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  1. Rroe

    No surprise here…….Disney keeps raising prices for everyone. Organizations as well as people are not stupid and will leave to find other venues. Disney is pricing their selves out of the market. Average family will no longer be able to afford such luxuries. Keep paying the CEO’s outrageous millions along with raising prices for the average Joe’s.

  2. High five to pop warner football, I believe they took the high road in not reporting anything negative about the switch but Disney’s decision to cater the pro sports teams and then dropping the luggage convenience and then magical express entirely which families depended on with children and car seats, not to mention a lot of the perks Disney has discontinued when staying on property and rooms are less expensive at Universal and nicer than Disney’s, has a lot to do with families looking elsewhere to spend the vacation dollars.

  3. Steve

    Those cheerleaders were the most disrespectful girls I’ve ever seen on Disney property not to mention their vulgar language. Not a loss for Disney!

    1. RJ

      True. They don’t embody the family values that Disney does, rather the obnoxious tone that Universal flouts.

  4. Bertha M Burrell

    Bad idea…where are all these games going to be played?

  5. Mickey Payne

    I worked many years at Disney resorts , in many departments. I am sure Disney will make more money serving the families it had to turn away, because of the groups.
    Pop Warner and Cheer had to have lots of manpower just to ensure that the kids and the parents followed Disney policies.
    I could write books of bad behavior of Pop Warner groups, with tales that could make your head spin!
    Finally, the PoP nightmare is over!

    1. P Hill

      Totally agree! Our favorite time to go is the first two weeks after Thanksgiving…nice weather, holiday excitement and not super crowded. The only negative we ever had was how loud, rude, foul mouthed, etc. these kids can be.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and their energy. And I did see a few parents trying to keep their kids in check. But most were just running wild at the hotels and parks, with maybe 1 or 2 adults trying to keep track, while the rest of the adults were at the bar or in the pool, not paying any attention to what the kids were doing.
      And the poor cast members, so many times I heard them being ignored or cursed at because they were trying to get them to follow the rules.
      I think it is great news!

  6. EricJ

    Go all the way back to 1960, and Pop Warner played at the Disneyland Bowl, even before there WAS a WDW.

  7. Heather

    I’m looking forward to good availability at the All-star resorts without 700 obnoxious teens in matching shirts

  8. Major

    Good riddance! So many bad experience with that group while staying at Disney over the years. Was at All Star when they had the big fight and Disney threw teams out overnight.

    So bad at All Star and Pop that I actually started changing what week in December I would go. Then had a run in with a completely unsupervised team. Throwing trash cans on the roof, urinating in the stair well and ice machine, banging on sorts, etc. Called security 3 times and no response. Finally called 911 because I knew Disney hates when you do that. Finally got some action. Had it out with the oblivious Pop Century manager who pretended he had no idea they had problems with Pop Warner every year.

    After expressing my disappointment to Disney in how it was handled I got a refunds, free tickets, etc. It shouldn’t be that bad and just a mess in how they handle it every year.

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