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  1. Larry

    That’s a pretty thorough article … let’s hope WDW reads it, too.

    Park transportation is big and I can’t see them ever cutting back on it. I expect it will instead expand to reduce private vehicle usage. The priority park reservation benefit will be very important as more and more families begin to travel. Nothing kills a vacation quicker than finding out the parks are full.

    Magic Bands are hugely popular and they’ll likely remain, but smart phones are also reducing their utility so why not charge those whom feel they need them instead of handing them out to every visitor. Originally I felt the Extra Park Hours were great until I realized everyone else did too. Now I avoid the parks staying open late and go to where the crowd is predicted to be fewer. The 30 minute early entry remains to be seen … as you said, what comes with it? The biggest loss I see is allowing Disney to check your baggage through to your final destination when departing. Getting through security at MCO is hard enough. I’m sure buses will still run (for a fee) even after the train service begins.

    The one thing I can’t understand why it hasn’t returned is having merchandise sent to my room. Removing this probably occurred due to the hysteria people had about “don’t touch this, don’t touch that”. I usually purchase merchandise during my visits, but not if I have to carry it around the parks. Is Fast Pass+ needed when park attendance is limited and without all the restaurants seating people how can we expect there to be a Dining Plan option? Both will eventually return.

    What Disney needs to focus on is expanding hours along with bringing back live entertainment. With that accomplished all the other losses will seem negligible.

    1. I completely agree about Merchandise Delivery. That was huge for me – I used it each and every trip, along with Airline Check-In. Those were my favorites. And YES YES YES, bringing back the entertainment should be first. Those Citizens are the best!

  2. jack

    Honestly there is no reason to stay on site anymore. Any worthwhile reason has been cancelled. Hopefully Disney realizes they’re sending the experience downhill quickly

    1. I do hope they hear our voices. While I love to charge to my folio via a MagicBand, I do miss the Merchandise Delivery, and the Magical Express was always so handy for my family. *sigh*

  3. We stayed on property 12/29/20-1/5/21 at Caribbean Beach Resort. No Disney resort perks. The only one was transportation, and transportation was not up to normal Disney standards. Our plane landed at 1:15; we got on the magical express bus at 3:00. Then we still had to ride another 35-40 minutes to Caribbean Beach. Our first day we were going to Hollywood Studios. Counter service dinner closes at 5 there. It was stressful. Disney was one speed, slow. I couldn’t imagine a disney vacation without riding the monorail. Well, this one was it. No monorail ride. The monorail was not running from MK to Epcot. I didn’t think I would miss park hopping; I did. Multiple issues with bus transportation. I fell at Disney Springs due to an uneven sidewalk tripping me and it was getting dark. The Disney folks filled out an incident report. They said it happens all the time. Pain all night from the fall. Caribbean Beach staff helped us get to a clinic for an x-ray of my wrist. Reported the incident to Disney via email. I have not heard from them. Not my favorite vacation. When they take away transportation in 2022, we won’t have a reason to stay there.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you had such a rough time, and I hope your wrist feels ok! The big time “temporary” closures have made it very difficult, especially when we are used to everything running as it should. :/

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