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rdj as grand admiral thrawn

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  1. Ash

    I doubt they’d hire him for a heavily recurring role, they don’t even want to pay him for stand alone Iron Man movie’s any more. He’d be better as a smart a** smuggler or something imo.

    Personally I’d prefer someone else play Thrawn. Richard E Grant is a good suggestion. Hugo Weaving would be cool too, he’s long overdue to play some sort of Imperial officer.

    1. Shaun

      It amazes me nobody has suggested Sacha Baron Cohen for the role of Thrawn….

      1. Jon

        I feel like he should be cast as Hondo.

    2. Ryan Bottorff

      Hugo Weaving would be excellent.

      1. Sean R Christensen

        RDJ is way too “Cool” to play a Master Mind as Thron, Idris Elba should do it over the A.D.D kid. Calm and chill not RDJ lol

        1. Curtis

          Lol no. RDJ doesn’t fit the part and Idris Elba doesn’t look the part at all. Even with makeup he wouldn’t.So no, just no

    3. Alex B

      Benedict Cumberbatch would be perfect for the role.

  2. Me

    I like the idea of Hugo Weaving also. I also think Benedict Cumberbatch would make a great Thrawn.

  3. Aaron

    Robert Downey Jr as Grand Admiral Thrawn is an absolutely horrific idea/concept.
    While I admit, I have not seen the animated portrayal of Thrawn, I’ve read every single book on Thrawn, going back to the original release of the “Heir to the Empire” trilogy.
    Milkesson, or a Benedict Cumberbatch have the screen persona, and stature to portray Thrawn.
    Downey Jr is going to go over the top, as with all his roles, and completely destroy the temperament, and assuredness that Thrawn portrays.
    Perfect example, look at Downey’s Holmes portrayal, versus Cumberbatch’s Holmes portrayal.
    Please, NO to Downey Jr.

  4. Jim

    I don’t really see a consensus calling for RDJ to play Thrawn. He doesn’t fit. When I read the Thrawn books it was Lars’s voice I heard in my head. It’s pretty distinctive. He has the look as well. He just might not be big name enough. Big names has never been an issue for Star Wars in the past, though.

  5. Mark Tipper

    Sooo, no. I have not seen any of the fandom calling for this. He doesn’t fit the role at all. There is a far greater call for Lars Mikkelsen to play GA Thrawn. The fandom generally like to see original voice actors play their characters on love action, plus he fits the role far better

    1. Mikarl

      LoL no..

  6. Smitty werbenjagermanjensen

    Fan here, no I don’t. Stop saying fans want this fans want that…

  7. Alejandro

    That is the most stupid idea ever. There is only one Thrawn, and his name is Lars Mikkelsen

  8. TempName

    People forgetting the best choice… Jason Isaacs. Dude is delectably evil when the role calls for it. Just think… Patriot with some blue face and red eyes.

    1. Ryan Bottorff

      I’d rather see the Clones voice actor over RDJ, but there might be better choices out there. I rather think RDJ isn’t a great fit for the role.

  9. NevDantin

    Yeah, this is a bit of an off-the-wall casting idea that I don’t think is coming from fans closely familiar with the character. Lars Mikkelson is really the ideal person for the role. Even if you went with an actor who has more of Thrawn’s physical characteristics, RDJ would not even come close (Benedict Cumberbatch would be a closer choice, as an example).

  10. Truestarswarsfan

    RDJ would rock GA Thrawn . I love the idea. And just cause someone voices them in a cartoon doesn’t make them a fit to play the character in live action.

    1. Merkust

      ‘truestarwarsfan’ nice name, ha. Filoni chose the voice actors for Rebels (not just some cartoon but a massive piece of Star Wars material) specifically so that he could then use them in live action, or they would fit live action well.

  11. Matthew Schantz

    No the fans don’t.

  12. Jp

    NOBODY is asking for rdj to play thrawn. He shouldnt. True SW fans want Lars Mikkelsen. Look him up and inform yourself. Stop spreading misinformation.

  13. A REAL fan

    Leave what “the Fans want” up to the fans to say.

    Oh wait.. you’re just a Disney shill and the only ‘fans’ that count to you are those that shill the same way.

  14. CHRIS

    Oh my Lord Yes Yes Yes i want him

  15. Wookie

    What a BS article. Who are these fans that want RDJ? Names, addresses and their mom’s phone numbers.

  16. Kobalt60

    Lars is right for the role. He’s an actor, not just a voice actor. Hopefully Filoni realizes Thrawns popularity is not due just the Zahn version, but the one fans have welcomed back in Rebels

  17. Will

    Just would like to say that I love RDJ, but would much rather see Benedick Cumberbatch as Thrawn.

  18. Shane

    I thought Benedict Cumbersnatch was the obvious choice but im sure hes busy

  19. Crimsonfalcon07

    No thank you. I’d personally prefer Chiwetel Ejiofor. His character in Serenity is strong evidence he can pull off a character with the gravitas required by Thrawn.

    1. Gus


  20. Amanda

    Wrong Sherlock for Thrawn.

    1. OneWithTheForce

      I’m sorry, but the thought of RDJ as Thrawn is ridiculous, not to mention how expensive the guy is to hire.
      And then there’s the point that we already have the perfect Thrawn, Lars Mikkelson.

  21. Nick

    Should be putting Lars Mikkleson back in, the man brought Thrawn to life, and put him out there as one of the biggest standouts from Rebels

  22. JuanSolo

    Nah. Lars Mikkelsen did an amazing job doing the voice for him in rebels and he’s a great actor. If they’re doing live action Thrawn, they’d be crazy not to cast him.

  23. Drew

    Or you know… Let them do their thing as they have been doing because that’s what got them to where they are at.

  24. Gonzo Thompson

    I still think Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect for Thrawn in appearance and personality.. he would be my casting choice

  25. Robert Lawson

    No way, the best and only choice is Las Mikkelsen as he did the voice in Rebels and was perfect

  26. LARS MIKKELSEN!!!!!!!!!

  27. Raylan

    It’s a shame that they already cast Titus Welliver as a throw-away character in Mando, because he’d have been perfect. I think Jared Harris would do extremely well in the role. Ben Mendelsohn also potentially has the right presence.

  28. Jobiwonn

    I have an idea on how we will see RDJ in Mando. He will be a rich guy on madalore making weapons for the clan. He gets captured by the empire and is kept in a cave forced to make a new dark saber. Instead he makes a suit of armor band escapes. He builds a super power suit and becomes beskar man

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