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  1. Does anyone else out there see the problem in this? They want to track us like a bunch of cattle. From a biblical stand point this is not ok for anyone who is Christian knows what I am talking about.

    1. WoW

      Do you have a driver’s license?
      Do you pay taxes?
      Do you travel out of country?
      You’re already tracked. A record of your vaccinations isn’t different.

      1. Axelskater

        Paying taxes and driving unzips your RNA and replaces it with a protein? Okay then. This is a potentially damaging, and for some life altering medical procedure, not writing a check to the IRS. It also is not approved for anyone under 18 so…there is that, too.

        1. Breed

          Honey, nothing you’ve said is true, so there’s no need to worry about any of that garbage. You can’t even get your “facts” straight about the age thing. But please, keep showing the world how uneducated and unintelligent you are. I know you’ve been vaccinated many times throughout your life, so your misinformation is just that much more laughable. You’re very funny, little man.

      2. Chad

        HAHAHA ?

      3. Joanne Labasz

        A drivers license & taxes do not violate HIPPA laws!

      4. Jan

        There are Christians that don’t believe in vaccines and blood transfusions so what you’re saying is they can’t ever do anything. That is against the law to isolate specific groups of people due to religious beliefs! My Dr. suggested I not get the vaccine due to ingredient in it would react to my other medications. So I can’t ever go to Disney again either?? I see major lawsuits coming if they try to do that!

    2. Breed

      Sweetie, first of all, the Bible says NOTHING about “Christians” not following governmental guidelines. In fact, Jesus himself said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. In other words, do your civic duty by submitting to the government’s demands. Failure to do so means you are disobeying Jesus.

      Secondly, you’re using a device that tracks you far more efficiently and effectively than any vaccination record.

      I know you’re the kind of “Christian” who doesn’t care how her actions harm others — also disobeying Jesus there — so I know you’ll continue to ignore the advice of scientists while you endanger the health of others. Now, be a good little “Christian” girl and leave the discussion to the men, like the Bible says.

      1. M

        Sorry but HIPPA is a roadblock for this. We have been going to the parks since they opened. What part of not enough R & D has escaped everyone’s hysteria? We haven’t been living in fear.

      2. M

        For some this vaccine like the flu vaccine is not recommend. And with that not allowing them to visit are travel would be illegal as it would be against ADA. And yes 3 of my house hold is in that group. So this is a speculation that will be just that. And also they are not supposed to even ask medical history. Yes I have done my research as I am a parent of a medical needs child.

        1. P

          I don’t see them getting this by the HIPPA laws and ADA laws. There are so many people out there, grant it a small percentage that cannot get this or any other flu type shot because of an underlying condition or an allergic reaction. I myself cannot get the flu shot as I am severely allergic and could die.

      3. Ray

        Such a troll sweetie BREED.

    3. JustJessee

      Nope. Wont shed a tear not seeing anyone who refuses to comply with potential medical requirements like these in line with me. People can keep their fearmonger potpourri christianing when it suits their whims in their own home. Out in public we’ll follow science and allow it to improve according to the scientific method.

      1. Fast ss

        Just a word salad of logical fallacies. ?

      2. Htk

        Let’s follow science, I totally agree with you: what does science say about human genetics when comparing races? What does science say about pretending to be the opposite sex?

    4. Jeremy

      Just like after 9/11, travel will have to change. Those that don’t like it can choose not to go to places that require it. Nobody is forced to go to Disney and get a vaccine.

    5. Bryan

      You’re ok with giving them your fingerprints though?

    6. Jennifer

      I completely agree with you. I’m a Christian, but I do not go to church and am not a fan of organized religion. I am not the paranoid type to go around screaming that the Lord is coming soon and that it is the end times, but I predicted at the beginning of the shutdowns that this would soon be coming. When stores started refusing service for not wearing masks I kept telling everyone to just wait… we would eventually be forced into getting vaccines to be able to shop anywhere. It is a scary thought and I don’t consider myself a Bible-thumper. Anyone who is okay with the implementation of “Vaccine Passports” (religious or not) is being completely naive and obtuse.

    7. Joanne Labasz

      I do! It is a violation of my personal & bodily rights!

    8. Joanne Labasz

      Besides – a vaccination passport would be in violation of HIPPA regulations as it contains personal medical information

    9. Patches

      I see it as a problem until vaccines are available to children. I don’t think theme parks would want to limit who can attend until it’s easily obtained by anyone who chooses. Around here they “hope” to have it approved and available by the start of 2021/2022 school year. That’s still 8 months away

  2. M

    No one has taken in account that those who have T cell immunity do not need this. While B cell fades in 3 months T cell may provide immunity for years. Furthermore there has not been enough vetting. While the rest of tourist remained paranoid we have been going to this parks supporting them while you all merely existed in your bubbles. This has had 8 months R & D at best. If you trust this when there is no guarantee that you still can get Covid then good luck to you.

  3. LL

    Electronic medical records are already in use. What’s wrong with using the same concept for your shot record (only) so airlines, immigrations, and large social events can validate you’ve received a vaccination? No one’s going to mark your forehead or hand. I’m all for it if it will help us all get rid of these masks and social distance rules everywhere you go.

  4. Tamika

    I love Disney and my family and I have been quite a few times. But we will not return if they make it mandatory to have the vaccine. I respect anyone’s opinion on whether or not it’s safe. We all have the right to our own opinion. But I’m sorry, there hasn’t been enough research on this vaccine to make me feel like it’s totally safe. So I will not be taking it and I definitely will not let my child take it. I can’t let my child be a guinea pig. Because no one knows what effect this vaccine will have on our bodies five years from now. So as much as I will miss Disney, I just don’t think it’s worth gambling with an unknown “cure”. And I have a feeling Disney might lose a lot of business if they do this.

    1. Jen

      Same we won’t be able to return to Disney if they require a vaccine, my son has a vaccine medical exemption but we his parents do not because we never knew it would come down to us needing one as an adult. I also.worry that buisness will deny my son entry with his medical vaccine exemption like they do with his medical facemask exemption. We have a driving route planned incase it is just airlines that will require them but we also would be out of a ton of miles that we were given instead of a refund from this spring.

    2. Tom

      No one knows what effect COVID virus will have on your bodies five years from now either. But already there are widespread reports of long term damage to the lungs, heart and brain.
      Haven’t heard that about the vaccine yet.
      In the end you need to weigh the risks with the benefits.

  5. Elizabeth

    If a vaccine passport means that I can go to WDW for Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary with minimized worry, relaxed or removed mask rules, and parades, shows, and fireworks I am all for it. So many people complain about wanting to “get back to normal” but refuse to do the bare minimum to help get us back on that track- be it wearing masks, holding off on large indoor gatherings, or getting a vaccine that’s been proven safe and effective. As for Disney losing business if they do this, I’d wager they’d gain a lot of business (just because antivaxers/antimaskers are loud it does not even come close to meaning they’re the majority) and would be able to operate at a higher capacity anyways. Hopefully the vaccines start getting rolled out faster soon and this can be implemented in the coming months 🙂

  6. If they ask for proof of vaccination for covid then they should also ask about tuberculosis mantoux test prior to travel or updated chest xray if positive, hiv test, latest mmr vaccine, tetanus and pertussis vaccine, polio vaccine, herpes check, so hopefully you don’t get cold sores a lot. A skin check for scabies, lice, bed bugs, MRSA, vre which many people will pop positive for MRSA on their skin so they shouldn’t be allowed to fly or leave their house or likely live as they are all a hazard. Checked for any possible virus like a cold or flu which maybe common sense as you will likely be feeling sick anyway. Definitely can’t be positive for c diff that is highly contagious if you don’t practice good handwashing and have to sanitize toilets after every use so dont want them to be traveling. No traveling with pink eye either. I know there are so many other contagious and highly communicable diseases out there that I haven’t said that unless you are a hypochondriac you never gave a thought about before this plandemic bs so sure let’s get physicals before we live our lives again.

    1. P


    2. C H

      ^^^^ This ^^^^

  7. Joanne Labasz

    This is not only a violation of my personal rights – it violates HIPPA laws as it involves personal medical information.

  8. Tom

    Oh the comment section will be fun.

  9. Cheri

    Yay !

  10. Tamara Dowd

    They know everything about you anyway right down to what toilet paper you use. The problem is can we get the vaccine any time soon? Florida seems to be flip flopping as to where, when and who can get it. Very confusing and agrivating information.

  11. Mike

    This is totalitarian and unconstitutional…instead of holding China and Dems accountable for attacking the world with a bioweapon, they think they can mark us for Social Credit Score separation. Already seeing plenty of problems with the vaccine (total face droop) and the facts are that not even China is mandating flimsy face masks because they don’t work.(how come the numbers are going up in liberal mask cities?) Nope, they are hiding all the INFLUENZA number with CV19 (look up influenza….it seems to have disappeared, which is impossible after 3000 years) Disney and the rest said “15 days to flatten the curve”….and yet all the dem cities have the highest numbers of a virus that has 99.98% survival rate….all for the elections and mail in voter fraud.

    Can’t wait to read sheep comments who think they are gonna virtue signal me with their fake ass moral superiority.
    Wuhan celebrated the New Year with hundred thousand people in the streets and no masks. What does that tell you? ScamDemic using Controlvid-19

    1. LL

      I’ve received the Moderna vaccine so if I develop “face droop” I’ll let you know.
      I’m pretty sure if any private institution requires proof of vaccines that decision is protected by our constitution. It’s unlikely to come to that at a theme park, but several countries are looking at it. At this stage of the crisis I would prefer to travel to such areas.

  12. S

    So, i can choose to take my unvaccinated child (childhood vaccines) to Disney as long they got a covid vaccine? And which covid vaccine? The virus mutates like the flu, so no guarentees the vaccine will work if you survive it.
    Oh, and what about natural immunity? We get an app for that too?
    I forsee lots of business losing money, if this is implemented.

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