Comments for CA Gov. Lifts Stay-at-Home Order, Impacting Disneyland Resort


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  1. Stan Prus

    Amazing what a recall effort can do to suddenly change the lockdown.

    1. Carrie

      HahAHahah Riiight?

      1. David Goldsmith

        Stop the stalling and open the park and trust the Disney employees and executives that they will use caution and let people have fun again it’s gone on way too long

    2. MrsWeasleysTwin

      @Stan exactly!

    3. JoeT

      More likely his new liberal friend Joe Biden is in charge now so he want to improve the GDP number.

    4. Mick E Mouse

      Right right, so we go from lockdown to an incremental move into the strictest possible public health restrictions short of a lockdown, and the conclusion is that Newsome must’ve bowed to political pressure to open up? Lot of deep thinkers in this comment section.

  2. KenR

    I suppose “the science” indicates that the virus will now have less impact on Californians now that a solid recall effort is underway. It’s now OK for the emperor/governor to bestow some crumbs to the people now. Hopefully Disneyland will open and recover from this government overreach.

  3. Rich

    Push comes to shove. He is afraid of losting his control. Give the peasants some crumbs. They will go a way. All kings do die and a new rule of the land comes to be. Hope this is a wake up call. They should also kick Newson out.

    1. Charlon Price

      Do you want a republican for a governor?

      1. Cathy

        I don’t care about the party as much as i do the Person. There are good people in both parties just lime there are not so good people in both parties

      2. Eduardo Trevino

        It definitely wouldn’t hurt to try someone new that’s not of the Democrat party. Take at the governor of Florida. He at least cares about the citizens out there. Besides, even if the recall were to happen, I’m sure another Democrat will get elected and will probably be worse than Gavin. Just saying.

  4. Jill

    Amazing. Inauguration day has highest death total since it began and now it’s safe in under a week.

  5. Mario

    It’s no longer an election year. Time to open up!

  6. James gibbs

    Huh…… it’s almost like he realizes that there was no reason to shut everything down and he knows he was wrong and should have never done it and next maybe he will return the the millions of dollars his businesses took from small businesses relief funds even though his businesses were “allowed” to remain open…….. oh wait nope; he is just trying to dodge a recall…….. continue with the recall, get him out

    1. Karen

      II hope you guys will have monthly payments because people cannot afford the membership that you want that would not be fair if people cannot afford it and we cannot go in

  7. Kathy

    I don’t care about the politics. Just wish it would reopen.

  8. MFB

    People seem to think that they can ‘microwave’ Covid away. It’s not that simple. It took 3 years for the LAST pandemic to be eradicated, and it killed about 10 million world wide. I agree that the closing/opening of businesses has been ‘helper Skelter’ but if people would just WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE, and WASH THEIR HANDS the lockdown could be totally eliminated. It really is UP TO US not the government.

  9. GMI

    Now that they got what they wanted…. it’s miraculously safe to go back out? Amazing! Democratic Party at their finest!!?

  10. Terry

    Majority of California agrees That Governor Newsom is trying to save lives. We will all come out to vote against your recall, and it will be defeated again. For the 3rd time.
    So all of you here saying you’re going to recall him will be very disappointed.

    1. Eduardo Trevino

      If that’s the case, then why are his supporters questioning him on lifting the stay at home order when not too long ago, he said that California cases were at an all time high and that ICU beds were all filled?? Why would you continue to support someone that has destroyed the lives of 5,000,000+ Californians??

    2. Nisa

      I’m with you Terry!

  11. Only a moron would say after inuraguration. The restrictions came after the election and because cases, deaths and icu bed numbers were going up. Not to hard to understand science and facts. Only a moron would associate this with a political agenda other than trying to save your life!

  12. Joseph T. Donahue

    I continue to stay home and will until the vaccine proves to be safe and effective.

  13. AM


  14. Walt Disney

    Everyone in these comments don’t deserve to go to Disneyland

  15. ken

    I’m a cast member. Been furloughed since mid November. I want to work !

    1. Eduardo Trevino

      At least you were only furloughed. I was laid off, unfortunately. Gonna have to wait until they start to hire again, which probably won’t happen for another year or two.

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