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galaxy's edge timeline

Credit: Disney (background image)/Lucasfilm (timeline)


  1. Aaron Bregel

    In the Star Wars cannon, Anakin did visit Battu where he met Admiral Thrawn before he was an admiral. This does open the door to other characters and other timeframes visiting.

    1. John Sharpe

      You’re kinda the target market they dont need to curry interest from… I’m just guessing.

  2. Darth Notices

    How come when commenters on this board had the exact same idea a long time ago, it didn’t get an article? But when Nerdist writes about it, oh, NOW it’s a good plan?

    Nerdist is correct but also not the first to think of this. It’s a very obvious solution that would bring some real personality to Star Wars land. But hey, let’s give all the credit to the celebrity driven website. Those guys at Nerdist are SO smart (a year and a half later) for coming up with a concept as clever as, “if thirsty, drink water.”

    1. Lefty

      Dont worry. I got ya covered. Heres a cookie for ya 🍪.

    2. Pete

      Back then it wasn’t an idea that anyone in Disney was thinking of seriously. Now that they want to float the idea they get Nerdist for an article and Inside the Magic ti make an article talking about it.
      Overall it really is a good idea to revamp the SWGE lands for other time periods. A Seasonal shifting is a great idea, as long as they shift the eras around each year.

    3. Htk

      This is exactly on point. It speaks volumes about the times we live in.

  3. Shawn

    This is such a “I wish” versus a real article with an awful lot of supposition.

  4. Lisa K

    For me, even better (though likely $$$ prohibitive), turn all of Disneyland into that galaxy far far away.

  5. mike murphy

    Maybe they should have kept the original plan of tattoine instead wanted to have a drink at most Eisley cantina but KK tried to force there inferior characters down our throats even the old star wars weekends with OT characters was better than galaxies edge mybson got to fight Darth Vader when he was like 10 at there Jedi academy he loved it no one really likes there new characters they should just admit the screw up and switch it and they would sell out

    1. John Sharpe

      Agreed 100%

  6. Darth Notices

    Talkin’ ’bout character interactions…

    Has anybody ever gone to Star Wars Land WITHOUT a kid and tried talking to Rey? She totally ignores you. EVERY time. She only talks to children.

    Like literally NO approach works.
    Friendly: “Hi, Rey!” / Curious: “What’s up, Rey?” / In Character: “Rey, I have a message from Maz!” / Touristy: “Hello, may I have picture please?” / Creepy: “Hey, Rey, I gots some yummy yub-nub candy in my Sandcrawler, wanna see?”

    But seriously, you can be totally alone, away from any busy crowds, on a totally slow day, looking like the typical, nice happy Disney couple in Mickey & Minnie T-shirts and she will walk right by you to FIND a confused child who doesn’t know who she is over a football field away rather than turn her head for a hello at two adults.

    Chewie, on the other hand, always waves.

    1. Chewie is the only good character there

      Same for Kylo Ren – when I was standing right in front of him wearing a Kylo Ren t-shirt. I tried repeatedly to engage him, got totally ignored as he walked around greeting only kids and then literally got physically shoved aside by a Stormtrooper.

      Never went back to that side of Galaxy’s Edge again.

      But you’re right, Chewie is great and engages with everyone.

  7. carly

    girl can you PLEASE stop spreading this rumor?? like i don’t know how many times we’re gonna have to tell you this is fake before you honestly get a clue. please stop spreading this falseness.

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