Comments for Gina Carano Fans Thank Jon Favreau For Casting ‘Mandalorian’ Actress


Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. The same people that watch her movies she is willing to see die following Donald Trump and also undermine our country for which i fought for. I have no need for her or Disney.

    1. Tripper


    2. Tripper


    3. Ed Ross

      Everyone feels that everyone else who holds opposing viewpoints and is outspoken about them is undermining the country. They’re not. Narrowly limiting the range of acceptable viewpoint would.

    4. Boba


    5. Dan

      Isaac, don’t you see you fought for her rights to do so.. that is why the U.S.A is special.. you don’t have to agree with it..
      But what makes you her judge n jury?

    6. The Mongolian

      She is pure awesomeness!!! I will happily spend my money in a way that supports her and especially this direction Favreau and Filoni are taking Star Wars in.

  2. CSpadina

    Glad you were a grunt then and not calling the shots, because I respect her for sticking to her personal beliefs and I, too, served.

  3. Nomad

    It doesn’t matter how hard you try to spin this. She’s made herself untouchable, especially to Disney. She opposes the values they try to model. And all the fans that cheered her on as she behaved that way helped reinforce the behavior that made her that way, you all helped make her so toxic that her screen time is running out.

    It won’t be long until she’ll enter the last phase of her wingnut trajectory. Martyrdom. She’ll get to travel to all the usual media stops for a person like her and will get to complain about being “canceled” while her fans talk about boycotting Disney productions, blissfully unaware of the hypocrisy of their position.

    But hey, at least she’s guaranteed appearances on right wing Christian movies. Maybe she can appear in God’s Not Dead 5, or whatever number we’re up to. Her transphobic messaging will fit in nicely with their values.

    1. Ed Ross

      I disagree with her on almost everything, but I don’t consider her toxic. I consider people who want to cancel people with opposing views points toxic and very dangerous.

      1. Andrew

        If you had a good argument, you wouldn’t have misrepresent the opposition. People aren’t trying silence her purely for having a different viewpoint, it’s that here viewpoints are offensive, dangerous and based on lies. You already know this, but you’re being disingenuous.

  4. Steve

    She has a right to her views as much as anyone else does and I hope to see more of her.


      Yes. But her comments are typical of a fascist person. And we have the same right to accuse!

  5. Cesar Augusto Vasconcellos

    Her comments are typical of a fascist person. Shame on Disney and Favreau.

    1. Michelle

      As Inigo Montoya would say – You keep using that word (fascist). I do not think it means what you think it means.

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