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  1. John Sullivan

    Please stop this nonsense. It is destructive and a slap in the face of millions of Disney fans that voted for Trump. We own 500 DVC points. If Disney bends to this we will sell and never come back.

    1. Jacqueline Huckle

      This is madness..he tried to stop LUNITICS from world control…now satanic biden has reversed the Muslim Ban…I’m sure that’s going to work out well…Jeeeez ???

      1. Mary

        You are soo right.

      2. Christina Talerico

        If someone is sworn in as The President of the United States, then it is only fitting for them to be in the attraction. You cannot change history, just because of your own political views.

    2. Sue

      So true. And they wonder where all the hate comes from. They need to look in the mirror. If Disney does these I hope people would stop going. It’s people like this that want to change everything they want

    3. Leah

      We will also never return to the Communist Kingdom if Trump is removed

      1. Daddy Piranha

        You can always just get some Proud Boys together and overthrow Disney if you don’t get your way.

        1. ellyd

          Sadly, there is a chance you just gave Trumpers an idea 🙁 #removetrump

    4. Daddy Piranha

      Let me get this straight. Unless you get what you want, you’re going to boycott Disney? Man, you snowflakes with your cancel culture!

    5. Annie

      He was our President and voted in by the people! Stop this craziness cancel culture!

    6. I agree! These Marxist mellinial liberals are so brainwashed and hateful they dont even know their rear from their head!!

  2. KenG

    Once again the “Cancel Culture” is in full force!
    If Disney is going to keep the Hall of Presidents than they should ALL be there!
    Nixon resigned… Should he go?
    Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson both went through the impeachment process — Should they go too?

    The word is “History”!
    Otherwise, get rid of this attraction and make it into something else – which may not be a bad idea.
    Personally I’d like to see it more about the Colonial and Revolutionary time since that is the theme of Liberty Square – Then again we have the American Adventure over at Epcot.

    1. HG

      I agree. Stop it after President Lincoln or take it down altogether.

    2. Adele

      I agree , I cannot stand this cancel culture and censorship. Are they not self aware of their deeds none of that unifies the country. Disney 75,000,000 million people can’t be wrong,

      1. Max

        And yet they were.

      2. Beyonce

        You are absolutely right. Trump was president and he should remain there just like the others.

    3. Kellye

      Great suggestion about changing the attraction.

  3. Steve Sladek

    Totally ridiculous. Whether you liked him or not he was President. If we start removing everything someone doesn’t like there will be nothing left.

    1. Well said and true

    2. Chrissy

      That’s exactly what I was coming on here to say. They need to knock it off already!

  4. Anthony

    Why would Disney want to piss off 74,000,000 people that they need to come to the park and spend money. Considering what the left did to them in Disneyland I don’t think they can afford to do that

  5. Ken

    Eh, leave him. Not like it will ever speak. Tuck him in the back

    1. Barbara Vogt

      Like it or not , he WAS President! So please don’t censor history.

      1. Nick

        So, all of those people who decry bias and censorship are now advocating bias and censorship, typical.

        1. Bridget

          Well said, I have to use this if you don’t mind.

        2. Daddy Piranha

          So, all of those people who whine about the free market and how private businesses should be able to decide what they want on their own are now advocating forcing a business to comply. Typical.

      2. Nick

        So, all of those people who decry bias and censorship are now advocating bias and censorship, typical.

  6. Dj

    History is history. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it never happened. Trump was president for 4 years, get over it & move on. How about instead of trying to change history we learn from it and move on instead. How stupid!!!

    1. Karen

      So true, as long as they keep erasing history, we are bound to repeat it. They want to erase the holocaust as if it didn’t happen and hitler was a great leader. Their tearing down all confederate statues, how are the children going to learn what part they played and tried to keep slavery alive. Those statues are there as a reminder what the north fought for and never to forget, we are all God’s children.

      1. Teddy

        I’m confused; are you complaining that liberals want to erase the Holocaust? If so, you are wrong; that would be the fascists. And as for tearing down Confederate statues, that’s just fine; they were put up primarily in the 50s as a reply to the burgeoning civil rights movement. Children in Germany learn that Hitler was a horrible person without a single statue. That being said, I don’t favor removing the orange one from the attraction. It should either have all the presidents or none. But perhaps they could keep it from talking.

  7. Darth Pence

    Have the woeful Bill Clinton robot with a sign that says, “Impeached.”

    And then have the Trump robot next to him with a really smug face and a sign that says, “Impeached… TWICE!”

    1. PD


  8. I agree. History is history. He does not need to speak but he certainly does not deserve to be remove. He was president and needs to be in the hall. If Disney does remove him I will never again go into the display.

    1. Kami

      I glad to see so many people in favor of keeping history as it should be. It’s sad to see Disney so caught up in the nonessential “cancel culture” mentality of late, even going as far as to update many of their beloved rides and attractions. Apparently nothing in this country is neutral any longer. Keep catering to one side Disney and you’ll stand to lose a lot more than you fair too gain.

  9. WoW

    Can’t believe a second article has been written on this. I voted for him neither election, but he should remain on display (in the least prominent area possible).

  10. Rroe

    Disney needs to leave Trump alone since he was a legitimate President and did much for the county. What they really need to do is remove many of their Multimillion dollar overpaid CEO’s that do nothing but raise prices in order to pad their huge salaries even more.

  11. Liz

    Disney will not remove any president as that would be changing history! What about a bunch of entitled millennium, “if they don’t like, they want just erase it,” wth!

  12. Deb Mantey

    I suppose those calling for his removal are the same people who want all of our historical statues removed as well. Disgraceful! You can not remove history by removing articles. If you are going to have a hall of presidents then ALL presidents should be in it. Period!

  13. Sherri Therrien

    This family of five loves going to Disney! Should President Trump be removed, we would never step foot in Disney again. President Trump served as president…a great president and should still be president. For those that don’t like Trump, they should not go to his home state. Republicans had to endure the face of Obama on that stage! Keep Trump.

  14. Sherri

    This family of five loves going to Disney! Should President Trump be removed, we would never step foot in Disney again. President Trump served as president…a great president and should still be president. For those that don’t like Trump, they should not go to his home state. Republicans had to endure the face of Obama on that stage! Keep Trump.

    1. Bridget

      Now we are talking. Except Obama is still there so your comment should read Republicans HAVE to endure the face of Obama on that stage!

  15. You can’t change history and you shouldn’t. Please do NOT censure the hall of presidents. Please do NOT allow the opinions and bias of the media to change the hall of presidents. ALL presidents are to be represented.
    Disney should stay out of politics!!!!

  16. There will always be those who did not vote for a president that will ask for this after every election. Nowadays there seems to be more pandering to those who throw the biggest tantrum. Please Disney do the right thing. Not everyone wins every time. The small percentage of those who want this will get over it and that will be a teaching opportunity to that part of the population as how to deal with what they deem as a loss. Sometimes Disney attractions are closed for a short period of time for refurbishments. Disney will decide what needs to be the final product. We the paying majority of fans would not want some folks dictating what history should look like in their opinion to the entire population.

  17. Bob

    Donald Trump should remain in the hall of presidents at wdw. He was the 45th president. That is simply history, and cannot be changed. Those who want him removed should learn to accept reality and deal with it.

  18. Remove that awful trump from hall of presidents asap! We haven’t gone to it since the day you installed him! Will resume when he is gone!

  19. Linda

    Not all Presidents were like at some point, it’s history. Remove one, remove ’em all and close the show. Disney should not play in politics.

  20. Mary Dougher

    What a bunch of ignorant people. President Trump is the Best President of the USA, who put the USA FIRST. (as all great world leaders should do). When our country is successful, we can help others. . President Trump is Our Great Protector. Independence and freedom is what immigrants come to the USA for. Open borders provide no protection against predators or sickness. We wouldn’t leave our doors open in a bad neighborhood. Law and order matters. Good parents teach law and order in the home to protect their children. Their good choices in their lives bring happiness to them. President Trump needs to be celebrated.

    1. Daryl

      If anything they should remove Biden. Impeached after a day and a cheater too.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Daryl, got a source that Biden was “impeached”? That would be something. Someone should let him know. And have the senate get ready for the trial.
        Or maybe just have you retake high school civics.

    2. Daddy Piranha

      Yeah, the Capitol insurrection was really “law and order”. I teach kids to respect democracy. Guess it isn’t for everyone, eh Mary?

  21. Sandi

    Most ridiculous thing I have read in awhile and to think that you would even consider catering to a bunch of horrible brats , that just want to cancel everyone that doesn’t think like them? President Trump was one of the best Presidents in history with the things he accomplished and in just 2 days in office President Biden has undone and destroyed so many peoples life’s, that perhaps you should consider not putting Biden in? I bet if we all voted on “who” deserved to be in, more than 1/2 wouldn’t make the cut! DISNEY needs to STOP trying to be so political and stick to entertainment!

    1. Mary


    2. Mary

      Adding Political doom and gloom to Disney doesn’t make it the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH….

  22. Wanda Jensen Me

    This is getting out of hand. Biden wants unity yet everyone is wanting anything Republican taken away. Disney needs to make a statement like we respect everyone’s opinions but we are not going to get into this dividing of our country. They already blew it with Kapernick.

  23. Mary

    Kapernick and AoO along with theiAOC’s puppies Peloci and Schumer ought to take a slow boat to China with the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION before they do any more damage to OUR COUNTRY.

  24. Shay Calhoun

    This is ridiculous! He was the President of the United States. Asking to remove him from the Hall of Presidents just because you didn’t like him or his stance on politics does not give you the right to remove the title of President nor the right to deny him the honor of being a President in an attraction. If you don’t like him, then don’t go into the attraction. Grow up people… you can’t get rid of everything you don’t like.

    1. Mary

      Agreed !

  25. Mary

    The Trump animated figure lacks resemblance to Our Great President Trump……much improvement is needed. He definitely needs to stay, He stands out as the BEST PRESIDENT THE USA EVER HAD. HE PUT USA FIRST.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Definitely. The animatronic hands are too big, BMI too low, and the hair looks too real. Even worse, it never puts its foot in its mouth! Looks nothing like the former president.

      1. Chrissy

        Omg, Daddy Piranha, I’m scrolling through the comments and see that you have commented to just about everybody’s comment that you don’t like. Settle down and find something else to do. Why don’t you go sign the petition.

        1. Daddy Piranha

          Because triggering conservative snowflakes is more entertaining than a useless petition. I can recommend some balm for that hurt butt.

  26. dave

    if they take president trump out of the hall of presidents and put biden in i will never go to the magic kingdom again.

  27. Tamara Dowd

    Hahaha, you people that want to destroy everything you don’t like. Don’t look, don’t go and who CARES! Grow up. You’re not the only ones in the world. Shame on you.

  28. Bridget

    Removing Trump only shows the dictatorship in Disney World CEO’s and should be called Hall of Disney’s Favorite Presidents. With Disney getting more involved in Politics it’s becoming more of battleground and less of a “magical place” and will lose supporters.

  29. Sue

    You can’t just remove History no matter what side you are on. History is History …You should not be able to change it just because it makes someone uncomfortable. People just need to chill out!

  30. Daddy Piranha

    Yeah, well, they don’t have Jefferson Davis up in the attraction either. When you’re an insurrectionist that led an uprising of traitors, people tend to not want to honor you.

  31. Cancel culture at work. Disney has a history of bowing the knee to these lunatics. Thank you DVC members that are standing up to this. Cancel culture: you can’t change history. We know the truth. Donald Trump had a great many accomplishments in four years. I’m offended by the figure, because it obviously has Hillary Clinton’s face. The Republican voice will not be silenced.

    1. LB

      I will never go into the Hall again because of Trump. He did too many horrific things to list here. I think Disney should just retire that show anyway.

  32. Angie

    Seriously people and Disney. I just came back from Disney World today. I was in The Hall of Presidents on President Donald J. Trumps last day in office. I videoed him talking and I literally cried. How can Disney even let this topic come up? We have been DVC Members for 21 years with 1100 points. A comment to Disney. If you remove President Donald J. Trump from The Hall of Presidents then, my Family will remove ourselves from DVC and Disney and I repeat if Disney removes Trump then, we are done with Disney. Grab a back bone and be there for your fans. Do not be like those BAFOONS in DC and turn your back against Americans. SMH at this topic 😡

  33. Tony

    WAKE UP DISNEY! The left so called “cancel culture” with the help of Gavin Newsom is literally killing your business in what used to be the great state of california, and you want to cater to these people? No matter how much they want things to be their way and ONLY their way, (their real idea of “unity”), It’s not fact and not going to be fact. DO NOT bow before these radicals and alter history. President Trump belongs there as much as the rest of them. Show some backbone and stay true to history. Otherwise you will lose the respect of probably half the country, if you haven’t already.

  34. DisneyFanatic

    This cancel culture has to end. Half the country voted for Trump. All Americans should have a voice. We also have to stop retconning history.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      “22% of the country voted for Trump.”

  35. Lori

    Really, can they leave this man alone. He has done more than any other president for the people. He only has/had our best interest in mind. People want peace and unity but just keep on with hate, has it actually reached Disney?!? I always thought this would be the only place on earth where you can relax and forget about all your worries. Let’s keep Disney out of politics and let Disney do what it does best….making happy memories.

  36. Paula O

    The Hall of Presidents should include all duly elected Presidents of the United States of America, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

  37. JB Ross

    I am an Independent, so by nature, I do not like the GOP or the Democrats. I spent most of my life as a Democrat and ultimately left the Party because the “Party of tolerance” has NO tolerance for anyone thinking differently than them. My statement to Disneyland is it is high time the tail quit wagging the dog. I do not care for many of Trumps ways, but he was still the President. History cannot change that. Trump needs to remain in the Hall of Presidents. Not liking him, or even hating him, does not change that.

  38. bob

    This is exactly why cancel culture has got out of control. Why are you giving credence to twitter comments and bringing it in the spotlight with this article on the hall of presidents exhibit.. Over 7 billion people in this world and you can find crazy people who hate or have a problem with every single thing in the world including the sun and moon. Take an official disney voting poll and do not let hateful political biased twitter comments act like they speak for everyone in the world.

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