Comments for Pedro Pascal Confirms ‘The Mandalorian’ Will Jump Timelines

ahsoka tano (left) and din djarin (right) with beskar spear

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. James

    Star Wars shouldn’t have time travel. Thats for Star Trek.

    They keep doin stuff like this its gonna feel like when aliens were introduced into Indiana Jones…. – people love aliens. But not in Indiana Jones.

    1. Bntyhuntress


    2. Cole M Jenkins

      Star Wars has always had time travel, at least for information, as precognition is an ability demonstrated by both Jedi and Sith in the original trilogy.

      I found the way it was done in Rebels to be suitably mystical for Star Wars, but obviously YMMV. For me, magical animated paintings and shamanic passage into timeless mystic consciousness sn’t really the same thing as Einstein-Rosen bridges or sci-fi time machines.

      Fioni has pulled this trick off already, he can do it again.

      Note though that without The World Between Worlds, Ashoka Tano was killed by Darth Vader on Malachor V in 3 BBY and wouldn’t have been in the Mandalorian.

      Just, please, don’t let Grogu turn out to actually have been Baby Yoda the whole time.

      1. Kate

        Well said, it’s always the most toxic of fans who keep whining like petulant children at whatever narrative change they can, all while pretending Star Wars Universe isn’t filled with all kinds of stories from the most clichéd to the most outlandish in its 40 year history.

      2. Staci Cooke

        Ashoka didn’t die. Ezra saved her so she is truely alive in the madelorian season 2

        1. Cole M Jenkins

          He saves her through the World Between Worlds. If not for time travel, she’d be dead.

    3. Kas

      I believe he meant season 3 won’t start exactly when 2 ended, it will be set several years later.

      1. Michael O'Neill

        I agree, I think they just meant a bit of a time skip.

      2. Steven W. Wilgus

        That is precisely what that means but people feel what they feel and of course they go all Karen…

    4. Mike

      Just because they say they’re going to make a jump in the timeline doesn’t mean time travel.
      And you are wrong anyway that time travel doesn’t exist in Star Wars. That’s the only reason Ahsoka is still alive…

      1. Ben Christmas

        When did they confirm RDJ to play Thrawn?


      Its not time travel u plank

  2. Han and Chewie. Han and Chewie. Han and Chewie. Han and Chewie. Han and Chewie. Or FO

    1. Bntyhuntress


  3. Lucas

    If they brought in Mara…that would come dangerously close to the time period of the Yuhzzon Vong invasion…and that would indeed be something to see.

    But that would also mean Luke has rebuiltbtje Jedi, the New Republic has reached the truce with the Imperial Remnant, Thrawn is dead, Chewbacca is dead, and Mara herself dies…is Favreau prepared for that kind of a show? Cause if he isnt…

    I would GLADLY come film it! After all…I have the name. 🙂

  4. Whoa… His words were taken WAAAY out of context here.

    They aren’t going to have him “Time Travel” or Jump through time and space.

    He mentions the possibility he will cross over with other Shows as they could crossover with his.

  5. Joshua D

    Snoke was already around before the fall of the empire. The emperor reborn and the thrawn trilogy would be better explored instead of more first order junk.

  6. Josh

    Ya seriously. How do you interpret jump timelines with crossing dimensions. That Star Trek Indiana Jones reference was so way out of left field and NOT what Pedro Pascal was confirming. I agree it is crossing over into other shows and just not starting right after Season 2 left off with the Mandolorian.

  7. Dilbert

    Eithier way is fine with me Filoni and Favreau have proven they can be trusted to honour the story 1st and formostkeeping
    star wars as George would have wanted it.

  8. Both seasons have been Amazing, so any change with the current writers and directors won’t be a disaster.I just want Disney to make more Action figures(3.75wich most Americans can afford) and get them on Store Shelves.

  9. Actually, we might need a time travel arc here if we want the sequel trilogy to be corrected. That way, the sequel trilogy can exist and be erased at the same time.

  10. Daniel Martinez

    I don’t think this means it will include time travel. I think what’s implied here refers to a plot set in a different time, probably in the future and Mando’s older.

  11. Ben Christmas

    When was RDJ confirmed to play Thrawn?

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