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Credit: Left Photo: Netflix Right Photo: Marvel/Deadline


  1. Lief

    The Democrat party is a symbol of hate for centuries, and yet there still around, and here we are picking on Frank.

    1. CrippleB

      Just as dumb as saying Punisher logo should be retired.

    2. David

      The cancel culture is for cowards afraid of other peoples opinions.. Anyone who cancels stuff like this for these reasons to me is a complete fool and most likely has a sad pathetic life..

  2. J

    It’s amazing to me that one riot in four years by the right gets more publicity and negative criticism than four years of antifa on BLM terrorizing the country

    1. Gracie

      That’s what happens when you attempt an insurrection and fail ??‍♀️ the pipe bombs didn’t go off, but there were 4 found. Also, blm/antifa/whoever didn’t attack & ransack the CAPITOL, mobbing a government building filled with government officials at the time, including the vice-president, threatening their lives. Anyone involved in looting or burning down a Target is doing time, but traitorous acts are a whole ‘nother ball game.

      1. Ray Ruiz

        It doesn’t take much for anybody to put on a make America great again hat and be a pretender but really an instigator. Also everyone has the right to protest and calling everybody who was there a insurrectionist is incorrect/wronYes they were several hundred people they were bad and should be punished for what they did. However, the riots in other cities where they burned down building/businesses, people murdered including children and a Federal courthouse was attacked; yet nothing was done to them for the most part

        1. Paul

          No one, absolutely no one – BLM or antifa or MAGA or whomever – has the right to violent protest.

          Second, if you can’t see the difference between the BLM protests, even the violent ones, even the one where they did a lawful entry and peaceful sit-in protest in the capitol, you seriously need to go take an online class in civics and the Constitution. There is absolutely no comparison or equivalence between those and an insurrection to stop and usurp a Constitutionally mandated process, overthrow a legal and certified election and effectively causing a coup, putting almost every legislator in Congress in harms way, murdering a police officer, rioting, damaging and looting inside the Capitol building, arriving with pipe bombs, bottles of explosive chemicals, zip cuffs, and raising a gallows outside the building, amongst other violent behavior. Seriously, you need to get an education in what America is and how it is supposed to work.

          You have no, zero, nada evidence of any sort that anyone other than MAGA people were involved in this. It’s all conspiracy theory. You might as well claim aliens and put on an aluminum foil hat. That’s how stupid this claim is.

          And the worst possible thing you can say in this regard is some democrats, progressives and/or liberals are hypocritical. You really want to go down that path? Let’s just start with the supposed, “law and order,” party. You are arguing in favor of a violent insurrection that resulted in multiple deaths. You cannot, under any circumstance, get more hypocritical than that.

          And last, when in doubt, if you’re ever, EVER, on the same side as neo-Nazis and other white supremacist protesters, you’re on the wrong side. Period. End of story.

      2. A

        I think their point is the media has the power to influence massive level. For the media to choose sides and dictate which riots were “good” and which riots were “bad” is irresponsible and potentially dangerous. I live in one of the cities which saw some of the worst aspects of the BLM riots. It wasn’t just a Target that was looted, it was dozens of small businesses. Those businesses are still empty and boarded up to this day. Believe me, all the people involved in that instance are NOT doing time. Much more, their faces and personal information weren’t plastered on national television for the world to see. Why? The media chose to deem those riots acceptable because they agreed with the cause (whatever that is). I fail to see why breaking into homes and small businesses is for acceptable than breaking into a building. If anything, I’d say the former was worse as it actually affected the lives of innocent, ordinary citizens just trying to get by.

  3. BBear

    I find it ridiculous that the Marvel group thinks they have exclusive rights to use a skill figure, an that a character actor takes a cartoon figure an tries to portray it as a reality. It pathetic.

  4. Joyce Evans

    I love Jones as the punisher wish to continue to see it again renewed on Netflix

  5. Tad

    Well, there goes the Incredible Hulk’s fist. Since BLM plagiarized that symbol, we’ll need to bury the Hulk next to the Punisher. RIP Bruce, say Hi to Stan for us.

  6. Emma

    Okay, since the Punisher is taking a hit because some degenerates used the “logo”, let’s take a look at 2020/21 based on what happened. BLM riots lasted several months, Capitol riot lasted eight hours, BLM encouraged by media and mainstream politicians, Capitol encouraged by fringe political groups and fringe politicians (both duly elected BTW), BLM 24+ people shot dead (the number attributable to the riots) Capitol 1 shot dead, BLM over 700 law enforcement officers injured, Capitol 14 police injured, BLM over 150 Federal and State government buildings damaged or destroyed, Capitol 1 building damaged, BLM hundreds of small business destroyed, Capitol no small business destroyed, BLM frozen water bottles, rock, brick, molotov cocktails, fireworks used as weapons, umbrellas with sharpened points, spraying lighter fluid on law enforcement, smoke bombs, baseball bats, lasers pointed in officers eyes, pepper spray and iron pipes used against law enforcement, Capitol two reported  “pipe bombs” outside the DNC and RNC headquarters, sticks (also used as flag poles) and flex cuffs (not sure how that classifies as a weapon), and a fire extinguisher from inside the Capitol building. No fires, no spray paint, no looting (unless you count Pelosi’s lectern) no statues or priceless works of art destroyed. And everyone got to watch both riots on national TV.  Out of 328 million American citizens, 500 or so decided to make a**es out of themselves on a Wednesday afternoon, and as a result people were injured, or worse, and some politicians soiled themselves. It wasn’t right or justified. NO! But domestic terrorists, insurrection, violent anarchy?? Pales in comparison to what happened this past summer across the US. Concerned about real anarchy, go check out the devastation in Portland, Oregon and leave the logo at home.

  7. Ken

    I’ve been hoping Punisher would be retired for several years. But, because the poor guys story has been played out decades ago.
    Once he killed everyone remotely related to his family’s killers, his story was done.
    But the character was such a cash-maker, Marvel couldn’t leave him be.

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