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carousel of progress

Credit: Disney


  1. Andrew S.

    I agree it needs some refurbishments and possible updates to the final scene. What that update is though I will leave to the more imaginative minds at Disney. Can’t wait to go back in a couple of years!

  2. The last portion is the year 2000. Twenty years ago! Maybe the last scene needs a refurbishment. But what should they put in the 2021 end scene? Many things we are experiencing may go out of date soon (hopefully). The pandemic, cancel culture, antifa riots are hopefully going to be a thing of the past.

    1. Paul

      Not to mention insurrection, sedition, and an attempt to overthrow a legal and valid election. Whew! Let’s all hope the future is a brighter place.

  3. mike

    Sadly , 2 comments with the same idea and objective and neither can comment without adding an obvious politically biased shot at each other over something that is mostly meant to be about technology and apolitical with a touch of celebrating the country they both are part of.

  4. David

    Walt always had a optimistic spin on life. The third scene was in the 40’s when we were ending a depression and the World was at War. The war ended mid decade but our country still had shortages and it really was the late 40’s to early 50’s when we started to recover. That’s why the comment about the rat race is funny. It really wasn’t a part of the vocabulary until the 50’s. My idea is to make the last scene the end, as most people leave as the current last scene is played. Maybe add the 70’s to the mix, 8 track players etc, Rock and Roll etc. A lot more people will remember those days.

  5. Nick

    When the General Electric pavilion opened at the NY World’s Fair, each scene was set 20 years after the previous — 1900s, 1920s, 1949s and 1960s — so you got a sense of what two decades of progress looked like.

    We can’t add three more scenes and make it the Oblong Carousel of Progress; continually updating the last scene makes the gap from the 1940s scene too jarring; and we shouldn’t change scenes 2-4 so they’re 30 years apart. What’s left?

    Keep the history and REALLY go back to the original pavilion. In that, after the rotation to the 5th auditorium (currently just a curtain and a “thank you for visiting”), the curtain owned up, a doorway was unveiled, and the audience was invited through and up a moving walkway ABOVE the show to a huge domed room to view the “miracle of atomic fusion.”


    Return Scene 4 to the 1960s (nostalgia!) — build a second story — and use THAT to show the future! Maybe AAs, maybe a CircleRama or dome film, maybe something new and different.

    You could turn this thing back into an E ticket again with a little investment.

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