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  1. EricJ

    Hoo-boy….Them’s contract-renegotiation words.

    (I can remember when Charlie Sheen told his network, “Whaddya gonna do, FIRE me?”)

    1. Eva

      Oh my gosh. What a bunch of sensitive dandies. This is like the McCarthy Blacklist era. I bet you feel so proud to fire someone because they have a different viewpoint, different political opinion, or whatever. I have served my country for freedom of speech but to see this is like communist sympathizers. To destroy someone because of their political leaning or viewpoint is just as bad as destroying someone NOT ON the basis of ability or talent but for skintone. What goes round when come back to bite you all in the behind.

  2. CharlieRotten

    She’s a bigot plain and simple. And when she is called out on it, she claims she is the victim.

    And she’s an anti-vaxxer with zero scientific training, pushing fear mongering nonsense in the middle of a terrible pandemic. And when called out on it, she portrays herself as the victim.

    1. Ellie

      Every word of what you just said is completely wrong.

    2. Mick

      “We believe in freedom of speech except if it’s stuff we don’t like.”

      You people are pathetic. You don’t even know what a bigot is yet here you are using the word anyhow. Reminds me of all the idiots using “fascist” for anything they don’t like.

      1. Nabeel Husari

        So, is tear gassing US citizens for a photo op not fascist? What about trying to over throw a democratic election? Kara dune supports this

        1. Mick

          Authoritarianism does not equal fascism. It’s trash but it’s not fascist.

          Kinda funny how you care about all of this now but when the last guy was drone bombing hospitals you called him the greatest president ever… ?

    3. Charlie's an idiot

      I went to highschool with a guy who’s nickname was “Charlie Rotten” . . . . he was a pretty smart dude, you’re definitely not him. 🙂

    4. Truth

      Lol… BIGOT! RACIST! CAPITALIST!CHRISTIAN! HOMOPHOBE! cmon man I’m just a couple of spaces away from Daily Liberal Bingo! I’ve got great confidence that your women’s studies diploma can give you the knowledge you need to parrot out a couple more so I can call Bingo! Please I need the money from the winnings because I won’t go try to make any money even though I’m not in any high risk categories.

    5. Yuri Nate

      You disgusting and pathetic liberals would kill your own children if somehow that would help you find a way to accuse a deaf mute of being a “bigot”!
      You liberals are the unquestionable sickest of the mentally sick of defective humans!

    1. Dan

      There’s no controversy here. People, just being people, need something to rant and vent about on social media because they sit at home all day. Have no lives, don’t enjoy any activities. Grow fat on their sofa eating their poor diets. Precious little snowflakes who are entitled, selfish, ill and probably disgusting.

      They can’t do better.

      Get a life. Maybe you’ll complain about other people’s lives less.

  3. Brad Parker

    If social media is not a platform for freedom of speech, what is it then, exactly? Get off of it, if you are offended. You are not the arbitor.

  4. Rational

    She can keep saying disgraceful things but we are definitely going to keep shaming her for them and eventually The Mouse will tire of it. Disney is notoriously controversy adverse. They won’t let it go on very long.

    1. Darth Rational

      tire of what? her saying disgraceful things or snowflakes getting offended by every little thing that happens in the universe that they don’t agree with?

      1. Nabeel Husari

        Dude Donald Trump is king snowflake, trying to actively dismantle our democracy and she supports it. She would support the empower and vader too. They’re bad people.

        1. edward smith

          She’s about at softly feminine as a direwolf… beautiful, yes, but jeez she exudes “ignorant cowboy”.
          “Rights” don’t apply to this pandemic. It’s just reckless ignorance… nothing else.

  5. Geraldo de Camargo Junior

    I love you Gina. No other actress ( I mean in this role) would be better than you!

  6. RebelAgainstFascism

    She’s a pretty crappy actress, on top of having moronic ideas about politics and science. I’ll absolutely avoid a show focused around her character, and I hope they avoid giving her a larger platform to spread her uneducated takes on vaccines, viruses, and anything political.

    1. Jessy

      Hey Mick! Found one!

  7. Bman

    Ahhh, once again we are faced with the Identity Marxist. It is not just about cancelling people who say things they do not like. See, they have the “right” to keep up the pressure until Disney caves but we do not have the right to speak out against their ideology. Not a two way street as it should be in a Constitutional Republic. We need to realize what is happening here.

    1. Yuri Nate

      Slight correction if I may Bman: “…against their” IDIOT-OLOGY!

  8. JoseVirgen

    Thank You for the only one who loves the life and be happy as good for the fans.
    Always be safe and enjoy it.

  9. Ck

    I support her 100%!! Love it that she speaks her mind!!!

    1. Bloodvixen

      I just wish she would keep the conspiracy theories to herself. Otherwise yeah agreed.

  10. TheRealRebellion

    anti-trans, anti-blm, anti-vaxxer, anti-masker…she can spew her ignorant bs all she wants. But when people call her out on how her voice contributes to violence against marginalized communities and then she blocks them for it, your not about freedom of speech, you’re about spewing your own ignorant, racist and transphobic vitriol unopposed.

    1. Yuri Nate

      Have you ever considered Seppuku? I’m told that’s it’s the perfect remedy against the present proliferation of “woke” snowflake cancel culture turd bag whiners like yourself!

  11. Bloodvixen

    I just wish the stars on the right would do what they tell the stars on the left. “Shut your mouth and do your job”. I like Gina. I really do and don’t want to see her sacked. But at the same time her views are just as radical as Brie Larsons. Why do we celebrate Gina but demonize Brie? Very puzzling.

  12. Daddy Piranha

    I must’ve missed where anyone was trying to “silence” Gina. I can’t find a single person telling her she can’t speak.
    I mean, I’ve seen point out that what she is saying is scientifically innacurate. Many people have disagreed about her interpretation of reality. And quite a few questioned whether a family company should have a person like Gina representing a franchise.
    But not one said she should be silent. She just wants to spout off and not have consequences. It doesn’t work that way at my job, but maybe I’m just better at my job than she is at hers.

  13. Liz

    You go girl ?

  14. Fistulus Maximus

    She’s a terrible actress unless it comes to playing the victim online.

  15. Yuri Nate

    Slight correction if I may Bman: “…against their” IDIOT-OLOGY!

  16. Yuri Nate

    Have you ever considered Seppuku? I’m told that’s it’s the perfect remedy against the present proliferation of “woke” snowflake cancel culture turd bag whiners like yourself!

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