Comments for Get Paid $30/Hr. to Taste-Test Candy While Watching Disney+

disney candy

Credit: Disneylandfoody via Instagram


  1. Cesar

    I can do that job

  2. Deb

    Is this legit?

  3. Teri Brown

    Is this for real or are pulling someones leg

    1. Michellelle

      Sounds fun if its legit?

      1. Laura

        In process of applying. You sign up on Indeed & “have” to agree to receive job offers from them. Figure I will for now but will unsubscribe after. Looking for full- or part-time. Need resume so that’s where I’m at now.

  4. James Ortiz

    Sign me up ,

  5. James Ortiz

    Beam me up Scotty.

  6. Rina

    What a mouth-watering idea. Yes, I would happily accept this position!

  7. Norberto Martinez

    Is this a real job

  8. Norberto Martinez

    Is it free

    1. Norberto Martinez

      Where do I sign up for this job

  9. Laura

    P.S. They’re located in Canada. Open to US & Canadian citizens over 18. No mention of watching Disney+ in job description. Hmm…

  10. Hi, I would love to taste your new candy. Been to both parks many times and love the food you serve. I also belong to your DISNEY Channel. So it would be nice to be pick. Thank you.

  11. Norberto Martinez

    Where do I sign up for this job

  12. Norberto Martinez

    Can I sign up online

    1. Nick

      NB, you asked 5 questions that could all be answered by simply reading the article. As far as the “sign up”, here’s a hint – go back to the article to find “click here to apply”, and then click on it.

  13. MARY Kay OLeary

    Please send link to sign up. THANKS!

    1. Nick

      It’s right in the article, the give away is “click here to apply”

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