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Joffery's Coffee TJMaxx and Disney

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  1. Joffrey’s is a Tampa-based coffee roaster company, and I think it’s neat that they took over generic Disney coffee all throughout WDW resort! I like it much more than Starbucks, as Starbucks tastes too burnt in my opinion. It’s neat to see their coffee at TJ Maxx! I live in Kissimmee and haven’t seen it yet myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it soon. It’s not particularly any special coffee, but it’s robust and smooth. Not as sharp and bitter as Starbucks. Similar to McCafe but a bit stronger, perhaps?

  2. Becky Soth

    I just found this post but I have to add that I am buying Joffrey’s regularly at TJMaxx. Disney Chase Visa offered a deal in January where you could buy three bags and get a free tumbler. My daughter in Chicago gave me the heads up. We both got the deal and we are addicted. So when I saw that familiar bag near the checkout line at 7.99…well, I bought a few. I recently found a few bags on clearance as well. Also found them this week at their HomeGoods stores. The only two varieties I have found are French Bistro and Peru. I love it and I’m a Starbucks girl from Washington state!!

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