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  1. Cgray

    I would love a retcon using the WtW theory. I was a little kid with 4 movies on VHS and the OT were 3 of them. I loved everything about them and the characters.

    I just dont think the story that was told was a story a lot of people were interested in. We we wanted to see what became of our heroes and the future they built. Instead, we found out that in 30 years not only had they not made any progress they actually went backward. Then the story for a new generation completely deleted the older generation. They didnt build on an existing universe, they just took snippets and rehashed the existing one. It was lazy.

    Daisy would have been an awesome Jaina. Adam could have been a great Jacen. There was a great story that just wasn’t told and its depressing.


    Sorry but I enjoyed the sequel trilogy. I don’t want that the sequels are completely retconned. And then a retcon would be more problematic, as for the Terminator series especially with the last 2: by dint of changing the story, it will create more confusion and therefore even less satisfying. On the other hand The Mandalorian could fill in certain gaps and thus maybe make the sequel trilogy a little more satisfying like the serie The Clone Wars did for the prelogy.

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