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cara dune

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. Megan

    FYI she says that to Prince Humperdinck/Chris Sarandon, not Westley…

    1. Kataphora V

      Thank you!! 👏 Amateur writers, get your $hit straight.

      1. Elizabeth A Berry

        I stopped watching after season 1. It’s an incredible show, but her character is a better person than she is. Kills the whole vibe for me.

        1. Grant Hackney

          Do you only watch shows that feature actors you agree with?

          1. Julian Elbardisy

            Disney’s not going to make her say an apology she doesn’t have to apologize she did nothing wrong people are being reactive because they have nothing better to do in life than to complain about what other people post on their personal Twitter that’s their opinion not yours if you don’t like what they say then stop watching or reading their posts be a little bit more intelligible in life and understand that not everybody needs to have that happy goal lucky good feeling there are people that have other opinions that do not coincide with yours grow up

        2. Chris

          Bahaha poor you I’m sure you were never a fan to begin with. I don’t agree with anything that Mark Ruffolo says but I’ll still watch him play the Hulk. Do yourself a favor stay off the internet if people expressing a opinion makes you so cringy.

          1. Daniel Doolhoff

            If I only watched shows with actors I agree with, Then I would never watch anything out of Hollywood.

        3. James

          Whaaa whaaaa “I don’t agree with an actress so it ruins the show for me” That may be the funniest most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!

        4. Ann

          Totally agree. I just cringe when she shows up. I just suffer through it. Show would be better without her,

      2. Jay

        She can say whatever she wants. Last time I checked this is still America. Disney can still fire her for conduct unbecoming, but it seems like our country is all about freedom of speech as long as you don’t go against the grain and that’s just ridiculous.

    2. KimBar

      Yes! If you can’t report correctly, don’t report at all!

    3. Jason Thelen

      Yeah.. maybe try watching the movie so you know what you’re talking about.

    4. Jessica S.

      That was my first thought upon reading this article.

    5. Me

      The cancel cult needs to calm tf down. Whiny little craven cowards getting bruises and cuts from words.

      1. Kukamonga

        The only cowards here are Bunker Boi Donny that riles up his brain less minions then runs and hides while he watches them do his bidding and the rest of his flock of sheep running to parler because the other social media sites are being meanies to their orange overlord. 😂

  2. Chris Porosky

    It’s hard to see a great actress double down on dumb though. Ironically, it’s fear which drives covid deniers and Trump supporters to begin with.

    1. Roger

      Oddly, I long ago ceased to associate actors’ lives with character’s lives. So you would take away her right to speak freely because of the content of her speech? I honestly don’t care what she thinks; her acting ability doesn’t depend on her opinions.

    2. Roger

      Correct. Not that others haven’t before her. McCarthy and his ilk demonized the communists in the 1950’s. We’ve just changed the meme to demonizing “Trump sympathizers.” It’s no different in effects, just in who is affected. The only people encouraged to speak out are those against Trump. McCarthyism is alive and well, among the democrats and their allies. It’s the same mean-spirited cancel culture.

      1. Keith

        Hmm guess Wednesday’s events were right up your alley.

        1. Stephen Good

          Lol of course you think that, you thought that long before Wed. Why should anyone start caring about your whiney feelings now??

      2. JasonJ

        You say “Trump Sympathizers” I just call them morons.

  3. Jamie Feeser

    I agree with you. I don’t care what celebrities say. It’s their opinion. I do respect her for going against everything Hollywood believes in though. & she’s cute.

    1. Kat

      Gina’s comments should have no bearing on her job. This is a country of free speech. She has the right to express her opinion the same as Mark Hamill does and no one is calling for his job due to his leftest viewpoint. Just more bashing from the folks whose party preaches “tolerance”.

      1. Gern Blanston


        Free speech does not mean free from consequences. Also, free speech does not apply when it isn’t coming from the government. Learn about these things before you post.

        1. JasonJ

          If you’re not free from consequences, then you’re not free. If me speaking an unpopular opinion means I can be coerced or intimidated into silence by say losing my job, then I really don’t have freedom of speech.

          James Gunn briefly lost his job for ten year old jokes, Rosario Dawson was targeted for ridulous accusations made by someone who later recanted and was probably lying.

          No one should want to live in a world where they are tried and convicted in the court of Twitter.

      2. Suzy Ince

        You’re kidding right. Free speech is for the people not the government. Read the Constitution before you post

        1. T

          Actually, they’re not wrong. Freedom of Speech does not entitle you to spread hate. And social media is not protected by free speech – she can have her opinions and won’t go to jail for them (which is exactly what’s happening, she’s not being jailed), but she does not get a platform to spread them. No human is entitled to that.

          1. Nick

            When anyone disagrees it used to be simply a difference of opinion and it was typically met with a “we’ll agree to disagree” response. However, now there are no longer differences of opinion or things one person can like without it including a group think agreement without it being called “spreading hate”.
            Guess what? That “spreading hate” that so easily rolls off your tongue is an opinion.
            Saying Trump (and those who support/agree with him) is “spreading hate” is an opinion. And, it’s an opinion of his opinion.
            Saying Pelosi (and those who support and agree with her) is “spreading hate” against Trump is an opinion.
            Trouble there are people who are sanctimoniously and without qualification saying that the Trump opinion is “spreading hate” while the Pelosi opinion is some kind of beacon of undeniable truth and morality. However, that just isn’t so.

      3. JC

        I am sorry but
        Mark Hamill’s view doesn’t lead to the loss of hundreds of THOUSANDS lives by spreading misinformation and lies. 370,000+ deaths
        Fire Gina.

        1. James

          Uhhh… what misinformation has she spread? You do know she has never taken an anti mask position, or denied that covid was serious. So you are either too lazy to fact check or you are just making up bs. Please feel free to cut an paste what exactly you are referring to.

        2. JasonJ

          I am more saddened by the fact that Americans are so stupid, they’ll believe anything. This is a failing on American schools and parents more than Carano.

    2. Grant Hackney

      Do you only watch shows that feature actors you agree with?

  4. Toni Bourlon

    I don’t watch actors, tv shows or movies because of the actor’s political opinions. If I did, I’d never watch anything because most actors (including my new heart throb Pedro Pascal) are liberals & I’m a red state conservative. It’s incredibly dumb to want to fire an actress because of who she voted for – would you REALLY feel that way if the tables were turned?

    1. Michelle's Bulge

      Looks like the ITM staff may have TDS… This isn’t even news.

  5. S

    You should be fired

  6. Ck

    Love Gina,f those sensitive snowflakes!!!

    1. Jared Williss

      Disney, when are you going to fire this CTE having imbecile? It’s been well past time since she first opened her mouth and spewed her moronic anti-mask, anti-trans vile ideology. It’s just getting worse now that she is rooting on violent insurrectionist. She has no place at Star Wars or at Disney and should be a Walmart greeter by this time next week. If you fail the fire her, disney, all your attempts at showing that you care about social responsibility or providing family friendly entertainment are transparent and laughable. Fire this muscle bound idiot yesterday.

      1. Maxman

        Just say what’s on your mind Carano. Everybody else is doing it.

      2. Matt

        Damn so much hate coming from you, it’s so childish and idiotic I can’t even understand how. Functioning human being can make those type of comments. This idea that cancelling someone that has different view points than you is just insanely stupid, get off your high horses and take a very good look at yourself maybe you will stop being such an intolerant bigot you are claiming to fight against.

        1. SmokeWagon Plus

          Right…conservatives don’t engage in Cancel Culture? GTFO w your BS. Gina is a crap actres. She could be replaced tomorrow. She is not particularly interesting.

          1. JOSEPH BECKER

            @jared hope you find some level of peace and acceptance in you life. I truly feel sorry you and others like you. I d9 not agree qith you. That being said It in no way means I want you to suffer o be forced with out a job or canceled. 9ne day you may mature amd feel that way towards others.

          2. Roger

            Of course they engage in cancel culture. MCCarthyism was a great example. Was it right? No. The tables turned, and we all recognize the wrongness of McCarthy. Just replace “Communism” with “Trump support”, and where are you?
            Why would Disney replace her? Her politics do not affect her acting ability, do they?

        2. Justanks

          I love how conservatives always say it’s just a difference of opinion when protecting their evil ways.

      3. Joe

        You’re a special little snowflake aren’t you. Yes indeed! A wee wittle snowfwake!

        1. Anthony

          Dude that’s cringy. Don’t do that.

      4. Boohoo

        What gives you the right to say all that to her!?
        So it’s ok to express yourself and say things inappropriate about her but she does it you want her to stfu!🤦‍♂️😂🤣

      5. JSmithson

        Fire her for her belief man that’s nice. So if she was Gay or such you should fire her for that too its a free country so stfu

      6. Mizzle

        You people are pathetic. You want someone fired for having an OPINION! I seriously doubt she has CTE, but that’s pretty wierd of you to use that as an insult.

        I swear you act like Covid is the 2nd coming of the Black Plague… most people that get it don’t even have noticeable symptoms.

      7. Jay

        Oh Ok…. just because you said so LOL I think they would rather keep the several hundred million bucks they stand to make of her character and the show over the next few years.

      8. Renee

        Its still a free country for ALL not just Democrats to speak their mind without fear of retribution or lose of your jobs. Get a grip people and get over yourselves!

      9. Laurie Burkhardt

        Why should this woman lose her job for posting her political opinion or her beliefs. And that she alone makes Disney family unfriendly. Please tell in what season and episode that this actress expressed any of her personal opinions or beliefs?
        What none of them? Then why should she be fired? If you don’t like what she says then stop reading what she posts. Problem solved.

      10. James

        OK we get it. You’re mad because she is both smarter and stronger than you. Go read some books and hit the gym, and then maybe you can be more like Gina and her mere presence will not trigger you.

      11. Stephen Good

        Blah blah blah, heard it all before, still dont care. The more you bash this woman the more popular she becomes outside of your little echo chamber. Bash away, all the attention is making her career skyrocket, and we already knew long ago the only thing the left has is hate. Facism disgusied as moral superority.

      12. JasonJ

        Spoken like a true facist. Fire this individual to prove your loyalty to the liberal ideology… Until someone else in at Disney says something I disagree with, then you must perform the loyalty test again, and again. As many times as needed until only people who think like me are working at Disney.

        Get over yourself dude.

  7. Officer acab


    1. Well, considering her brain is basically swiss cheese from the advanced CTE she undoubtedly has because she was a moron and decided to be an ultimate fighter, we won’t have to worry about her saying whatever idiotic thing comes to mind for long. Hopefully she’ll be drooling in a long-term care facility any day now. It’ll serve her right.

      1. Matt

        Haters gonna hate. Doesn’t matter what side of the aisle they’re on.

  8. Amanda

    I believe everyone should have the freedom to express their own opinions without being personally attacked. Trying to get her fired because she offended your delicate sensibilities is appalling intolerant, hateful, and childish. Don’t like her don’t watch her shows/films (your loss). Simple as that.

    1. T

      What? If you air your opinion, others are allowed to air theirs back.

      She won’t go to jail for what she’s said. That’s how free speech works. It doesn’t entitle her to spread misinformation or stupidity on social media. That’s not how free speech works.

      1. Nick

        Actually it is how it works, this site is a testament to that fact.

  9. I think it’s time Gina Carano shut up. It’s not that her posts are politically incorrect. It’s that she’s dumb enough to upset the fanbase – and frequently over nothing. This is a business. Disney doesn’t make money off angering the fanbase, including subscribers to Disney+. And while you can’t please everybody, you should definitely pick your battles. If Carano doesn’t stop trolling, Disney is going to get tired of dealing with the hassle. She’ll find they supported her till they didn’t.

  10. Pat

    Why is it that once one expresses an option that differs from yours you want to destroy their ability to work?

    1. Christopher S. Short

      Yes. It is a sickness. They feel justified in causing as much harm to people they dislike as possible. Its sad for humanity.

    2. R

      Because when it is about life and death, it’s not an opinion anymore. It’s a human rights issue. A differing opinion would be something like “Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza!” And saying back, “I disagree” THAT is the difference.

      1. Matt

        You clearly don’t understand the First Amendment. That’s on you. Pity.

        1. Suzy Ince

          The author needs to do some fact checking. The WHO and the CDC have said after careful and multiple testing that a symptomatic people do not transmit the disease. The author is guilty of spreading disinformation. I think we should make sure what we read is actually true and be wary of authors who willingly or lazily spread bad info. Even if it’s a quote.

          1. Matt

            That is false. The CDC has said that the majority of spread is from Asymptomatic and presympotmatic exposures.

          2. G

            Suzy Ince thats a lie. The CDC has actually said a majority of cases come from asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic exposures. You are the one reading false information.

          3. Wow. Just, wow.

  11. J

    People need to remember how to mind their own F-ing business again.

    1. Ken

      He says, commenting about someone’s business

      1. Matt

        Weak attempt at silencing others.

  12. J

    I really don’t understand the love for this actress. She has zero charisma and brought zero unique craft to her role. She could literally be replaced overnight and there would be absolutely no impact what so ever

    1. Ray Shamrock


      1. I don’t agree with Gina’s comments at all, so I feel disappointed. I hope Gina will reconsider. Love her in the role as Cara Dune and she would be sorely missed if she were not to continue. All the best.

    2. Kare

      I would disagree, she is amazing as a person and actress, but I guess to each his own.

    3. JC


  13. KRIS

    Gina has the right to believe whatever she wants without anyone’s approval. Her employment as an actress should NEVER be endangered for pitiful political reasons of the STUPID CANCEL CULTURE. I want to see her in the Rangers and whatever else because she is a GOOD ACTRESS. Judge yourself by how you judge others. Those that want her fired should then think about how they would react to being fired for their personal statements and beliefs that have nothing to due with work.

    1. S. F.

      Sounds like someone hates the free market and voluntary association!

    2. Idc, if she wants my kid, should be a story. Matta of fact! Any of you jagoffs women need man juice? Since you guys are wasting vital time & not flattening the puffy hill with 2 flesh fences. Im the guy slipping in at night, while your stuck on your phone & it’s filling! 😂

      1. I don’t agree with Gina’s comments at all, so I feel disappointed. I hope Gina will reconsider. Love her in the role as Cara Dune and she would be sorely missed if she were not to continue. All the best.

  14. E

    Way to go, Gina. 👏

  15. James Dodd

    I think it is ridiculous basically communism in its worst form to ban people from having ideas that strongly differ from yours it’s the way that governing society at its worst oppressed the people being terrified of having a person who sees situations differently hey maybe they are just venting anyway even super girl seemed to get pissed off once in a while but what I dont agree with is acting out on those ideas in ways that hurt others

    1. Fistulus Maximus

      She must have been so stoked when the Trumpers killed that cop during attack on the capitol. These are the “patriots” she counts herself among.

      1. Dna

        What about all the people blm and antifa killed during their insurrection?

      2. Praying for souls

        What about the unarmed woman just standing there the police just gunned down, like the Black lives before her, or this is different because she was white?

        Say her name!

        Bet you can’t.


          Ashli babbitt broke into the capitol and was feet away from where our lawmakers were. She knew they had guns and would protect the people there. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  16. Ell

    This one author here seems awfully obsessed with this topic.

  17. Keith

    I don’t agree with her opinions. That being said….it in no way gives me the right to impose my beliefs on her, or demand that she loses her job because of those differences. If I felt otherwise then I would be the ultimate hypocrite.

  18. Boohoo

    😂🤣 These people make my a** itch! These cry babies want an actress off of a show because of her opinions! 🤣 how pathetic can these people be! This is America! Where we are allowed to do so! Or are we only allowed to do what these people “FEEL” I’d right only!?

  19. Bruce Cage

    99% survival rate what is there to fear but the hysteria pushed by the leftist agenda THINK for yourself instead of letting the liberals do it for u

  20. Chris

    99.9 % of this country doesn’t engage in stupidity. Welcome to federal prison! Bend over and spread them cheeks! Trump hasn’t changed follow stupid and get a stupid outcome. Giving up your freedom for Trump why?

  21. Andy

    This whole article is a form of cancel culture! I absolutely hate ppl that try to do this by making a big deal out of absolutely nothing. As the general rule in life ‘what comes around goes around’

  22. Jason Thelen

    I don’t understand when censoring people became a good idea in this country. It seems to have replaced personal accountability and free thinking as well as free speech. Learn to think. Whether you agree with someone or not, why get bent out of shape? Be an intellectual and consider the point of view.

  23. Sketco

    Have to never watched the movie or read the book? Buttercup is talking to Prince Humperdinck, NOT Wesley!

  24. Brandon

    Who cares what people post on Twitter…

  25. Nek

    Though Woman, who doesnt back down to nowadays P.C. culture.

  26. MrGoat

    Speech isn’t really free in America anymore. The world proved that with this idiotic article, and the people who caused it to be written. I stand on the side of free speech, just because you don’t agree with or like what someone says, doesn’t mean they suddenly no longer have the god given right to say it. I may not agree with everything someone says but I will defend to the death their right to say it.

  27. Scott

    She’s an actor, i don’t give a damn what her personal thoughts are or give a crap about twitter. I have a life and i suggest those ticked off at Gina get one too.
    If every actor shared all their personal feelings, you would be drowning in the cancel culture you have created.

  28. Derrick Krauss

    Wesley wasn’t scared the whole movie, not once

  29. Lon Denard

    My opinion will always be the same when it comes to a celebrity’s political posts… don’t care. They are people just like me. I have opinions, they have opinions. Can she act? Yes? Then keep her on. I don’t want competent actors fired just because I don’t agree with them. I definitely don’t want incompetent actors retained over our sympatico political beliefs. That’s even worse in my opinion.

  30. Jsmith

    Some people talking fire her?! Really, for something she believes in what if the shoe was on the other foot. That’s some of the most bigot stuff I’ve heard! Just watch the show who cares what she thinks mind your business.

  31. Maria

    I am so tired of everyone and their cousin telling people that they can’t have an opinion on something. You do you and let me do me. But don’t tell me how to live my life or how to think, or what my reaction to something can be. Get your nose out of my business and be a damn responsible adult!

  32. The prophet

    It’s sad we now live in a country similar to the once ussr… and current Chinese communism, and by that I mean you’re punished, ruined or killed because some people disagree with your opinion. Remember just because something hurts your feelings, doesnt mean it’s wrong or deserves to be silenced. This america you dont like what someone is talking about then see your way out the conversation, as much as I have a right to say what I want you have as much a right to ignore it and not listen, but to silence someone is exactly what Hitler and nazis did to people who disagreed with them. Sounds alot like that narrative in this country, so whose the real nazi? Person A who speaks their mind regardless if its offensive or the person who controls your speech because is goes against their beliefs…

  33. Bill Foster

    Hey author, I’ll split the chores and the cash on that Kessel run. Maybe a laugh or two. Not a scoundrel, btw😄😄😄

    1. Renee

      Its still a free country for ALL not just Democrats to speak their mind without fear of retribution or lose of your jobs. Get a grip people and get over yourselves!

  34. Renee

    Its still a free country for ALL not just Democrats to speak their mind without fear of retribution or lose of your jobs. Get a grip people and get over yourselves!

  35. Sean Fitzpatrick

    It’s sad that just because you don’t agree with her comments, you would attempt to have her removed from her job. Should she then do the same towards you? She doesn’t feel the way you do so maybe she, and anyone else who doesn’t agree with you, should write your employer and have you removed from your job. The cancel culture is real in this one….

  36. Hi Gina you are a very Beautiful lady so don’t believe all this crazy that they are saying about you. I know that I may just a fan but I think you are a great actress and you are very talented. Sending my best wishes. Marc W Berryhill

  37. John hendrickson

    What a bunch of woke losers, I thought that you could speak your mind in America! I love the ladies tanasity!

  38. Petey

    I don’t care what she or any other actor / actress says. I like them because they play a part and play it well. Robert De Niro and I are diametrically opposed politically, but damn he’s a great actor. Same with Gina. Love you in the Mandalorian Gina.

  39. James

    OK we get it. You’re mad because she is both smarter and stronger than you. Go read some books and hit the gym, and then maybe you can be more like Gina and her mere presence will not trigger you.

  40. Taram

    I really don’t give a crap what she [or any other idiot actor/actress] says. Anyone who gives any attention to people who play pretend for a living says about actual real world events needs to have their head examined.

    Honestly, I never found her character that interesting. I doubt a show based on her will do very well.

  41. Teddy gurson

    I wish people would stop freaking out about other people’s opinions. Its tiresome…

  42. Christine Wolfe-Tingey

    She is a human, an American with an opinion. Just bc she is an actress and you don’t agree with her views, how dare anyone jeopardize her job. There is too much division already. Leave her alone, and figure out what you can do to make this world a better, healthier place.

  43. Roguefemme

    Lolll at all the Republicans getting bent out of shape over this when y’all are the ones who want to make it legal to fire somebody for being gay or being a religion you don’t like. You don’t get to cry injustice when your own BS comes back to bite you.

    P.S. The First Amendment says the government can’t restrict your freedom of speech (except in cases of, say, SEDITION). It does not guarantee or require non-government businesses to give you work or a platform.

  44. Daddy Piranha

    “Why is there fear behind your eyes?”

    I’ll take a shot at that one.


    That’s pretty scary for me. And should be for any true patriot.

  45. drew

    i don’t agree with her views on politics, but i love her character in the Mandalorian.
    but i have a question for all of you.
    why is it that when an actor or athlete has an opinion about politics that you don’t agree with, all i hear is “stick to acting!” or “stick to comedy!” yet when someone says something you agree with you treat them like hero’s???

  46. Eevie

    ITM: “We focus on bringing you all things fun so you can plan your theme park vacation, enjoy Disney at home, and more.” Reading politically-charged articles is not my idea of fun and certainly does not help me plan my theme park vacation or enjoy Disney. Stick to your mission statement of “focusing on bringing us all things fun…”. If I wanted politically-charged bullsh” t I would’ve turned on the news.

  47. Wendi Gibbs

    It’s called free speech! Lots of people died for us to have that right! But now it’s only free speech if you drink the kool-aid for one side!
    If you don’t agree with someone that’s ok but should she be fired for having an opinion…NO!

  48. Lalee

    Thank you for bringing back my ex lover email Robinsonbuckler11@ gmail com………………”

  49. Wow really u people are ao quick to judge whatpathetic poor souls ..She is great no one else could do her part better.. you should be ashamed of yourselves..Work and opinion are two different things..and she has every right to speak her mind and give her opinion and no one ahoyld be oppressed for that ..Get a life people. I feel aorry for you poor pathetic souls…

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