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  1. CalinCT

    Honestly, the biggest loss here is the baggage handling service both to and from the airport. The ride was nice (and free), but not exactly convenient unless you happened to be first on the drop off list. But it was ALL worth it to not have to deal with luggage pickup and drop off at MCO.

    We’re a party of 5, so it’s basically Mears or rental car. And honestly, in terms of sheer storage space for our luggage, Mears is probably the most convenient and economical.

    1. Lisa K

      I have four rooms. Mears quoted me almost $700 for a round trip!

  2. Larry

    I agree Mears is the best option if your party is large with multiple pieces of luggage. We use it often since most our stays are at Shades of Green which wasn’t serviced by Magical Express. Odd, Mears wasn’t mentioned.

    I used the Magical Express once and was not impressed. We waited on the bus for about an hour before it departed for the resort. Mind you, your luggage is delivered separately. In our case it wasn’t delivered to Coronado Springs until 2:00 in the morning. It’s only benefit; it was free as part of booking a WDW resort.

  3. Jill

    The resort lobbies are going to be overrun with luggage! So many people come in early, check in, and head to a park before their rooms are ready. We usually use Bell Services to hold our extra carry-ons while we head off for the day. Now, instead of 2 backpacks, I’ll be giving them 6 suitcases and 2 backpacks!! Luggage as far as the eye can see!!

  4. michael boyle

    Just got a Mears (it’s called Black Car Service) private town car quote for 12/6/21 one way to my resort $75.00 (+ tip) curbside pick up at MCO ! That’s per car not person !

  5. Gary

    Mears (which operate Disney Magical Express) shuttle buses will continue to operate to WDW beyond 2021. The buses just won’t have the Disney Magical Express overwrap…

    1. Leanne Burnett

      I’ll be interested to see if the bus rules change once the train is at DS – currently, you cannot take luggage on one of the WDW busses (ie., if you were switching to a new resort partway through your stay, you can’t pack up and head on a bus to a park and then onto your next resort.). The train is fine, albeit more of a hassle, but without Disney changing their own rules, you’re still going to be stuck ridesharing from DS to your resort. Should be interesting!

  6. Tonya Gust

    The luggage handling is really the biggest thing for me. Dealing with the amount of luggage that my crew “needs” (usually 10 days, 2 girls + myself) is exhausting and time consuming. This is going to create a huge mess in the lobbys of the resorts and major transportation problems. I know that I would need a larger rideshare vehicle to accommodate our luggage and / or two vehicles. Let us also remember the trip back. Being able to drop the luggage to be shuttled to the airport frees us up to shop at Disney Springs or drop in at a park before heading to the airport. Yes, the luggage could be left with the bellhop however it would require a trip back to the hotel before leaving for the airport.

    Bottom line: this is all feasible but not ideal. Is this first world problems? Yes but I feel that this is just another part of the value of a Disney vacation, as well as a piece of the magic that is being jackhammered away. Very sad to see where this is headed.

  7. David Chinery

    Another “perk” already built into your costs that Disney is taking away. Along with the incredibly helpful luggage service. Paying for parking. Extra Magic Hours! While continuous raising prices on everything! More money for less “Magic” seems to be their Strategy now. This will add huge costs for families. Along with significantly increased inconvenience. Brightline is not a solution. Don’t expect to see it til 2024. At least!! They are still over 150 miles of track laying from MCO! Extending Rail with overpasses and underpasses, along with building a Station at DS, is no small or quick feat! Especially with I-4 in the path! Disney created this Transportation System for their own advantage. It was an incredibly appealing option. Especially for families! It started the “Magic” right way! The excitement started at the Airport. (Remember the Mickey Gloves waving and directing you and your children to the Magical Bus!!??). It ensured you were staying in a Disney Resort. And further ensured you were staying. And Spending!! Exclusively in the WDW Bubble! Universal continues to upgrade. More parks with serious level, actual rides! Nice hotels and perks. Their park entry for Resort guests is 1 hour. Disney is giving you 30 minutes! woah!! After taking away EMH! And that 30 minutes includes “Select Disney partner (off site) resorts”! Yet another perk taken away from Disney Resort Guests paying premium prices. Disney is, not slowly, killing the magic. These last 2 decisions may be “deal breakers” for quite a few. I could go on about Disney Resorts really not being all that luxurious (Compared to many others) for the money they charge. Or that Disney is attempting to “Cull the crowds” and gear towards the “more affluent” traveler.(rumored). This won’t work well because of what I stated earlier about the quality vs price of a Disney Resort stay. Sure hope Mr. Chapek knows what he is doing. I am DVC, AP, D23 and been coming since the mid 70’s. My kids and Grandkids grew up on Disney! 3 trips since reopening. Showing my support. Feeling less and less ” Most Magical place on Earth”.

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