Comments for Is Mara Jade’s Live-Action Debut Imminent? Casting Rumors Swirl

mara jade luke skywalker

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  1. Kate

    She’s a redhead in canon right? I think we all know what direction the casting would take.

  2. Jo

    If they gonna ruin Mara like they did with GATs character better left her alone.
    SW is ruined by Disney.
    Can they undone what they have done?
    Can they present an alter universe faithful enough to expansed universe?
    These are the serious questions needed firstly to be answered and then who will be casted as one of the top 5 EU most beloved character…

  3. Cole M Jenkins

    The comm tech who this blog keeps insisting might be Sabine for some reason actually makes more sense as Mara Jade, given that faking her death for hours is something the Emperor’s Hand can actually do. Hair color is pretty easy to change compared to what would be wrong if that was Sabine’s casting.

    Although honestly, I think sometimes a dead comm tech is just a dead comm tech, martial arts experience or no.

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