Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Is Primed to Introduce a Weapon Deadlier Than the Darksaber

dark ahsoka mortis

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Sal

    No duh there are weapons deadlier than the darksaber. We’ve already seen one in canon that killed the daughter and father who are pretty much immortal except for that weapon. Instead of using a very stupid title intended for mandalorian watchers only, use something not so blatant and stupid. The darksaber is a lightsaber that is black and has cool sounds and a story, nothing else. Instead say “Star Wars is primed to show us one of their most deadliest weapons yet” I appreciate the time that you put into your article but people need to realize that the darksaber is as deadly as any other Lightsaber. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  2. Sal

    Sorry for the other comment but I see that your article is good but the title is not the best. The Mortis dagger has been in Star Wars for years so anyone who doesn’t know what it is is an old head who only watched the movies or a millennial or watches Star Wars for Grogu. Thank you and have a good day.

  3. m

    I love RDJ but he needs to stay far away from Thrawn. He is NOT right for the part.

  4. A L

    The Darksaber is just a black lightsaber. It’s as simple as that, there’s nothing special about it that makes it better than a regular lightsaber, and the handle and blade design of it could even be considered a downgrade to a regular, tubular lightsaber. The Mortis Dagger, however, is cool and all, but there’s always the looming figure that many yet few know about concerning the Celestials: The Mother, Abeloth.
    I’m just waiting and hoping we get to see some adaptation of that story, or even a slight nod to the creature. Good luck getting that past Disney, though… certainly either a hard PG-13 or a soft R for that rating.

  5. KiraXan

    Lars is Thrawn, not RDJ… only other excellent Thrawn would be Marc Thompson, as he has an incredible voice, but doesn’t look Thrawn enuff (unless Lars who has lovely cheekbones and forehead). Maybe Marc can be Eli Vanto, because we need to know what and how our space cowboy is doing in chiss space, especially once Thrawn brings Ezra there to assist with the ozyley’ese’hembo “skywalkers” ….?

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