Comments for Liam Neeson Says He Would Come Back to ‘Star Wars,’ Then Quickly Retires

obi-wan kenobi (left) and qui-gon jinn (right)

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. No, Liam needs to come home, retire and find his love and enjoy the fruits of all his amazing labors in well over 25plus films that have captured our hearts. I am his number 1 fan and love him. He needs to rest and go fly fishing., as well as getting married and reaping the rewards of the greatest actor of all time. He is one brilliant man. Sherry

  2. Ez

    Rather stupid headline. Also, he’s reprised the role previously as a guest voice actor in The Clone Wars, and that’s likely similar to what they would want from him anyways. Not a bunch of force ghost action scenes lol. If you’re going to speculate, at least do it intelligently.

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