Comments for Near-Freezing Temperatures Prompt Universal to Shut Down Coaster

Hulk Coaster

Credit: Universal


  1. Mike

    I have been on Kingda Ka when it was in the 20s not sure why this would happen.

    1. CJQue

      No you have not been on KingdaKa in 20 degree temps. They absolutely do not operate Major coasters in such weather. Especially coasters going 100mph. Lmao. It always cracks me up how many people in the world make things up out of thin air, for no reason other than try and put another person (in this a company) down. No wonder why false or fabricated stories spread 600% faster on social media than the truth.

    2. Kristin Wood

      My husband and son have been on the Hulk and Fire and Ice(I know it’s a Harry Potter themed ride now, I can’t remember the new name), at least 100 times, there were at least a few times it was in the 30’s. We had AP passes for 15 years, and I prefer to go in the fall/winter, it’s miserable hot in the summer. I can’t ever remember any rides closed due to low temperatures.

  2. John rehak


  3. Keil Miller

    Timken wheel bearing grease is rated to -40f/c. It sounds like they are covering for something else. I mean, I rode my motorcycle the other day and it was 30f.

    1. Philip

      Universal doesn’t run Hulk or Rip Ride if it gets below a certain temperature because it causes the wheels to stick to the track. Doesnt have to do with the grease, has to do with the angles of.the turns and loops and how condensation effects the relation between the wheels and the track. It’s one of the reasons they do about 5 test runs before loading after it rains. I’ve worked for the company for 4 winters now and they do this every year. I use to work at NBC Sports where I had perfect view of both coasters and when it hit 45 degrees both would stop running.

    2. Phil

      Let’s not forget your motor cycle also has a motor which keeps it propelling forward. Coasters purely go off of momentum. You also aren’t driving upside down or at 90 degree angles.. Even if grease doesn’t freeze it does thicken at a specific temperature meaning that it wouldn’t be able to go at the speeds needed to keep momentum to go upside down and go up at the angles it goes up at.

  4. Rich Sell

    Over the Xmas 2020 holiday I was up at Hershey and this was right after they got hit with 2ft of snow , Temps were 25 degrees & there were zero coasters going. But when I went down to kings Dominion (Va) a few days after , they shut the dominator (steel) down when it hit 40 and the old rebel yell (wooden) when it hit 38.

    1. Phil

      It also has to do with the angles of the coasters and the materials of the wheels etc. Its specific to the coasters. They shut down hulk and rip ride but not Hagrid at anything colder than like 45-50 degrees.

  5. Phil

    Slow park news day? This happens every year multiple times a week with hulk and rip ride when it gets below 45-50 degrees.

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