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  1. Linda L Antalek

    Johnny Depp has shown respect and appreciation every time he sees his fans..I will do the same for the very talented actor and stand by him..I will not go see any POTC if he is not Capt Jack Sparrow. I don’t care what happened in his personal life..none of my business.. I do care where I spend my money…and it won’t be on a Pirates movie without the man who made it was it is.. Johnny Depp.

    1. Sara Humphrey

      I agree, if no Johnny Depp, I won’t be watching. I don’t care about what happened in his personal life.

  2. D

    At Disney World or Land if they have a likeness of Johnny Depp as Capt Jack Sparrow, shouldn’t they get rid of those? I hope the new POTC movie flops All of Johnny Depp fans will stand by him and against Amber Heard I hope every film she is in flops and whatever she endorses is boycotted

    1. Carla Roughton

      I definitely agree with both of these comments. The sad thing is that these companies has worked with JD for so long and
      know what kind of. person he is but still believe lies from AH. I AM A TRUE & DEVOTED FAN OF JD & I’M ALL FOR HIM.

    2. Love to get a n part,in the next movie of Pirates of the Carrobean,withJohney Depp as a extra for a pirate.David McBroom. 206-240-6274

      1. WW

        A lesbian captain? Ofcourse. Shouldn’t it be black too? Come on Disney, may as well appease all marginalized peoples hey? Make it a dwarf while you’re at it for me please.

        1. Roger Stevens


      2. Paula

        Without Johnny depp as Jack Sparrow dont even make the film. I will not go nor will any of my family. Give him the. Benefit of the doubt!

    3. Anne Haeverans

      Disney shoots itself in the leg by sending Johnny (the goose with the golden eggs) Depp away! They will have much lower cash from films without him!

  3. Roger Stevens

    A life fan of P.O.T.C., but will not watch any future installments without J.D. Been a Disney fan since 1960, but not til they get their act together.

  4. Charles A Thompson

    I say JD needs to stay he makes the movie an is a good actor. Thanks

  5. Kristupas

    I’m sorry I will not watch Future Pirates of the Caribbean if Johnny Depp won’t be on his amazing character Captain Jack Sparrow. That’s my word I will watch when Johnny Depp was about future If Johnny Depp will be back in his awesome character I will watch. But now I’m not

  6. Mandy Brown

    Absolutely ridiculous letting JD go on Rumours despite the dodgy court case in UK that is being appealed,POTC is only going too bring in the fans with JD any spin off would be a waste of time and Money the fans are adamant ,
    As for JD personal life who the hell really cares he is awareded and loved on his acting ability not what goes on in private! Which looking at the evidence that is all over the internet He. Is the Victim not the other way round !
    C’mon Disney do the right thing and give JD his role back otherwise close the book!
    Move on to new pasture!

  7. Van Hamlin

    Potc has been played out. We need a new script and new characters. You can continue with the Davy Jones Locker and black pearl gag but we need new pirates. Where is a good captain blood when you need one.
    Let’s get a modern John Lafayette with a sidekick female who is smarter and more lethal than him.

    We could have some gay pirates who love to swash buckle and live an alternate life style. Some really good pirates could have been Haitian ??! Some Latino pirates too! Maybe some Simanole Indians in Tampa Bay!

    Let me put this next movie together ❤!

  8. Bryan Dawson

    Can we stop calling them ‘female led’ movies? If that’s the big reason, rather than a good story, than you’ve already failed. Not because men don’t want to see women but because the story is less important than the gender of the main star.

    1. Reina

      I agree 100% with you and I am a woman. I don’t think a movie should be pushed by it’s gender or political correctness, but it’s content. Lost most interest without Depp anyway, and if the movie is some extreme feminist thing am even less interested.

  9. Anne Haeverans

    Disney shoots itself in the leg by sending Johnny (the goose with the golden eggs) Depp away! They will have much lower cash from films without him!

  10. Feldark

    The franchise died when they fired JD.

  11. Dianna Kalem

    Johnny Depp’s personal life has nothing to do with his talent Disney should keep their nose out that’s where it doesn’t belong! Johnny Depp belongs in any movie he does not play a character he is the character

  12. Box office rush to see JD in action in any movie , but it seems that movie houses would rather stay home instead , he’s possibly the bright light that made pirates of the caarridean what it is i.see there that bit of lack of graditude towards those who axtually spread the butter breads you know what i mean !!

  13. Ann-Marie Tramonti

    Johnny Depp is an artist plain and simple. You cannot take the talent away from someone who is so gifted. Just as artists who paint the canvas, who has been troubled, we still admire and purchase their work. I will not be watching any new POTC movies without him playing Jack,

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