Jersey. We would go and get a bunch of burgers and cheeseburgers 25 cent 35 cent back then and go to the football game. I can not wait for them to open I will be taking the 3hour trip from Miami Beach to get my double cheeseburgers and the Chocolate milk shake. I remember you can turn those milkshakes upside down and they wouldn’t spill. I wish they would give out more info on exactly what date they will be opening I want to start making reservations. I love White Castles.

  4. Kevin Jacobs

    Grew up in NYC. Worked as a DJ in nightclubs in the 70’s and 80’s. Remember OBI? I stopped at the WC on Sunrise Hwy many nights on my way home but the closest to my house was on Francis Lewis Blvd. I just reconnected with a childhood friend who I haven’t seen in over 40 years. She lives in Orlando and I in J’Ville. We plan to reunite at the opening. It will be fun!!!

  5. Glenda

    Can’t wait wish we had an exact date tho I live in Ocala,Fl I was raised eating em from Louisville,Ky I’m ready for my late night rides

    1. K Wills

      I’m from the Bronx, and now live in Ocala. Can’t wait. They open tomorrow, according to another article I read.

  6. Jim Nicely

    I’m a WC craver from way back when in Indiana. Waiting patiently (!) for this Fla WC to open. Orlando here we come!!

  7. OMG!!! My dreams have come true. I moved to Florida 15 years ago from Detroit and have got to admit the only thing I miss is WC. I have always been hooked on those gut bombs since I was a kid. Before McDonalds and the other burger joints WC was one of the first. Thank you WC for granting my wishes. I need some onion chips to go with my 5 gut bombs.

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