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  1. Matt

    I think your social media experiences are different than Kelly’s. You are the troll attacking her online and she is the one receiving the abuse and hatred, so it’s hard for me to care what you have to say, as expert testimony on mental health from Dr. Troll

    1. Jay

      Matt, I agree that she SHOULD NOT be attacked in the way that she is. But, I do believe that she needs a reality check. The reason she was sidelined was due to the fact that her characters had very little personality, or background fleshed out in TLJ. She just wasn’t that interesting to many fans. And, she started going on about it being a social justice issue without any realization of a possible seperate reason.

      Not defending certain attracts, but the reason why many dislike her.

      1. Shaheed Mohammed

        I agree. I dont condone personal attacks, but attacks on the character she played is fair game. Here character was not good, nor developed and ultimately hurt Finn’s development.

    2. Jim

      You can’t get attacked on social media unless you allow it… turn it off and move on. Can’t we just enjoy an effing movie without bringing “woke”, social Justice into it? When did people get so hyper sensitive to what others, whom they don’t even know, may be critical? There are always going to be critics..but in my day, we had enough self confidence to not give a crap what people said about us/to us…. So sick of EVERYTHING being viewed through the social justice lense… grow the eff up!

    3. Lance

      Shut up you race baiting piece of human waste. All I hear from you clowns is waa. Dial1800crybaby and grow up.

    4. Ricky

      >To see more of what is being said on Twitter, simply search “Star Wars” on the social media website.

      Whoa, hit tip, there. That’s the kinda hard-hitting entertainment journalism I’m here for. 🙄

  2. Gongo

    The people attacking the Star Wars Twitter over “not doing enough” for a simple decent response to MLK day are ultimately the same as the garbage that attacked Tran and Boyega. Low self-esteem trash that get off pretending to matter online.

    1. Jay


    2. Jim C

      amen to that.

    3. Meltigger

      Nailed it totally. Never seen so many overly sensitive babies over a simple message and quote. Nothing wrong with the tweet just people’s attitude.

  3. J Mac

    “George Lucas would never minimize a role of a character.”

    Uhhh ever hear of Jar Jar? George created him, audience hated him, then that character was pretty much side lined going forward.

    And all of this was before the invent of Twitter… #JustSaying

    1. Steven Irizarry

      there is a clear distinction…Jar Jar was the foundational reason for Palpatine’s rise to power, in many ways he was given a LARGER role within the mythology despite declining screentime.

      TROS did everything possible to not only minimize rose’s role in the movie…it ended up going as far as to ignore the themes that she introduced.

      gone are any references to space capitalism fueling the first order war machine…all of it replaced with “Palpatine was behind it all…not space capitalism”

      1. Todd

        What a load of crap. Talk about bending over backwards to make your illogical point!

        I was going to make the same point about Lucas dumping Jar Jar after all the negative responses to the character, because it is a direct factual counter to the incorrect tweet quoted in this article. Lucas absolutely would dump a character that nobody likes — ANY filmmaker interested in actually making money on their films would.

        Take yourself out of your self-imposed bubble and realize that movies are created in order to make money. The whole reason JJ had to go through gyrations in TROS was to undo all the terrible choices and writing that was done in TLJ. As uneven as TROS was, I cannot imagine just how horrendous it would have been if he instead doubled-down on the garbage TLJ brought us.

    2. Ed Ross

      I’m envious of the alternate reality you live in where Jar-Jar was sidelined. Did he become a senator and vote to establish the empire or something?

      1. E. Norma Stitts

        He had 17:45 of screen time in Episode I, and then 2:15 in Episode II, and a whopping 0:15 in Episode III. No need to be envious of anyone else – clearly you are already living in an alternate reality.

  4. Bill Kilpatrick

    This is a food fight over past resentments. Disney sort of walked into it when overplayed their hand. It’s one thing to honor Dr. King. It’s another to use the holiday to pat yourself on the back and claim you’re out fighting for racial justice in a galaxy far away. Disney was asking for trouble when it set itself up as a model for social justice warriors.

    That said, these twitter critics need to get a grip. These last three films were woker than the six before them. There was more screen time for non-white characters, female characters and the LGBTQ. The bad guys were white. There were more major players who were female. There were more discussions about toxic masculinity.

    John Boyega is a huge crybaby. I, too, was disappointed he didn’t get more development in the final film, but he certainly got more screen time (throughout the trilogy) than Billy Dee Williams ever got. Nobody has a civil right to more screen time. His character had prominent roles in the first two films. If he got slighted in the third film, that’s but one of its many mistakes.

    As for Kelly Marie Tran, she wasn’t even in the first film. Her big arc was in the second film, where she embodied the virtue of commitment, having lost someone in the film’s opening battle and sacrificed herself for the film’s closing battle. It wasn’t entirely clear, at the end of 8 whether she had survived Finn’s rescue.

    Did Disney drop the ball when its new heroes got attacked on Twitter. Sure, but so what? Twitter wasn’t something even Lucas had to contend with when he made the first six films. After spending four billion to buy the rights to Star Wars, Disney found itself in uncharted waters when different generations of Star Wars fans initiated their own period of civil war in cyberspace.

    There were bound to be some culture shocks, when Disney restarted Star Wars a decade after the sequels, launching on the quicksand left behind by the Prequels. When you look at the eruption over 8 (which, to my thinking, took far more risks than 7), it’s not surprising that 9 turned out to be more conservative in tone. They tightened the main characters, retconned Luke and the big reveals that went over like a lead balloon, brought back Palpatine, laid Leia to rest, brought back Han to save Ben, gave us a Star Wars without a Death Star, and brought the whole thing to a landing.

    I found chunks of it unwatchable, but other parts were glorious. Given everything Star Wars had to contend with, and all the ways this thing could implode, there was no way it was going to be the wokest of Star Wars installments. Rose Tico got as much screen time as she going to get in 8. It wasn’t about her. Boyega was disappointed he didn’t play a bigger role in 9. I was, too, but this social media version of the 95 Theses was not the behavior of a superstar, nor was the profanity-laden exchanges with anonymous Star Wars fans. Welcome to the big boy club where nobody gets everything they want. Some have the professionalism to fight the good fight and roll with the punches when you get what you get.

    1. Bob Novak

      Amen… Mimics my thoughts very closely.

      1. Ron Obvious

        Perhaps Bill expresses your thoughts. But unless he is a mind reader, I highly doubt he mimics them.

    2. WhyAmIHere

      Bill, when it comes to the first part of your comment i have this to say. When people gå to the cinema to watch a movie, people don’t want to be lectured about social justice or whatever. Personally when I go to watch a movie i want to see a good interesting and well made movie. like tho old star wars movies. The movie shouldn’t have (for example) a black protagonist just to get those twitter points. Which a fair bit of movies do.
      Otherwise your comment was good, you can have your own opinion. Have a great day

    3. Ed Ross

      When you’re as good as John Boyega was in Force Awakens, you have a civil right to more screen time. That should be an amendment. He carried that movie and it worked against impossible odds. No arguments on Billy Dee. I’d watch 10 trilogies about Lando Calrissian.

      1. Meltigger

        An actor has no “right” to claim something that is not theirs. If a story carries the character to further the story then the character is shown. An actor’s job is make the absolute most of whatever role you have. Always keep them wanting more. That doesn’t mean you get more but if fans want more you did the job you were paid to do. Some characters carry the story while others are blips. You get the script before you act so crying foul after the show or movie release is nothing more than whining.

  5. Bob Novak

    The problem I have with this narrative is those three movies are NOT about either of their characters. Period, get over it. This is equivalent to the R2-D2 guy complaining he never got a speaking role or they failed to show his emotional side. Second, the topic of these movies were not social justice, racial equality, or any other SJW touchstone. It doesn’t take a high school education to figure that out.

    I had NEVER heard of either of these actors prior to their involvement in SW. I liked both their characters and thought they added some complexity and depth to the overall story. But I didn’t miss or need some long story arc involving their characters’ epilog. I didn’t care for the treatment some fans gave Kelly, and honestly I found it disappointing. But this narrative that almost sounds like Disney victimized these two is ridiculous.

    If memory serves, Daniel Craig.. a far better and established actor than either of them… Only got a 15 second role with a helmet on the whole time. I for one would have been appreciative of just that, let alone a major role in all three movies.

    Get over yourself and stop drinking your own kool aid.

  6. Jay

    The backlash is ridiculous. I appreciate the article pointing out that there is a divide and what’s going on right now while also not taking a “side”. I believe that the mandalorian has come to show that there isn’t really an issue of diversity… The movies just weren’t that good, nor the characters.

    I guess we could ask Pedro Pascal, Giancarlo Esposito, Ming-Na Wen, Carl Weather’s, Temuera Morrison, Sasha Banks, or Rosario Dawson about their experiences with Lucas Films…🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Jr

    Both of those characters were not good! Especially Tran! Worst ever! Boohoo! Grow up. This new weak govt not gonna protect you. Acting like star wars and Disney owe them something. How about u go earn it! Can’t stand you cry babies

  8. Brian DeVries

    You all take this stuff FAR too seriously. Quit finding meaning where there isn’t. This is absurd.

    1. Scott

      OMG, please spare me the whiny crybaby SJW bullshirt!

  9. Anonymous

    I think those three movies sucked because of the writing there is no character development they basically just bashed the old characters made them seem pathetic and old to make way for the new Heroes type scenario only most of the new characters we’re about as interesting as painting drywall it’s not the actors fault it’s more of Kathleen Kennedy and it director’s and then some fans blaming the actors for making the movies and the trilogy Horrible it’s not their fault they did what they were told they got paid and the movies were bad I just want to move on and pretend like those movies don’t even exist the only reason why the cast from the Mandalorian doesn’t have a bad experience with lucasfilm is because Dave filoni and Jon Favreau have complete control and Kennedy has no control over the what’s going on that being said fans should just leave the actors from those three sequel movies alone

  10. God

    Twitter replies is not backlash it’s just opinions of small group of people.

  11. Odinsatanas

    I mean to be fair, every aspect of last jedi got sh** on because it’s a terrible movie. I didn’t like her character at all because she had no bearing on the plot, the whole forcing people to stay on the ship thing was really brutal and oppressive, her naive ideas on the casino planet seemed childish since only the slaves would face repercussions from the damage they caused.. aaaand ramming into finn so he couldn’t sacrifice himself to save the resistance, almost killing him, to have a cringey kiss..was REALLY dumb. It had nothing to do with her gender or race. I’m married to a chinese woman, I have nothing against asians, it’s silly to just lower it to that when you’re critiquing a film.
    Now I’m sure there were racist douchebags critizicing the role, and that’s horrible.
    Same with Holdo, man or woman her plan was godawful and caused a mutiny because she wouldn’t just explain what the plan was and came across as either a villain or intentionally antagonistic.
    But I also hated luke’s portrayal, and turning the first order into goofy comedy bits. It was all awful haha.
    But at the end of the day it was just an awful movie, noone should ever go after the actors or harass them when it was entirely Rian johnson’s script and direction at fault.
    I don’t get why its disney’s fault though that there’s racist xenophobic a**holes out there, I don’t really like disney either but this seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Finn definitely got shafted I totally agree with that. His backstory and characterization completely stalled after FA.

    1. BeardoPrime

      …in my opinion.

      There, fixed it for you.

  12. I have this to say! I am pretty much sick of the racism! But not this so called racism that is being pushed here. But the racism that says I must be included, cast, hired! not because of my qualifications, talent or the fact the individual who wrote the story without censorship. Wrote it with a complete different person of race in mind. But because of my race! Not only should I be hired but because of my race I should have much larger part in the production. That was intended for my character! Also if that can not be done, then we must change the story to write in a character of my race! People need to step back and see they are the ones pushing racism! It seems today the definition only applies to one race! While everybody else has “carte blonche ‘ to not only be racist but publicly be so in the media! This was not what Martin Luther had a dream for! He had a dream about a time when regardless of your race black, white, brown or green was even considered. But rather that who you were as a individual was all that was taken into consideration. Somewhere people went off track and decided racism is a good thing! But only when I can use it to my benefit! I guess the next complaint should be how come their were no caucasion people of consequence in the movie Black Panther! Or How come a caucasion was not considered for the role of the Black Panther! Well obviously the character was written for a black character. But why was this not questioned. Like every other movie or character that becomes iconic or popular in pop culture today! Because honestly that’s what it has come to and it’s absolutely rediculous and shameful! Martin Luther King Jr would not be proud! He fought his whole life against this kind of social injustice! So sad indeed.

    1. Amen brother! I could not of said it any better myself! I was beginning to think I was the only same person left in society. Think God I am not alone in seeing the blatant racism that these so called racial justice fighters spew out on a daily basis and nobody has the balls anymore to call them out on it.

    2. Eytt


    3. Meltigger

      I agree whole-heartedly! I teach my kids not to see skin color as anything more than the beauty God made them. It is horrible how much ground has been lost in the area of seeing people as people. Stop using race as a reason to quantify bad behavior, or good behavior. How we present ourselves in all situations should not be determined by the shade of our skin but the character and intentions of our heart. We are all created equal but many forget to treat each other that way.

  13. Richard Kimmell

    There are thousands of vagabond actors, struggling from role-to-role to eke out a living, who would kill to be a part of one of the biggest film franchises in history. Grow up and count your blessings – or get the hell out of the business.

  14. Joe Biden

    Alas, no one cares. Wait… thats a good thing in this case.

  15. They don’t have to worry anymore. The Star Wars Franchise is dead. It was killed by horrible writing and poor decision-making. People used to stand in line for two weeks before a movie. People used to buy billions of dollars in toys after movie. The movies were turn to social justice warrior movies, And you know how much people love being lectured to in fantasy movies, while paying $$. Brilliant!

  16. Annoyed

    Finn basically saved the Galaxy and John Boyega thinks his character was sidelined? This attitude is why Trump was successful. Tweeting shame on you Disney for quoting MLKJ is not going to solve racism people. Do something that can actually help. Fight for election reform. Disney isn’t going to solve this problem. Or we can just keep attacking our allies. The far right is not the only one dividing us.

    1. Ed Ross

      It’s Star Wars. Everyone presses a button that saves the galaxy ever 10 minutes. If you’re holding a light saber in the first movie and you’re not related to Darth Vader by blood or marriage in the third movie, you got sidelined.

  17. EricJ

    In retrospect, it IS unfair that fans picked on Tran out of their rage with Last Jedi–
    As I recall, it was only because most of us didn’t yet know that Rian Johnson had a Twitter account. Otherwise, we could have saved a lot of time.

  18. Kent

    Leave it to SJWs to destroy a franchise. Same thing with football and sports and anything else that shows love of country.

    1. weebil

      football and sports don’t show love of country. sounds like you need a stint in one of the socialist reeducation camps biden will soon build.

  19. Look, I invented the Star Wars franchise, invented Darth Vader, Yo!Duh, O.B. Juan Kennoby, and did you see the first one? The only African-American characters were clothed all in black wearing face masks. I invented the modern meaning of the word “inclusive” from a math term (and “exclusive” that nobody remembers). I’ve been fighting these racists since I was 8 years old, drinking out of “the wrong” water fountain. I just want to tell everybody who has been hurt by Star Wars stories and characters that I am sorry for their loss and I will try and make it up to you in the future–if I get the chance. New people are taking over.

  20. Ryan Bollinger

    Please all you people complaining don’t even know what you are talking about. You are just a bunch of cry baby milinials that want to cry racism to hear your own voice and cause drama over something that isn’t even there. Grow up and grow a pair.

  21. Z

    You’ve wrote an article about random twitter accounts bashing the sw twitter account… Top-notch journalism. I am the fool that I read it.

  22. Goose


    1. Wander McMooch

      And awoman.

      1. Grogu


  23. Darth Jar Jar

    As a person of color, who acknowledges that white people are not the highest income earners in America(Asians are), who also acknowleges that whites are the largest consumers in welfare…just here to say political correctness doesn’t work. There is no hard objectetive evidence that controlling speech and freedom of expression such as film making works. Controlling speech doesn’t bring about equal outcomes via equal opertunity. This narrative that people of color are victims at birth only perpetuates racism in the worst possible way. By using our phenotypes as an indicator for future success or failures or as an indicator for anything really is one of the most annoying and racist things one can do. As a person of color shame on anyone who does this.

  24. Harry

    The reason why the last several movies have been weak is because the cast is diluted to befit the PC checkboxes. There is more diversity than ever in star wars and people gripe more than ever.Don’t like it? Make your own masterpiece

  25. Stop Whining

    Hilariuos how SJW social media bullies cry when things don’t go there way.

    The movies and characters were terrible, sorry people didn’t like them but were supposed to just because your Asian or black…..news flash jamming WOKE nonsense doesn’t work.

    Someone said star wars is dead….think again. Favroe removed SJW nonsense and the mandalorian is a huge success causing like 20 spinoff tv and films.

    Oh and why was it ok to bully Gina Carano? Oh because she’s white and you didn’t agree with her……no outrage there

  26. LordPadriac

    So not for nothing but outside of some MAGA Chud, Qanon, white supremist douchebags who probably are pissed off about non-white characters in Star Wars – it’s not about race. The characters and the films just sucked. There was no real character development and there were plot lines just dropped in mid-air. Other plot lines that depended on knowledge of the decades of canon material Darth Mouse insists is not canon anymore were picked up mid-air with no previous mention and then took a left turn from what those things meant in the previous canon leaving everyone not knowing what the hell was going on. Sorry Tran but your character was awful.

  27. Disappointed star wars fan

    Kelley Marie Trans and John Boyegas characters sucked. Its not because of their race or because “white misogyny” its because crappy writing resulted in shallow characters that didn’t have a purpose or arc that is interesting. Not that the potential for that wasn’t their-it was, especially in Boyegas case. A bloated and “diverse” cast made it nearly impossible to create complex and relatable characters and was 1 big missed opportunity. Point is, star wars-and real life- is not as racist and messed up as most people think-poor writing and diversity requirements created the misplaced animosity toward the actors-the blame belongs on Rian Johnsons and Kathleen Kennedys shoulders. Like ffs if you include an actor ya gotta commit and not just include them to check diversity boxes.

  28. Nikfit

    Trans character was just boring and unimportant, just making her important because of background is ridiculous, however so much more could have been mined from boyegas character. His story was rich with material they could have done so much with Finn, hell they could have made a movie about him alone!

  29. Sorry! me don’t understand… I thought a character portrayed was based on the actor’s presence in the audition not for their colour or nationality. Am I hitting the wrong wall here or has some actors began bickering again. I don’t expect all things to be totally nice in the Star Wars camp sitting around eating marsh mellows singing songs but I do think that sometimes when a character gets written whether it be Asian or native American … If the character is black then cast a black actor if the character is mixed race then cast a mixed race actor. To me it all sounds like the writer didn’t give enough focus and now somebody is crying? I do understand that.

    Sincerely Mabs.

  30. lukesreturn

    ok.first thing..I hated the last 3 movies..and my reason for this is because of bad writing and for the most part a director that seemed to no very little
    to nothing about S.W. and I’m not going to even start about the fact that Kennedy is always pushing her agenda. 2nd reason is because of the way mark Hammel s character (Luke obviously) was treated.. it took me 2 tries to get thru episode 8 because it was so ridiculous..and ep 9 I still dont think I ever watched from beginning to end. I mean I no everything that happened because I read up on it. but I was too disappointed and angry that they killed Luke off.no to mention the fact that u never got a scene with Luke,leah,han solo,chewbacca and dont forget lando..what a missed opportunity. how did they let that slip thru there fingers .I couldn’t believe it and i think most diehard fans like myself feel the same way.
    Now to address all woke SJW stuff and ofcourse racism. now personally I think that your getting payed to do a job in a super competitive industry and consider yourself lucky u were even involved and shut up and entertain me.. dont no why people think actors and actresses opinion mean so much.. why do u think these people know what’s best for the rest of us or what’s best for us as a nation . no I dont think so.if anything a majority of celebs. dont live in the real world so it’s easy for them to spew there ideology then jump in the limo and run home to there house in the hills and yes it sucks racism still exists..and it probably always will unfortunately. if anything we should strive to do better as individuals.dont forget we finally stood up to the poIice .I think that was a step in the right direction at least it was till the looting and burning cars and businesses started.but I’m going to wrap this up and finsh with saying I’m all for equality and equal rites for all.. but unfortunately that’s not what the left wants. Kennedy is a perfect example she doesn’t want equality she wants to replace people and take the roll or position and become the thing that was supposedly the problem in the first place. so how r we gona come together when people like her r just looking to replace and prohibit white males from lead roles or any position of power killing off r favorite characters or changing lead rolls to weak and pathetic characters..but anything but white males because were so toxic.fortunately it isn’t gona work as people r waking up and as we have seen with the Rey character. the fans want Luke back and Kennedy knows it and is doing everything she can from letting him return or God forbid get a spinoff after the success of the character showing up on the mandalorian, and when she isnt busy trying to destroy a 44 year ongoing cinematic masterpiece that George Lucas has created.for us..so shame on u kennady this man who gave u your start in the business.this is how u treat his legacy you back stabbing bitch.. by the way high republic suxs..

    1. A “CIVIL RIGHT” to have a your character in a movie expanded!God help us all of weak minded fools such as this ever come into power! Jheeeessss

  31. Hi, I love the Star Wars Franchise, & I don’t pay attention to the issues that have come up after every movie has come out. I thank those of you that are like “watchdogs” & rarely bring forth concerns after the he movies. The actors & actresses also. Looking at this aspect of fans & Star Wars from an uneducated, unbiased perspective, I see the Star Wars “people” joining the rest of our country & our society in recognizing 2021 as a new beginning in Many ways. In acknowledging their past, like so many other “organizations “ are doing, admitting the good AND the bad of their history, & wanting to move forward on a new & good “footing.” I “see” & figured out that the Star Wars “organization?” in wanting to join so Many Other ones, chose to make as statement as such, on Martin Luther King Day. And they honored him by using one of his quotes. This quote speaks volumes, incl. what I said I understand from it above. With this All said, I ask the “watchdogs” to look at the situation of our country & society in the way I’m understanding it now, & join the rest of us in moving forward. No. We don’t forget the past- good & bad- we just accept it & work to do better. “No use crying over spilled milk.” Join the efforts to move forward. Thank you!

  32. Reggie Williams

    Lucasfilms stop looking to make headline an go back to storytelling. You want to help fight for justice fire Gina and filoni an anyone else who speards hate! Using your popularity to spread your wrong and unjust opinions.

    1. Amazing. Every word you just said is wrong.

      1. Dogie Doo

        It didn’t make sense either. Why fire Filoni? What did HE do?

    2. Mel

      What exactly did Gina do that was so wrong? Say we need to fix the issues with elections. How dare she! People have jumped on “fire Gina” bandwagon yet they have no clue why other than what people like this have repeated with no knowledge of the truth.

  33. Reggie Williams

    Lucasfilms stop looking to make headline an go back to storytelling. You want to help fight for justice fire Gina and filoni an anyone else who speards hate! Using your popularity to spread your wrong and unjust opinions.

    1. Grogu

      Boo hoo, little fella. Stock up on that tissue.

  34. Here’s an idea…. write good characters and hire good actors. If writing is terrible and people hate the character it doesn’t make them racist or a bigot. It means the writing was trash. If the actor/actress is garbage then they don’t deserve to get roles just because of their skin color/race or sex. Actors are over sensitive flowers. Stop using your race or skin color for an excuse or avenue of attack just because folks thought your characters writing or acting skill was trash. Being woke and shoving your Hollywood screwed up ideals down everyone’s throat also isn’t a way to make any fans.

  35. Ed Ross

    I think this troll-bait article must have been grown in a CRISPR to be perfectly ph-balanced to irritate EVERYONE. I guess I’ll get my lab-goggles and dive in…
    Most of my ire is at Disney, mainly for being a big terrible monopolistic corporation generally, but also for past grievances. They should have known that a pat-ours-selves-on-the-back MLK tweet after the crap they pulled with John Boyega would light the internet on fire. Also can we not have MLK day be this kitschy “to every corner of the galaxy” thing. It’s not a happy meal, the man was murdered. I will admit that while I’m personally a little over the ham-handed corporate diversity cookie-cutter approach that’s triggered so many boomers, it’s basically exactly what MLK was advocating for with Nichelle Nichols and Star Trek, so if they had executed it properly they’d have a legitimate claim to back-pats today. But John Boyega and Finn.
    Which brings me to Rose Tico…
    I’m truly sympathetic that Tran’s had a bad experience. None of this was her fault and she showed up to set and delivered her lines with inflection like an actor’s supposed to do. But her character was obnoxious, Star Wars is a beloved cultural icon, and people get to have opinions when you deface their icons. I’m sorry you got the role of a lifetime and it turned into the new Jar Jar, but that’s on Rian Johnson. Rose Tico was the mechanism they used to sideline Finn and make sure the black guy didn’t wind up with any of the attractive white lead characters he had chemistry with. I wanted to see his character marry literally everyone he shared a frame with, except this nagging new victim character he spent the entire second movie being corrected by and failing in a sub-plot with. Rian Johnson didn’t make a bad film, he made a bad Star Wars and it wasn’t a bad Star Wars by clumsy accident. He demonstrated awareness of the soul of what made us love the first films and made us hesitantly open up to Episode 7. And he used this awareness to intentionally make us feel alienated by this thing we wanted to celebrate.

    Also, how is someone rage-quitting social media and seeking therapy news worthy. I’ve done both those things along with most the other people I know under 40. I thought that was just part of being a millennial.

    And lastly, shame on everyone who’s using this as an opportunity to antagonize Gina Carino. Hating people and trying to get them fired just because they have stupid political opinions is very bad and dangerous for everyone.

  36. David W Schupner

    The problem with constantly concentrating on people’s race and gender is that it is never good enough, progressive enough, fair enough, woke enough… can we go back to having believable characters who are diverse and not constantly pushing this agenda?

    1. Dennis


  37. Jonathan

    Just my opinion, but here goes… Two opposing arguments can both be true (or at least partially-true at the same time). So, yes – it is true SW fans were angry because the Sequel trilogy was poorly written. But, it is ALSO true that Boyega and Tran were treated horribly by some fans. Instead of directing their anger at Disney, the writers or the directors, a lot of fans attacked these actors, and some even made death threats. That would upset anyone. I find it really heart-less that so many people on this thread think that these actors should just “shut up,” “be grateful,” or “get over it,” when these actors were getting death threats! The whole manner that these Sequel trilogy movies were constructed was a steaming mess – and it was ALL avoidable! Here are a few suggestions for how Disney can do better in the future: 1). Don’t piss fans off unnecessarily by making all of the heroes women and all of the villains white males. (Yes, Kathleen Kennedy, I’m talking about you!). 2). Don’t bring back beloved, iconic characters, like Leia, Luke and Han – for cheap nostalgia – then mistreat these characters and abruptly kill them off!! 3). Have a firm understanding of the Star Wars universe, the fans and what makes a good Star Wars story. — This part is the most baffling misstep of all! — Disney got lazy with their execution and didn’t put in the work. Fans don’t need cheap nostalgia… (another Death Star, really?). Mary Sue characters?!! If you want strong characters, male or FEMALE — they need character development and some version of the “Heroes Journey.” Making them all perfect Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s is insulting to audiences. I could go and on, but I’ve said enough…

  38. Wayne

    I think we can all agree it’s JJs fault for Arian Johnson make a Star Wars movie.

  39. Dogie Doo

    Can’t say anything about Star Wars without someone being offended: trans-activists, SJW, right-wingers, fan boys, trolls. I am sick of it. The writer/directors of the SW sequels are being given a pardon here. The Rose character was sidelined by JJ Abrams, because it was not his character; she was Rian Johnsons’ creation and a bad one at that. Only Jar Jar was more irritating. It does not look like racism to me. Finn had a lot of face time in TROS. What is Boyega whining about? Did he think he was supposed to be the lede? An African American actor should have been hired not some whining English actor. There are black American actors that can act rings around Boyega and are good looking, unlike Boyega. Boyega was a nobody actor in Indy films before Star Wars. He is rich and young not because of Star Wars, so he should STFU.

    As for Carano, if she wants to be an idiot then that is her business. It is not a reason to fire her. I love Cara Dune, and I admire Carano, not because she is a conservative, because she is an actual martial artist and a fighter. She was a pioneer for women in MMA and an inspiration for female athletes everywhere. What is next? Fire Mark Hamill because he is a liberal, or Fire Baby Yoda because he ate Frog Lady’s eggs, therefore; committing genocide. I am serious. Trans-activists were upset about that episode. Lucasfilm and Disney are not racist, and there is nothing wrong with wanting diversity in Star Wars.

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Dogie Doo — you wrote… “What is Boyega whining about? Did he think he was supposed to be the lead?”

      He has plenty to complain about, because — yes, initially, his character was suppose to be important. Initially, Rey, Finn and Poe were suppose to be co-leads, in much the same way that Luke, Leia and Han were in the original trilogy. ALSO, when JJ Abrams first started the filming, there were lots of scenes of Finn fighting with the lightsaber, and even showing signs of being force-sensitive. Then, all of these scenes in TFA were taken out, and instead of having a “mini” heroes journey — his character regresses. By the time we get to the TLJ, he loses the bravery he had gained in the TFA, and once again becomes a cowardly, buffoonish character. When you add in the indignity of having his character being (basically) removed from the Chinese posters for TROS… and his lines reduced to pointlessly screaming “Rey!” throughout TROS — I would say, yes, he has plenty to complain about!
      Disney used the Finn character for cheap diversity “brownie” points, then threw the character under the bus…

      (Probably, just to appease Chinese audiences – which have a reputation for their racist attitudes towards Blacks).

  40. Dogie Doo

    Kennedy didn’t have a “writing team”. The movies were written by the directors. Get your facts straight.

  41. Jonathan

    We all need to take a step back and be more civil and understanding with one another. With that said, I’m really saddened by many of these comments. According to many of these posts, only white males are “really” entitled to be in Star Wars, and everyone else should be silent and grateful, because a). they don’t deserve to be in Star Wars, and b). they are certainly only around because of “forced diversity” and “excessive woke-ness,” and finally c). the “main” reason the Sequel trilogy sucks is because of all of these women and minority actors who have ruined Star Wars. THIS IS SUCH A LOAD OF HATEFUL, SELFISH CRAP. Stop blaming, Boyega, Tran and Ridley for these bad movies. These actors didn’t write, produce or direct any of these films. The majority of the blame should go to Kathleen Kennedy. It was Kennedy who came in with a wrong-headed, excessive, canon-breaking, feminist agenda, that ruined these films. Kennedy was the one who decided that the only way to make Rey’s character “strong” was to make the character an insufferable, “perfect,” Mary Sue. It was Kennedy who decided to make all the heroes women, and all the villains white males. I don’t mind the fact that people were disappointed in the films. But, I don’t think it’s fair when you call the actors, racist(?), crybabies — when they were receiving DEATH threats – and when they didn’t have control of how these films were written and directed. Any one of you would be salty too, if you were getting constantly attacked, and getting death threats.

    1. Mel

      “According to many of these posts, only white males are “really” entitled to be in Star Wars, and everyone else should be silent and grateful, because a). they don’t deserve to be in Star Wars, and b). they are certainly only around because of “forced diversity” and “excessive woke-ness,” and finally c). the “main” reason the Sequel trilogy sucks is because of all of these women and minority actors who have ruined Star Wars. ”
      Did you actually read the comments? Not one person said any of this but agrees that actors should be picked for skill and being able to make the most of characters. No one blamed the actors for bad writing. However, I would say if the actors were unhappy about their part after reading the script they didn’t have to take the role. And unfortunately the moment you step in the limelight you are a target for many. It happens to anyone in a very public job like acting, music, political office, etc. You have to be ready for this when you accept the job. Not because it is fair but because it is reality.

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