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Both Image Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C.


  1. Robert Kennedy

    I think the article is problematic at best. You are Missing hugging Mickey Mouse ? I miss hugging my parents. I am a teacher and I am afraid I might infect them. So I go to work , go home, wear a mask, wash my hands, shop online and avoid crowds. All while keeping six away. I’m sorry your Disney vacation during the worst health crisis in 100 years was lesser. The right thing to do would be to encourage others to not go to Disney. It’s people like you who still take vacations and travelled during Christmas is why we are where we are right now. Stay home! Wear a mask. Be responsible for your friends and neighbors.

    1. Nick

      Sure the article is problematic, you have a person self described as growing up a Dis-nerd, and, obviously still a Dis-nerd, not that there’s anything wrong with that, writing a blog in which she whines (and tries to make a case) about two opposing viewpoints. Although she obviously favors one the repeated pandering to the other is annoying.

  2. Dolly Edwards

    Glad we live in Florida and not shut down! Cavalcades dont cut it. A compromise could be let the characters stand behind black ropes and meet and talk to guests. At EPCOT the artists are doing this now at Festival of the Arts so why not characters?

    1. Dolly
      I have seen character experiences as you suggest at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. It looked like Disney was going to do it with Anna and Elsa before we went on our trip. When we went on the trip, they didn’t have the meet and greet. Disappointed my daughter who wanted a picture.

    2. JMH

      I suspect it has something to do with the characters and their union.

  3. I won’t give you bitterness. I can see your point of view. When my kids were little, it was magical getting those pictures. As character experience lines grew, we began going to character meals (no lines, they come to you). We visited a few weeks ago. I called the character experiences, drive-bys. Sometimes you saw them, and sometimes you didn’t. A lot of magic was missing. The food and limited menus was also bad. Closing counterservices at 4:30 and 5pm was also inconvenient. 2 good meals we enjoyed: Liberty Tree Tavern and Be Our Guest.

  4. EricJ

    Be glad it’s not the post-’01 “Travel crunch” Pressler ideas–
    Remember the character Cavalcades showing up at the hotels?

    That said, it’s just more pandemic blood, sweat and tears, so I look for the silver linings:
    Like, Joy is actually cuter romping around waving to guests on the safely-distanced Epcot lawns than she was in her own themed space.

  5. Bridget Clement

    Hugging characters is one of my Favorite things to do on Vacation. I am hoping it will b back by September 2021 for my son to experience it for First time

  6. Peter

    I am STILL wondering when this will all finally be over….

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