Comments for #FireGinaCarano Goes Wild as Fans React to Capitol Riots

gina carano

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. Michelle

    Are they going to fire actors and actresses who supported BLM and antifa knocking people unconscious and leaving them lying in the street, destroying monuments, police buildings, and people’s businesses?

    1. D.S.

      Agreed. How about #EndCancellCulture goes trending next?

      1. Landon H.

        Exactly. Also, I wonder if she liked post by riot supporters or just Trump supporters. A bit of a difference there.

        1. Gus gmjimenez2009@yahoo.comGustavo M Jimenez

          The problem with cancel culture is that it stands for nothing and attacks everyone. The same people who are calling for her to be fired are the same ones who repost and support antifa when they were doing violence. What happened in DC is the same as when Hillary lost. When those protest happened the media was praising the violence and now that this protest doesn’t support the media’s narrative of course they are going to denounce it. The people who are to blame is the higher education educators and media they have been pushing thier view for the last 20 years and as they say tou reap what you sow.

          1. Debor


          2. Obi Cannoli

            Nailed it!

          3. Annette


        2. Sheldon

          The rioters were Trump supporters

          1. Jay

            Not all of them. Some were just anarchists.

          2. haggus

            there were thousands upon thousands of protesters, and only a few went into the capital, and fewer yet caused any problems. You seem to imply that all trump supporters were rioting.

        3. Angel

          Love you Gina. Its not a crime to be a Republican and a Trump supporter.
          Stay true to your beliefs.Equality and Inclusion is what everyone says they want. Well start acting like it and accept views on life that don’t align with yours.Quit trying to fire people just because they don’t share your views. Ridiculous!!

          1. Obi Cannoli

            Exactly. A bunch of immature brats

        4. Jared Hix

          She hott and I completely support her political views, keep her in star wars

        5. Irrelevant

          Quite a huge. difference, President Trump himself rebuked and condemned the violent rioters.

          1. Shaheed Mohammed

            Only he didn’t though. He literally said they’re good people and he loved them.

      2. Kenneth Smoak

        People are stupid. Gina doesn’t support violence. Her support stands for something else. If any of those people had a brain they would see that. But you cant fix stupid.

        1. Marcelo Dantas

          If they manage to silence Gina over her beliefs, then the so called “terrorists” will be nothing but right.

        2. Sarah N Beaulieu

          The lady who got paid to beat the snot out of others doesn’t support violence? I think you are unclear in how words work 🤦. So beating people up for a living is promoting violence. Saying the election was stolen and retweeting disproven conspiracy theories is supporting violence especially when it turns into a bunch of mouth breathers taking part in sedition. yes famous people are allowed to have their own opinion they also have to be willing to be responsible when they repost false information summit leads to what happened yesterday. also if you don’t support violence then you really can’t be a trump supporter because he literally sent those people to the capital yesterday and told them to go do that

          1. Obi Cannoli

            You cant really be a liberal if you dont support destroying cities, peoples lives and jobs as well as attacking both physically and verbally those who have different beliefs as you. Hypocrites and bigots

          2. JOhn

            So you consider sedition occupying federal spaces? Please give me a lengthy condemnation of the years of Antifa and BLM riots across cities and attacking federal buildings while session was happening please.

            Thanks in advance!

          3. James

            #FireRebekahBurton I can’t state how little I respect a write who copies tweets from a few deranged lunatics and makes a story out of it. Doe it matter that Gina Carano had NOTHING to do with the riots… and literally made NO comments about the subject? This is obvious garbage by a writer who clearly has issues with an actress for some crazy reason.

          4. Stephen Landry

            The rioters were paid antifa group members put there to insight the “riot” you say false conspiracy but yet no court would even look at the evidence there was clearly cheating and how convenient that we get a virus the same year of the biggest election in history and conveniently change the mail in rules, dominion machines are proven inaccurate and unreliable they are 133 million registers voters 75 million for trimp you do the math I could go on all day would you believe anything the tv says then you are asleep a sheep and naive my friend I’ll pray for all of your like-minded breatheren

        3. bruce mckenzie

          If Gina does indeed not support violence, then it is incumbent upon her to make a public statement to that fact. She started the fire of her controversy by tweeting comments that provoked the controversy surrounding her. She can’t now just silently pretend she knows nothing. She’s not Sgt Schultz from Hogans Heroes is she?

      3. Alertone

        Tired of the double standard.
        BLM was much much worse – truly research what damage they cost this country and don’t just take the liberal media’s spin on it. Yet BLM was not called “mob”, “domestic terrorists”, Insurection”.

        1. Shaheed Mohammed

          The BLM movement is not responsible for the violence. It’s a few opportunists that causes it. Also, in many cases they are met with violence or hostile intent. For example, where was the NG during the Trump riot? When BLM stage a protest the NG is already there.

          1. RichardRichardRichard R Brooks

            And most of the people at the Trump rally were not violently attacking Congress, so again how is it different than a BLM protest?

        2. Steve

          If being sucked in by the obviously idiotic lies of the Trump administration were grounds to be kicked off twitter, then about a third of the USA should be banned.

          Cut Gina a break, she probably has a traumatic brain injury that makes her prone to violence and flights of fancy.

          At least she has a reason to be a credulous moron, her frontal cortex is probably mush.

        3. What you said is so ridiculous. BLM speaks to equality for people AND like many things today it was usurped by those advocating violence…..through ignorance. Also, looking at news reports who was actually rioting? Separate but equal means ??? Double standards? Because most of the posts I have read sound like regurgitation I get it. But, I LOVE America AND I love AMERICA. Only when we stop pushing the blame button will our country begin to heal. Only when the truth is actually spoken can there be true resolution.

      4. bramagola

        there is no such thing as cancel culture it’s just called culture if you’re a total jerk off to society why exactly should we pay attention to you anymore?

        we have been doing cancel culture as a species since the day we walk out of the swamp.

        the proper name for it are laws ethics and morals

        1. eneguE

          Right, there have always been idiots that don’t respect the opinions of others, like you and all the other cancel culture snobs. Isn’t that the base of it, we don’t agree so you should mess up my life, real mature.

        2. Booster

          Ok, I’m a liberal and I call BS on that. We are living in radical times. We’ve never seen this much outrage and name calling in the public sector before. Some of it is good (constructive towards progress) and some of it is victim-centered, eye-rolling nonsense. Regardless, don’t piss and call it rain.

      5. Thomas Paccione

        If you have a problem with Gina, simple solution, don’t watch the show. Problem solved.

        1. Annette


        2. Brendan Kopervos


      6. D.B.

        Did she participate in the events? No. Has she harmed anyone? No. Whole I personally don’t agree with her opinion or perspective she in no way deserves to be fired. If she is fired that is a very clear violation of HER constitutional rights. Remember it isn’t illegal to voice your opinion.

      7. PoppysRide

        Gina is awesome and is intitled to her own opinions as are every other human being on the planet, I support Gina and look forward to seeing more of her in the near future!

      8. Gøran Smistad

        I believe in the freedom of speech. If we demand punishment for people we disagree with, people will have to think twice before stating their actual opinions. People would have to lie. I don’t think that kind of society is a good place to live. Sounds like I disagree with Gina, but I support her right to speak her mind without fearing to lose her job.

      9. James

        Would love to see that. Stop firings for having different ideas

    2. Danny Strahan

      Guess freedom of speech ( while not breaking laws of the land) is suspended now. Plus reckon the right to assemble is also suspended( but not in Portland,Seattle,Minneapolis, Louisville)

    3. Tony

      I actually got on here to make this exact same point…thank you

      1. Scott

        When did BLM cause insurrection to our government and bum rush and vandalize and put people’s lives in jeopardy at the capital?

        1. JimInAuburn

          They did it in dozens of cities around the country for months and months. They literally attacked a federal courthouse in Portland every night for over a hundred days, attacking police trying to protect it.

        2. Andrew

          Look up what they did to sitting Mayor Ted Wheeler in Portland.

          Seriously. They burned his apartment complex because he wouldn’t do what they wanted.

          That literally is insurrection. They used fear and violence to influence policy in their favor.

          Recently they vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s house to make her give them what they wanted.

          They tried to throw and have thrown molotov cocktails at police.

          The top two are directly trying to influence public policy. You can’t condemn the capitol stuff without also condemning the over 100 days of targeted political aggression.

          If you do you are a partisan hack, par excellence.

          To be clear, I don’t like any of it and think it’s all stupid.

          1. MzKathy

            You need to stop buying into the ignorant rhetoric of the racist Trump supporters who infiltrated peaceful protestors and doing bad things you’re trying to blame on BLM! That has already been proven but you’d rather blame peaceful protesters because it serves your purpose. All you people are sheep being led to your ultimate demise by a megalomaniac!!

        3. Trevor Clark

          For you to defend Antifa is disgusting. You are pitiful. However, I do support your right to sound off like an idiot.

        4. Michelle

          Just an FYI – it’s been reported in the news that BLM activist John Sullivan was in the Capitol Building with the rest of the mob. He was arrested in Utah in the summer for participating in riots. Kinda strange, ain’t it?

          1. Alnie Robert

            Don’t say “it’s been reported”. Post the link.

          2. Michelle

            You can’t post a link on this site. Go to Andy Ngo January 7, 2021 Twitter:

            One of the men who was part of the siege of the Capitol building is John Earle Sullivan, an extreme BLM activist from Utah. He was arrested & charged in July 2020 over a BLM-antifa riot where drivers in Provo were threatened & one was shot.

        5. JB

          Back in October/November….where were you?

      2. Debor

        They were


        1. Les

          Love that name VikingQueen 👍🏾

    4. Travid

      Leave this woman alone without your cyber bullying articles. This is about pushing your agenda. Literally less than 10 tweets about this and you call it “wild.” Just a clever way to push your agenda.

      1. A nonynous


      2. Trevor Clark

        For you to defend Antifa is disgusting. You are pitiful. However, I do support your right to sound off like an idiot.

      3. bramagola

        so instead you’re going to cyber bully us into leaving her alone?

        1. Brendan Kopervos

          How is saying that cyber bullying?

    5. Caligyal

      AGREED! Where was the outrage as cities were assaulted over and over for months! HYPOCRITES!!

    6. KR Ewing

      Probably not. No more than they’re going to support a bunch of radical, conservative, unhinged terrorists who stormed the Nation’s Capitol, 4 people killed including one police officer, and actively engaging in destroying building if not for Washington DC’s bomb squad finding the devices. Last time I checked, nobody has died on BLM’s watch. White people always have an answer, though. It’s always “look at someone else”. Not this time

      1. ALM

        I appreciate your view to in all this but… In what works did the BLM riots not kill or hurt anybody? Cause it did where I live maybe your news didn’t report that though?? Also I was around and have access to video of those who instigated and started rushing the building. Not going into details because it’s not worth it to me. Fact is there is a lot of wrong views everywhere covid-19 isn’t helping people are getting restless and losing everything. That is not me condoning anything I’m just saying EVERYTHING is getting blown out of proportion because people are paying attention now because they have nothing else better to do. “The sheep are awake and they are mad”.

      2. You’ve checked very wrong not sure where your info is coming from but people DEFINITELY HAVE died during the BLM attacks. I use that word because where I live that’s exactly what they were it was a protest for maybe 30 minutes. People did die and not just here I have friends and family that have reported the same thing and saw it first hand as well. That’s more misinformation being spread we gotta stop all this.

      3. Gordon Roberts

        Really? At least 19 people were killed during the 2020 BLM riots. Including Secoriea (sp?) Turner, an 8 year old little girl in Atlanta who was killed when BLM rioters opened fire on the car she was a passenger in. Some of the actions by rioters at the capital were heinous, and those people deserve to be condemned for them. But don’t act like the BLM riots were any better. Any American that is rioting, assaulting, looting, and murdering people in the street is wrong. Full stop.

      4. Storm

        You say “nobody has died on BLM’s watch.” Tell that to the family of David Dorn.

      5. Ogar

        No officer died.
        One of the people that died was shot without any risk of the shooters or anyone elses safety.
        Atleast 1 other was a health related death and no Trump supporter actively attempted to. kill anyone.
        As for BLM multiple deaths happened on thier watch and during Chad they were actively shaking down those that lived in the area and fired multiple rounds of bullets into a vehicle that a kid was driving. Just a few examples

        1. officer brian d. sicknick 42 yo was a member of the Capitol police & died of blunt force trauma after being assaulted by a rioter by a fire extinguisher to the head.

        2. Obi Cannoli

          Thank you. The blinders these people wear to blindly support the only actual domestic terrorists, BLM and ANTIFA is disgusting and unbelievable

        3. KevFL

          Brian D. Sicklick is his name (the officer you claim didn’t die), and speaking of sick, it’s really quite sick that you have such low morals as to lie out of existence any person who doesn’t fit your political narrative.

      6. Ell

        David Dorn would disagree, but he’s dead, thanks to BLM.

    7. Kanann

      No They are liberals that hate America!
      Gina has the right to her opinion. Something these Hollywood jackasses don’t understand!

    8. Raghead

      And the Pussification of America continues!
      Just look at all the little cry babies responding. While they tore up the country for the last eight months. Please you all should eat bullets!

    9. Bh

      Love you gina

    10. Em

      Agreed! If you don’t agree with the left they want you gone. Burning down cities, businesses and taking them over for months is fine because as Pelosi said “People will do what they do”.

    11. Robert Kruck

      Communist Liberals have to right to complain about the violence in Washington DC after spending all of 2019 condoning ANTIFA and BLM violence.

    12. cyrollan

      Cool, thanks for letting us all know which tribe you’re in. So happy to solve that mystery.

    13. John

      That was the cops beating, gassing and shooting people. Not the protestors. Protesting people of color being murdered by cops is different than trupers storming the capital building and actually murdering a police officer…. idiot.

    14. Karen

      Are the same people calling for Gina’s firing the ones who objected so fervently to the NFL’s considered action against Collin K? This IS America where ALL should be entitled to their own opinion!

    15. Chuck

      Agreed fire people for their political views is nothing more than socialism

    16. Eric J King

      This our country! The fools who push the racial tension and believe America is so terrible, should leave. Cancel culture is cancer, should be cured the same way.

    17. God Himself

      BLM is not a terrorist group and has attempted no coups, you racist Imbecile.

    18. InnerRise

      You post lost purpose and relevance when you based your point on a conspiracy theory linking BLM to antifa. You’re as bad and racist as Carino is. Please log off

    19. The big one

      Wow white people refusing to take responsibility for they actions, beliefs, and who they support. Why am I not surprised. And when I mean white folks. I mean the commenters on this board. YOU KNEW THIS IS WHAT SUPPORTING WAS ABOUT! But as sure as the sky is blue and water is wet. White folks will continue to be hypocrites, lie, and unaccountable for their actions. Yall don’t have to worry. She’s white. Her job won’t be lost and even if it was she’d probably get a new one quickly. So calm down. Enjoy your privilege. Declutch those pearls. Because systemic racism and white privilege is about as definite as dying and taxes. So long losers!

      1. Phenom

        Your comment has so many fallacies it’s hard to know where to start. First, how are you ascertaining everyone’s skin color from anonymous comments on the internet? Do you some kind of psychic abilities? Does your crystal ball foretell these people’s skin color and who to attack. You’d be surprised to know a lot of Hispanics and African Americans support Trump and more over support the 1st Amendment. Secondly, why are you so fixated on race? Are you some kind of racist spewing bigotry wherever you go? If anything, it would appear you’re the hypocrite. Unless you want to start condemning the billions of dollars, deaths, and lives ruined under the banners of Antifa and BLM over the past six months. How about Chaz? Want to condemn that? When the shot and killed two black kids? How about the 100 day seige in Portland of a federal court building? What about the burning down of the police precinct in Minneapolis? These are just a few of the examples and plenty of condemnation to go around. I’ll go first. I condemn any and all violence from protests and I condemn the storming and intrusion of all government buildings and private property. See, it’s that easy. Can you do that?

      2. Eugene

        You don’t understand the meaning of hypocrite. You want your views to be heard, but you don’t want the views of others expressed. You are a hypocrite.

    20. Kim Hart

      You are exactly right. These complainers find something an can’t move on until they get their way.

    21. Paul

      Anybody giving a crap what an actor or actress thinks about politics needs to grow up and get a life. I love Gina Carano in The Mandalorian. I don’t care what she tweets. I’m a fan of The Rock but I’m not going to throw a fit because he decided to support one side or the other.

      If it bothers you that much, quit watching. As long as you keep streaming it, nothing will change.

    22. Middle Ground

      Michelle I agree with you 100% nobody ever talks about all the poor people that lost their businesses and we’re beat up on the streets by all the antifa and BLM protest when are people going to start making it right for both sides I condemn both and speak on both not just what happened at the capitol.

      That’s the other white elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

      It’s sad to see when you have your own opinions and ideas and you are persecuted for them

    23. Michael Brady

      Exactly what I was wondering. The left are the biggest bunch of crybaby hypocrites. The only thing that needs to be cancelled is cancel culture itself!

    24. Ava

      I agree with you completely. Thank you for sharing this. But sadly no, most people these days are brainwashed.

      1. Brendan Kopervos

        Yep. I blame the education system as at least 90% of teachers are leftists. And the college system is even worse but I won’t go into it.

    25. Tony

      The most lazy form of journalism in existence – reporting on tweets… Even more so tweets from nobody’s. On the verge of stopping following this site if that the direction it wants to go in verses attempting to write articles on actual news.

      1. Nobody

        Is it called journalism, when you only read what the telepromter says. No such thing as showing both sides or the whole actual story n letting the people decide for themselves.

    26. Rob Wright

      So a riot supporting minorities not being killing by police is the same as a assault on the capital to building overthrow the next government

    27. miriam marin

      Exactly right. Leave the the hell alone.

    28. Hissy Honker

      No, because the lefts terrorists like antifa and blm are guiltless always and will never be guilty now that communists literally own all our country

    29. FireGina

      How many cops were killed then? How many of our congressmen and women’s lives were at risk? Shame on you for equating a protest against police brutality to a domestic terrorist insurgency. Disgusting filth.

    30. M K

      No they will not because it’s okay if you was black lives matters doing that to the Capitol Building you would have been okayed and praised for it

    31. Dell

      Are you referring to the monuments of hate? Confederate monuments? Monuments erected to celebrate slaveholders? Christians who held slaves? Are those The monuments you’re talking about?

    32. Kevin Klien

      You hit it right on the head.

    33. Diles

      False equivalency, trying to overthrow a government, stop a president from being lawfully elected, and attempting to kidnap, take hostage, and execute our leaders on livestream is not the same as burning down a target, mind you all that started with peaceful protest and no one listened. You are defending Nazis and terrorists, you are on the wrong side. I don’t condone looting or violence on any side, but to draw such poor comparisons with such little context… cmon now

    34. Joshua Simpson

      Well said! Its our freedom of speech that allows us to say if we support something!

    35. David

      Amen! If you fire one then fire them all!!

  2. Wanglese

    The people.callimg.for her sacking aren’t fans, they just want a scalp. They are the mob in Paris at the guillotine.


      George Orwell 1984. Who would’ve guessed Big Brother was a conglomerate of media moguls and Democrats.. Free speech is only allowed if you agree with Big Brother.

      1. Kanann

        He dropped his blunt 🤦‍♂️

      2. Angel

        Yikes… This comment section is not it at all 😂

        1. Van Hamlin

          Disney needs to stop allowing tweets to run their business. They need to sample actual consumers. Target those who are really buying the series. If consumers say stay, actors stay.
          I think that entertainers need to Void politics and religion as topics of public conversation.

    2. by “guillotine” i’m assuming you’re referring to the device erected by trump supporters? an actual, LITERAL “guillotine”?

  3. Chris


  4. Ck

    So she doesn’t say anything and this prompts the ignorant snowflakes to attack her for what exactly pertaining to this issue?!! Get a dam life people!Cancel culture is insufferable!!!

  5. Jamie Feeser

    Sickens me that double standards of these people. Nothing was burned or completely trashed. Nothing was vandalized. BLM & ANTIFA did that all summer long & destroyed people’s businesses & workplaces that had nothing to do with what their so called cause was. They are the terrorists. 4 years of being name called, battered, insulted, & this past year of being assaulted was the last draw. The breaking point has started. Gina is a lovely woman with opinions like everyone else. Do not bow down to the Leftist Mobs. What we saw in DC is standing up for their rights & standing up against fraud & for their country. I never condone violence however enough is enough. No backing down from Dems. If they want unity, it starts on their end.

    1. Diles

      You’re sick. There absolutely was things trashed at the capitol, things stolen, things with classified and private information, they took down the American flag and replaced it with Trump flags, they killed an officer and injured more. Don’t forget they had plans to kidnap and execute members of congress. Oh and lets not forget the rally where they talked about things Hitler got right and the guy in the camp Auschwitz shirt, you’re on the wrong side of history.

  6. Camerashy

    This article is laughable most of the peoples tweets you shared have almost zero engagement about this matter. Further more if you look at Gina’s tweets from the past week till now, there is nothing about any of this instead it’s a photo with her and bear grylls skiing or something to that effect. A link to a YouTube video from awakenjp and a post that just says breath.

  7. Dean

    I am tired of leftists and cancel culture and am just going to join them and stop supporting their businesses. The way Hollywood is going, there isn’t anything to watch anyway..

  8. Fraucha

    Snowflakes and their cancel culture ranting make me glad I left he USA for good.

    1. Booster

      So, maybe it’s cuz you’ve been out of the country for a while but… the term “snowflakes” used to be attributed to progressives but thx to Trump’s reactionism, is now attributed to Trumpers. I understand, it’s hard to stay with the times, but I just thought you should know. I’m neutral about all of it. I’m just saying what’s true now is that snowflakes are Trumpers now.

  9. Esteban Garita

    I like the character she plays, I don’t much care for her personal opinions, so I watch the series and don’t watch her social media, simple enough, it would be an issue if her opinions made it into the series but that is not the case so I don’t care, if everyone got fired because someone did not like their opinions, we’d all get fired, everyone, no one in America would have a job ever again, we simply cannot survive as a society with that kind of mentality, we would literally spiral into a civil war with more sides than anyone would care to keep track of.

    I say live and let live.

    Get a hobby or spend time actually helping your community or neighbors, so many things you can do with your free time other than search social media for opinions you don’t like to complain about

    1. Terry

      She has a freedom of speech for her opinions whatever her political beliefs.

      But when she promotes anti-science and anti-vaccine like she has that’s a problem. That’s jeopardizing people’s lives especially the young people who don’t know any better and adults too who don’t.

      As we saw with Trump supporters bum rushing the capital spreading misinformation is dangerous.

      1. Chris Kinney

        But firing her will not stop her tweets, so what’s the point? Revenge against someone who disagrees with you? #Idon’tgetit

      2. Sarah

        There is nothing anti-science about not supporting pronouns. Science is just as divided about the best way to treat transgenderism as the general populace is divided about their social status. The most egregious sin against our fellow man is to silence people, especially those with whom the majority disagree. Instead, why not educate yourself on the actual problems people like Gina Carano are attempting to highlight, even if they are not doing so in the most intellectual or intelligent ways. Vaccines do have risks. There is validity in arguments against the current trajectory of trans activism (which many transgender individuals disagree with). The real problem is people accepting what social media says is “science” (as though science is something black and white and has been settled – in neither the case of vaccines nor of transgenderism has science been settled. Get out of social media and read legitimate scientific information from both sides, written by actual scientists.

      3. Sarah

        If you believe that Gina Carano is “anti-science’, I’d wager that you learned your “science” from social media and not by reading the work of actual scientists. Science is not black and white and is very seldom settled (i.e. the science regarding the individual safety of vaccines is not settled, : scientists disagree, and some individuals do die annual from vaccines….. i.e. scientists and other healthcare professionals do not agree that the current trajectory of trans activism is a healthy way to care for transgender individuals nor others -particularly young girls – who are suffering gender dysphoria, which is often temporary and/or curable).

      4. Jon

        As long as you apply that logic across the board and want Biden and Kamala fired for being anti-vaccine and anti-science.

      5. Phenom

        You managed to contradict yourself in your post. You also seem to forgotten the differences between an opinion and fact. I don’t see her dressing in a white lab coat and proclaiming to be a doctor or scientist. Being pragmatic, scrutinizing, and questioning things is human nature just as it is natural to express one’s opinion in a free and democratic society. If you don’t like either humans or a free thinking society, then I present to you a society of obedient robots and a totalitarian government.
        *cue “The Imperial March”

    2. Chris Kinney

      EXACTLY! Cancel culture is just revenge for people who can’t stand to be disagreed with.

    3. ALM

      Well put and I agree 100%

    4. ViC SAUCE

      I HOPE….
      TO GET 🔥🔥🔥.

      THUMB’S UP!!

      WE LIVE in a
      FULL OF

      1. Jon

        That was the cops beating, gassing and shooting people. Not the protestors. Protesting people of color being murdered by cops is different than trupers storming the capital building and actually murdering a police officer…. idiot.

  10. B

    Makes zero sense to me. They finally call rioters terrorists but fail to the the correlation to all the BLM riots and celebs that openly supported that as people were getting killed in the middle of the streets just trying to go home. You cant have it both ways man.

    1. Jake

      Do you not understand one group was standing up for injustices for minorities.

      The other group was causing insurrection to the United States government and the laws and constitution.

      1. Gordon Roberts

        Do you not understand that it doesn’t matter what banner it is done under?Rioting, destroying property, assault, and murder are NEVER OK. Period. Full stop. There is no justification for it. Ever.

      2. Wit

        Do you not understand the “other” group was waving widespread insurrection and violence across the country for months while claiming it was due to injustice that doesn’t even exist while the other group was a singular protest at what they saw as an injustice in the election system?

      3. pppant

        try saying this: no matter how altruistic the reason, destruction of other people’s property and violence is never the answer.

      4. Andrew

        Right, Jake. Killing innocent people because of widespread injustice is justice, right?


        Seriously? Did you even WATCH any of the rioting? I did.

      5. Tony

        Hey Jake THERE IS NO INJUSTICE TO MINORITES! what is that called today? FAKE NEWS! Do you know how I can make that statement??? I’m a MINORITY! I’M 2 SHADES OF BROWN! It pretty obvious I’m not white. My entire family are MINORITES! You know which ones didn’t make it in life? The ones that decided to be bangers and dealers and blame everyone else for their bad choices! The ones that made it in life are the ones that made good choices! My father, my mother, and others in my family including myself never have to worry about paying our bills. Why? Because we made good choices in our lives! The only person holding you back today is yourself! Stop blaming everyone else for your failures or laziness! Are there legitimate racist people out there? Sure, yeah, absolutely but they aren’t holding me back. Also I don’t need your help to fight my battles against people like that or anything else for that matter. So stop it. I can take care of myself! Maybe your parents and many other parents should have taught their children to do the same thing. I’m not the only MINORITY that feels this way either. To everyone else sorry, I’m done with my rant. Tired of it, all of it.

        1. Kalem

          I wish I could share this to everyone well said friend!

        2. Obi Cannoli

          👏👏👏 100%

        3. ANTHONY Graham

          Stop lying bro. You’re white.

  11. Thomas

    It is extremely sad that a number of people who are supposedly interested in social justice wish to deny the rights of anyone who disagrees with them. If one does not like an actor, do not watch the program.

    1. Elizabeth Hunter

      Dear people, this woman’s ability to act in a show has nothing to do with her personal opinions. If she does a great job portraying her character, which she does, she should keep her job. I mean, do you get fired when you say the dumb stuff you do on social media? I do not support the orange man or his crazy followers but I do support people being able to continue to do their work when they do their jobs to standard.

  12. Joe biden

    Nothing like actual terrorist supporters insulting and attacking citIzens who actually desire the the protection and preservation of our nations laws and constitution. This is literally disgusting. These antifa and blm supporters and members need to banned not promoted. Companies labeling this peaceful protest ad an assault by terrorists are beyond disgusting and actually engaging in terrorism.

    Disgusting! An innocent unarmed woman was killed by police during a peaceful protest and you label them terrorists yet we had years of actual violent terrorism ar the hands of antifa and blm and people are sitting here praising them. Disgusting.

  13. KR Ewing

    White fragility always amazes me. The moment you see “Black”, you panic, become scared and angry. So “BLM” becomes a terrorist organization because they “burned buildings and rioted”. 1st of all, no legitimate members of Black Lives Matter has engaged in assault, murder, or destruction of property. They are a peaceful organisation that is seeking social change in the communities that they served into every legal means possible. Just because someone uses the name through their own actions doesn’t make them a member. Secondly it’s been proven that many of last year’s riots were instigated by outside agitators. White agitators. Third, last year Trump supporters intimidated people at polling places, attempted to run buses of voters off the freeway, plotted to kidnap and murder governors of States, represented lynching by hanging effigies from trees,, and worse. They are openly represented by other terrorist organizations like the American Nazi Party, the Proud Boys, and the Ku Klux Klan. As far as I seen, not one human life has been lost as a result of legitimate BLM protest actions. After Tuesday’s terrorist attack on this nation’s seat of democracy, four people are dead, including one police officer. And yet and still, you all are screaming “Black Lives Matter” or “Antifa” ( which, by the way, Is not an active organization. It is an ideal). It doesn’t compare. And ever since American ancestors wore shoes with big buckles, carried muskets, and burned witches, you’ve always had an answer. Somebody else is always worse. Well, you don’t have it this time. This is not comparable. This is far worse. Carrano has the right to support whomever she wants, buts let’s not get twisted who and what it is that she supports. Including the man who instigated it.

  14. Aaron T Salinas

    You guys are crazy. Riots during blm or Kavanagh which you did something similar was domestic terrorism clearing out whole stores, killing more people than cops have in years but that is a select few and doesn’t represent you but people protesting you guys recording yourself cheating, and actors stealing stuff inside. Everyone is bad. Get a life. Nothing dangerous happened to majority of people nor did they do anything. Get a life

  15. Andrea

    Please don’t fire her! I like her a lot.

  16. Amanda

    Why aren’t there specific sources of what’s she’s “liked” and or posted in support of the riots? It’s frustrating to read an article with one sided sources.

    1. Sarah

      Exactly. Maybe she liked a picture of a cute puppy from an account that maybe said something that almost defended the rioters, like one I’ve seen: “they were only doing what their President told them to do” … (which could be twisted to sound like support, but is probably meant to illuminate the fact that our Prez is behaving in a dangerous way)

      1. Rave

        So she hasn’t actually posted anything about supporting the violence. She instead posted a picture and a calming message. Yet they want her to lose her livelihood because of it. When did having an opinion mean let’s ruin this person even if they didn’t actually do anything wrong? Someone already said “what about the actors who supported blm” those are my thoughts too. Where was the outrage when actors and athletes were bailing people out and paying for attorneys. What about the one’s who donated money for more rioting supplies? What happened to equal rights? Looks more like rules for thee but not for me.

  17. EvolutionaryUturn

    Brainfarts from random nobodies IS NOT NEWS. Twitter is not a replacement for actual journalism. That said, cancel culture and those who support it are a plague.

  18. Mike Reitzloff

    Why should anyone lose their job and/or have their career destroyed over voicing an opinion? Regardless of one’s stance, what happened to free speech?? Just because it may not be the popular opinion, should we all now have to keep our mouths shut and bow to political pressure? We should be able to express our beliefs freely without fear people. This is a VERY dangerous path.

  19. Mike

    Why should anyone lose their job and/or have their career destroyed over voicing an opinion? Regardless of one’s stance, what happened to free speech?? Just because it may not be the popular opinion, should we all now have to keep our mouths shut and bow to political pressure? We should be able to express our beliefs freely without fear people. This is a VERY dangerous path.

  20. Anonymous

    While I have zero support for Gina and her character does very little for me, it’s not Disney that has the power to fire her- it’s lucasfilm. People who say this stuff about Disney clearly have no idea how ownership and franchising works

  21. Steve

    This cancel culture needs to stop right now. Period.

  22. Joe

    Funny how when it’s conservatives it’s called a riot. All the violence throughout the year by leftists was called protests.

  23. Robert

    Right or wrong, Social Media is a collection of opinions. She is entitled to her opinion as this is a country of free speech. No one should lose their job because they excersise their 1st Amendment rights.

  24. John m

    Sexist. They will never fire her and Amber will never be fired. But if a guy said all this, he’s gone.

    1. Kelly Sullivan

      Not only protests, but peaceful protests. What a media double standard.

  25. Joe Page

    The difference in the way this is being covered, in contrast to several months of rioting, shows so much about the state of things. Several months of burning and looting, thousands of casualties, billions in damage, lives and livelihoods razed, sexual assaults, and much more is labeled as justifiable and honorable “protests”. And yesterday’s outburst is talked about as much riot by a violent mob.

  26. Justin cunliffe

    She’s exercising her 1st amendment rights like the rest of you Has the right to her opinion just like you and if you think she doesn’t have the right to the 1st amendment opinion Maybe you are the problem If some of you people were in 3rd world countries you would even be allowed to speak out like this you go Gina

  27. Middle finger response

    She needs to be recast as an empire goon. It fits her love of totalitarian d-bags. And to those that still support traitor trump a big middle finger to each and everyone one of u. Freedom of speech does not extend to treason.

    1. Obi Cannoli

      Maybe you need to research definition of treason tard. It’s what most of Congress and mayors/governors have been doing their whole career… and Trump is the only one bringing it all to light. You’ve gotta be a special kind of stupid to be against exposing corruption. Go back to your hotpocket moron

  28. BC

    This whole thing is ridiculous. I disagree with her. Vehemently. But she plays a character, and i know how to separate the artist from the art. Y’all need to chill with the cancel culture bs.

  29. Jeff

    Pretty sure she never supported riots on the Capitol. Pretty sure that she’s awesome on the show. #istandwithgina

  30. charles

    these cancel culture people need to get a life

  31. Toni Bourlon

    I think the people shouting to fire Gina didn’t read they guy’s post about finding a way to come together. Does it not bother anyone else that this country is now so 50/50 divided? And you think getting her fired is going to make things better? It would only vindicate the people who rioted – it might make you feel better for a few minutes, but it would be about as effective as using gasoline to put out a fire.

  32. Bryan

    We need to take a stand against communist influenced cancel culture. That is the true evil in this world today. In America we fight for freedom of speech. If you disagree with someone’s “bad opinion” please present an alternate or better opinion and tell us why. When you silence free speech you only empower whatever it is you’re attempting to silence and anger those that support said idea. If what you speak is truth or lies both should be fully transparent for free minded people to make their own decisions. Cancel culture may appeal to you when it’s silencing something you don’t agree with but in time it will silence your ideas to. History has taught us this over, and over, and over again. It is a failed ignorant totalitarian way of thinking and something only a pure narcissist would support.

  33. Lex Cardentey

    She has the right to express her opinion, I love authentic people, go patriots!!!!

  34. Mitch

    Im sorry but Im pretty sure Disney executives don’t take advice from randoms on Twitter with anime pics in their bios.

  35. Sarah N Beaulieu

    Still not sure why conservatives don’t understand you do have freedom of speech but that does not mean freedom from consequences. If I was supporting traitors and tweeting out conspiracy BS like the election tampering my job would let me go, so why would it be any different for Gina. She has the right to support Trump and his kooky conspiracy theories but her employer also has a right to tell her to get moving along as her craziness does not support the inclusivity and family friendliness of the brand. No one gets fired for supporting ANTIFA or BLM? Really tell that to the professor that lost his job for being a part of ANTIFA. Also not sure why you folks are still insisting that black lives don’t matter or that it’s bad to be anti-fascist I mean okay so your pro-fascist I guess that explains why you follow Trump is perfect example of a fascist

    1. Speaking of crazy conspiracy theories:. “you folks are still insisting that black lives don’t matter or that it’s bad to be anti-fascist”

    2. Brendan Kopervos

      I disagree with many of your points. 1). Supporting “traitors” does not necessarily make you a traitor.
      2). If you’re place would fire you for posting about election fraud, then maybe they don’t understand the 1st amendment.
      3). ANTIFA isn’t actually anti-fascist, they are really anarchists who are causing chaos for the sake of it.
      4). I have heard no one ever say that black lives don’t matter. That is a very narrow minded view of the general population of America. I don’t agree with the BLM movement, but not because I don’t think that black lives don’t matter, but because I think it is played up to too big of an extreme and I get annoyed when people go out of their way to throw it in my face.
      5). If you don’t like someone for whatever reason, don’t pay attention to them. Haters are one of the many problems of today’s society and it needs to stop.
      6). Consequence means nothing when they did not do anything wrong. If you are saying her opinion is wrong then lookup the definition of opinion. Opinions are objectively subjective and by definition, an opinion cannot be wrong.

      Do some research and soul searching and get off the internet if you get so butt-hurt about the simplest things.

  36. For all of you recommending Disney fire Gina; one day you will be on the wrong side of the thought police and they’ll be coming for your job next. Think about it.

    1. Michelle


    2. bramagola

      if I’m on the wrong side of the law I should go to jail.

      are you saying that jails only good for everybody else except you?

      Cry Me a snowflake River.

  37. Felix

    Fire all seditionists. Gina has to go.

  38. Emily Pau

    How about firing Chris Evens for his threatening commits towards Trump supporters?

  39. Dean

    Cancel culture pushed from the keyboard wussies. And always pushes them even lower into the internet swamp along side the regular untrustworthy political monster’s. Jealous little insignificant swamp trolls with only their keyboard to love them.

  40. Michelle

    Yes, I remember. Those were the days.

  41. SRG


  42. Zombie

    This cancel culture needs to stop. So she supports tRump? who cares, doesn’t mean she stormed the Capitol with those terrorists. My Aunt loves tRump, doesn’t mean I love her any less. I don’t like the guy, heck I hate him. But also 70 million people voted for the guy, so opinions are sorta split down the middle sadly.

    But to “cancel” her for having opinions, is asinine. As long as an actor isn’t breaking the law, or harming others, they can do as they well please in my opinion. I can care less what they tweet or not. All of your tweets are pointless babble to begin with, social media is trash, and I can care less about your opinions.

    I hate tRump, but if they remove Cara Dune from the Mandalorian, I’m gonna be pissed. I’m the biggest Star Wars fan anyone knows here, and they make a ton of dough from me. So don’t piss me off.

    I can care less that Gina Carano supports that buffoon, I don’t like any actor personally.

    1. Les

      Eell said, not because i voted for Trump twice but because all of this is dangerous.
      Whether freedom of speech applies categorically to media companies is irrelevant. We all grew up understanding that the limit of free speech anywhere is yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater (I guess technically that does only apply in a theater…that’s actually crowded…but you get my point). At this moment in history the major media players have built a theater, packed it full and are shouting fire a the top of their lungs.
      The danger is that it can turn on a dime and attack anyone or anything…or choose not to attack those it should. Eventually it will turn, because it is not about justice or fairness or right or wrong. It is about power.
      Our country is run by billionaires; they’re just not elected.

  43. Chuck

    This is AMERICA where we have a right to speak our mind. It’s strange that the left didn’t call out the burning of cities destroy ing monuments that are public property even vandalizing private property property. She has a right to her opinion period.

    1. Kenny Roberts

      July 2018 when they took over congressional office & tried to get into the Supreme Court House. Plus attacking the elderly on street corners who didn’t agree with them. But I guess that doesn’t count because they weren’t Trump supporters

  44. JOhn

    How was this not a mostly peaceful protest? Didn’t they simply walk into the house of power where millionares and billionares rip off the American peoples tax money every day?

    What even got vandalised except for a few broken windows? What is the phrase leftist rioters use, oh yea. You can not do violence to a inatimate object.

    Who was hurt except for a woman, a hero and army vet, who was murdered by a cop with his finger on the trigger. Did anyone else get hurt?

    What else happened? A guy dressed as a Viking sat at the podium in protest then eventually left and congress went back to doing business? Did they burn a business people work at? No. Did they beat people in the street? No. Did they make people board up cities in fear? No. The protested the house of power.

    If this was a group of BLM they would be on the cover of the next TIME mag.

    1. M

      They placed pipe bombs, stole government property, literally stormed into the capital building, breaking down doors and windows. How can you call yourself an American and support this insurrection?

    2. bramagola

      5 people murdered, two bombs, destroyed parts of our literal Capitol building..

      You seem to like sedition and treason.

  45. Joseph Padron

    Shows how much you even know about The Mandalorian Characters. Perhaps you shouldn’t wright articles about things you have no clue about.
    Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune, was never a mercenary. She was a Republic Drop Trooper.

    Keep typing crap like this and you will be out of a job.

  46. Jeff

    NO, NO, NO! Don’t you realize that it’s this very type of demonization of those we dont agree with that perpetuate the events of this week? I can’t believe that the response is just more cancellation and control by those in mass media, and those on this site. Cancel culture is EVIL. Let people have their opinions…it’s the only way to end the division!

  47. Allyn

    People are stupid. She’s not “literally supporting the attackers” just because she has right-leaning ideologies. Do these morons think that EVERY SINGLE CONSERVATIVE backs the attack on the Capitol?

    1. The big one


  48. Scott

    Grow up you bunch of crybabies!!! Go back to mommies basements!!

  49. ANTHONY Graham

    Wow white people refusing to take responsibility for they actions, beliefs, and who they support. Why am I not surprised. And when I mean white folks. I mean the commenters on this board. YOU KNEW THIS IS WHAT SUPPORTING WAS ABOUT! But as sure as the sky is blue and water is wet. White folks will continue to be hypocrites, lie, and unaccountable for their actions. Yall don’t have to worry. She’s white. Her job won’t be lost and even if it was she’d probably get a new one quickly. So calm down. Enjoy your privilege. Declutch those pearls. Because systemic racism and white privilege is about as definite as dying and taxes. So long losers!

    1. Bane

      Maybe instead of saying “white people” and then saying “but by white people I mean Trump supporters”… You should just say Trump supporters.

      It’s almost like you’re enabling them and encourage racism by attacking people based on skin color instead of who they are.

      If you legitimately care about racism, you should be better than that, hold yourself to a higher standard.

    2. Little Doggy

      I am not white or a right winger and I don’t think Gina should be fired. Your thinking is very black and white. And do you hate white people? There are a lot of white allies in BLM.

  50. Mike West

    Because Carano supports Republican views doesn’t mean she supports riots against Capitol Hill. That’s completely ridiculous. Just as it would be to accuse Pedro Pascal of supporting Antifa because he has Democratic views. #NuttyLeftists

  51. u want 2 through out the 1st amendment because u don’t like what someone says . Grow up and if u can #fireginacarano n try 2 take away a career because u don’t like what she tweets let’s take ur liberal jobs away 4 #fireginacarano. #firethepeopleaginstginacarano. U wouldn’t want the Twitter verse 2 go after u 4 something u said 4 like voting 4 Biden fan .

  52. Ron

    Disney has the right to hire whoever they want. Gina is allowed to voice her support or non support to whom ever she desire. You have the choice of turning off the show. Stop with the fire Gina crap. You may be involved in crap people don’t like or agree with. The only problem is…nobody know who the hell you are. Think about it!

  53. Permafrost

    She didn’t actually post anything supporting the protest at the Capitol–which, btw, was nothing like the Women’s March after Hillary lost. Trump supporters were trying to disrupt the confirmation process, while Clinton supporters in ’17 were expressing their displeasure.

    That said, she is only being attacked for being a conservative and that’s despicable in a free society. Leave her alone.

  54. Nightsight

    That beautiful face can say anything it wants!!! Plus this is America!! Anyone remember freedom of speech? I think they teach it in the 1st grade.

  55. Jmac67

    All those screaming for Gina Carano would be perfectly at home in Russia, Iran or Communist China. You know, places where difference of thought is not only discouraged it it forbidden. Unless Gina Carano was seen leading the rioters, she is entitled to her opinion. What has happened to this country that difference of opinion is no longer tolerated.

  56. J. G.

    Gina is only brite spot in a load of horse hockey.

  57. Larry

    I like how even in the article she is called divisive. Yet all the divisiveness is coming from the intolerance of the left.

  58. Reace

    Bull crap. She has never supported a single person promoting violence. Never.

    Stop trying to equate any and all Trump supporters or even people who liked a tweet of a Trump supporter (ffs… really?!?!) with the idiots who broke into the Capital. There were a million protestors in DC that day. A tiny fraction of them stupidly decided to riot at the Capital building. If ALL of the protestors in DC were violent extremists and lawless rioters, DC would have been a smoking ruin that day. Heck… if even 1% were lawless…

  59. Tired of hypocrites

    So? All those calling on this woman who be fired, forget that the mirror can be also be pointed in their direction, as many are still wondering as to why those calling out this actor while ignoring others who have said worse while supporting a segregationist and a person who has a 40 year plus history of documented racism and making racist comments against the Black community. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  60. Little Doggy

    If she wants to be an idiot that is her business. I have friends who are Trump supporters including people I know in the 501st. Should I demand and start a campaign to have them kicked out of the Legion? Fired from their job? She didn’t participate in the insurrection at the Capitol. You want her fired because of her political beliefs. Should Mark Hamill be band from Star Wars because some activists doesn’t like his very liberal politics? Don’t fire her.

  61. I thoughwe had freedom of speech in this country. I guess that’s only true if you agree about what’s been said.

    1. Chip

      The freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution is the freedom not to have the GOVERNMENT tell you what you can or cannot say. Private companies can do whatever they like.

  62. Bob

    Nope, do not share this opinion like millions of other people happy with Gina as an actress. You people have ZERO right to dictate employment and contracts with your ZERO connection to Disney.

  63. Chip

    What does any of that have to do with her job. So Disney may lose a few fans. But will they really? The billions of Star Wars fans in the world will not stop watching Star Wars just because of Carano’s tweets.

  64. A Hall

    Ahh and the cancel culture continues. I love her so much more because of this!

  65. Gregory Price

    If you want yo put the brakes on her specifically, then look at the sponsorships. Take your fight there. Not unlike major league sports, 100 % of their operating plus profit is through sponsorship. You want change, go there

  66. Gregory Price

    You want to get Disney’s attention, talk down their stock. Those who hold dhares in disney, on Wednesday next week we sale as a block at 1 PM. The theme park visits they anticipate later this year, go to the web site and make your intention known therenot to attend. Ask what has disney contributed back to your community during the pandemic. These are just a few things to get their attention, especially after the attack on the Capitol. If their support Gina, they must support the attack and the death of that brave officer killed by Gina’s mob…

    1. Tony

      Stupidity personified – your a blip in the number of Disney shares (if you own any at all) and institutional investors and serious investors could really not give a crap about any of this. But please don’t go to the park as it would be nice having on less idiot there.

  67. AnOtterHasNoName

    Haters gotta hate.
    If an action supports my side, it’s proper patriotism and democracy in action; if it supports the other side, it’s a riot and tantamount to terrorism, treason or sedition.
    Speech in support of my opinion is inspiring; against my position is inciting.
    If someone does something bad that I think is justified, they were obviously provoked or it was justified by someone else’s history of behavior.
    If I agree with a group, violence was only in the part of a few bad actors who weren’t really part of the group; if I disagree with a group, that entire group engaged violent, illegal and mob-like behavior.
    Grow up children!

  68. Eugene

    Typical immature cancel culture nonsense. I cannot believe people think these are the type of people that should be voting. People that don’t respect others rights and opinions. They are so stuck up and biased they can’t even tell they are the source of so much hate in this country. Actors have been blacklisted for supporting Republicans. Nonsense. If Trump had won, imagine the violence that would have come from these self centered snobs. And I guarantee that if Trump had won an investigation would have taken place. Just like last time Democrats had him investigated for cheating with Russia to get elected. Now the shoe is on other foot and no one will listen to the millions of people that weren’t satisfied with the insecure way many states allowed and counted votes. Democrats refused to vote to give you $2k stimulus checks because Republicans tied it to conducting a voting investigation.

  69. Dave C


  70. Matt

    People need to wake up. Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right! You don’t have to like what she says. In case you’re forgetting, several members of our own government were in support of the rioting and looting and destruction of innocent people and their businesses. This is still ongoing! Communities burned to the ground! And many of you were silent! Now all the sudden you care? I didn’t agree with what members of our own government were saying, but their freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment. I hate to break it to you, but so is Gina Carano’s. You want to grant the government the right to do away with the first amendment? WAKE UP! They aren’t going to stop there!

  71. Aimee

    Disney should be neutral Gina Carano did nothing wrong but speak her opinion. These snowflakes need to realize if they want to speak there opinions then we are allowed to speak ours. What happened at the capitol wasn’t right but neither was what’s been happening with the removing of statues, defacing historic monuments etc. # saveginacarano she is a hero.

  72. The real assault on democracy is election fraud, censorship of republican voices, media monopolization leading to the control of information (as if we were in countries like Russia, China, Syria, etc.).

  73. John Pope

    From USAToday :
    ‘A fanciful reality’: Trump claims Black Lives Matter protests are violent, but the majority are peaceful

  74. John Pope

    Time Magazine. SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 11:47 AM EDT
    The vast majority of Black Lives Matter protests—more than 93%—have been peaceful, according to a new report published Thursday by a nonprofit that researches political violence and protests across the world.
    93% peaceful 7% violentm

  75. John Pope

    USAToday.: Despite the threat of a global pandemic, crowds large and small – from rural towns, to suburbs, to big coastal cities – gathered to protest racial injustice and police brutality against African Americans.
    The vast majority – 80% – appeared to be peaceful, according to new research that contradicts the emphasis the White House has often put on the instances of looting and rioting.
    80% Peaceful= 20% Violent

  76. John Pope

    NBC 7: ‘Violent Acts of a Few’ Don’t Represent Peaceful Protests in San Diego: Mayor
    Over the past five days, there have been many peaceful protests in San Diego County, but there was also violence and looting that shifted the energy and purpose behind those gatherings

  77. Bill

    Who cares about this? Let’s make sure we retcon the sequal trilogy and finally get rid of Darth emo and that Mary Sue rey the fastest and bestist ever

  78. John Pope

    45,000 protesters gathered to rally around President Trump as a joint session of congress counted the Electorial College votes to confirm President Elect Joe Biden’s victory and to debate voting irregularities in four states. After a short rally to protest the 2020 Presidential election some contingent of the 45,000 protesters walked toward the Capitol Building forming a spontaneous protest.march. Once at the Capitol they crowded the entrances, wanting in to carry their protest inside, to where the lawmakers were debating the election process. Capitol police in at least one location allowed the crowd to come in. At other entrances the police confronted the protesters. Fights broke out, windows were broken, a policeman shot a woman protester to death. A policeman was struck in the head, and later collapsed and died. Senators were locked in chambers, some “ducked and covered” in the seating isle inside their chambers, others were lead to safe rooms. No numbers have been released on just how many protesters rushed the building entrances. It appeared to be no more than 500. The remaining 44, 500 peaceful protesters walked to their transportation and went home, while the violent protesters rioted, and the congressmen, senators, and news Media over reacted and claimed these protesters intended to “over throw the US government?” Thank God,the rioters didn’t set any fires, or loot any offices. The absolute worst thing to happen was some guy went into Speaker Pelosi’s office, sat in her chair and put his feet up on her desk! The cable channels had pictures of this desecration! It was just awful to see Americans charging into the Capitol with murderous intent! An insurrection! IT WAS AWFUL, what is the world coming to? This was much worse than the businesses that were looted and burnt down; the people that were beaten and shot; the Billion dollars of destruction last summer; no nothing could be worse than scaring our brave and noble leaders that the American People were finally coming to get them. Now that the danger is over, somebody has to pay. I know, LETS IMPEACH TRUMP!

  79. SSgt. K Campbell

    Cancel culture IS the death of culture! One of the first things we are taught as children is if someone says something you don’t agree with WALK AWAY.
    In the name of all that’s holy, will people just grow up and mind their own business for once.

  80. Richard

    Since when is freedom of speech and expression limited to only those few liberal Democrats? We the people all the of the by birth or naturalized Americans have the right to voice our opinions!

  81. Pioa

    By “Goes Wild” they mean the same handful of people who be showing up at Bidens’ empty rallies.

  82. Rikkk

    Idiots who compare BLM protestors to the INSURRECTIONISTS are mentally deranged. BLM protested to demand decent fair treatment for AMERICANS.these INSURRECTIONISTS just support a lying ,crazy man.

  83. Nick Girdwood

    As a Canadian, it’s really just hilarious seeing the extreme sides of Americans political bullshit calling each other out but being completely self aware.

    The far left and far right in the US are almost identical in terms of radical positions, just different sides.

    The republicans would support these people but call out democrats for being domestic terrorists, and the democrats support their own domestic terrorists and then call out these people.

    Also as a Canadian I hate when they say conservative and liberal because that’s incorrect. Liberalism and Republicanism aren’t mutually exclusive, liberalism is part of Republicanism, which is why their opponents are democrats and not liberals.

    People really don’t understand what any words mean.

    In the states it’s between wanting a Republic and wanting Democracy, if those are even separate, and in Canada it’s conservative and liberal.

    I think because Canadians and Amuricans have talked so much online, they conflate their politics.

    The different sides are a lot different than people think they are but they’re quite similar to each other when radical.

  84. Steven Biedrzycki

    These leftist idiots have nothing better to do than stalk this actress? Pathetic.

    Cancel culture, like it’s uglier sister Social Justice, is a cancer on society.

  85. C

    Just started following Gina on insta after reading half the article (because “Okay, I get it.”).
    Btw- didn’t see a whole lot of political stuff.

  86. Duncan

    this lady is allowed to say what she wants that is called freedom of speech you ingrates don’t believe in someone having free speech why don’t all you people just shut up and leave this lady alone

  87. Chris Duncan

    why don’t y’all figure out the real problem with our government instead of blaming her. #Rangers of the Republic Rule now

  88. Tony

    Gina Carano is an amazing woman, and a good human being

  89. We are being conditioned to hate free speech and the 1st Amendment

  90. TAR

    Ah. The power of mental gymnastics. The human brain is an extraordinary thing. Can convince you that the sky is beige, even though you can look out a window and see that it’s blue. I have no idea what insecurities have brought some of you to this. But sadly, this is where we are now. By the way, therapy is a beautiful thing.

  91. Chris Duncan

    people think Donald Trump is the blame for everything why don’t y’all do a little research on it

  92. Chris Duncan

    all the people that agreed on $1,200 checks all these last six months and then sent six hundred bucks to everyone they’re the ones to blame. That’s what people should be protesting

  93. Michael

    Lmao look at all you trumpys supporting her. Goodluck with your ignorance in life.

  94. Tyr

    It seems the media is happy to label half America as “Terrorists” for not accepting the narrative they wish to ram down our throats. If the left believes in criminalizing people who take a stand. Then we are in for an interesting time.

  95. Wayne

    If your all wanting gina to get fire how about the people who the Blm scum if the sports world, film and media

  96. Les

    Wasn’t the 2000 election ‘stolen’?
    At the 2016 nasty women’s march didn’t Madonna, while claiming to speak ‘from a place of love’ shout into a microphone to the marchers that she wanted to burn the White House down?

    What exactly was it that happened to Michigan’s primary election votes in the 2008 election?

    What did the DNC do to Sanders during the 2016 election?
    Yeah, it’s Gina that’s fanning the anger in this country.

    1. Sandy Bear

      Madonna Actually said “…for the past few days…I’ve thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House…” If you’re a leftist nothing happens to you. If you’re on the right, it’s the re-education camps for you!

  97. Trumpisgoat

    Remember AOX promoted violence on twitter
    Antifa and blm has caused billions of dollars worth of damage to property
    Destroyed lives
    Extorted money out of people
    Set up chaz zones in which the was violent and raped girls
    Burned churches
    Lay seige to a federal building
    And these were peaceful protestors lol

  98. Jeff

    Free speech! The liberal left are so biased/sacked. Where is the outrage from demonic antifa and blm? I sipprt Gina. She has a spine!

  99. Peter

    These so called Fans who want Gina Carano fired aren’t really fans at all. These people are nothing but SJW Virtue Signaling Retards and The Star Wars Fandom community would be well rid of them

  100. Alex

    What a biased article, not showing the original tweet by Carano and what you do show are only the negative replies to her tweet. What a joke! In side the magic you’re part of the problem, as you are censoring everything but the objectors. Shame on you, you’re clearly run by lefty ideologs. You’re Garbage

    1. Ryan W

      Exactly. My point exactly. It’s articles like this that are hurting our country. If the posts were so bad, why didn’t they provide an example?

  101. Kreng

    I’m sorry, but if liking some random ducking posts on twitter causes me to lose my job, then twitter needs to be effing deleted, or everything can go eff itself.

  102. Ryan W

    This article is another example of what’s destroying society today. We have here a story that describes how people are angry at her for her comments and provides example upon example of these people who are expressing their discontent. The problem is, I have no clue what they are mad about, because the author failed to provide even just one example of a post that she made. So, in the end, what we have here is a one sided article, meant to instill anger against someone, which provides no supporting evidence to support their claims. These people could all have a good reason to be angry, but I don’t know since the author just wants me to take their word for it that her comments were bad. I don’t think so. Maybe the writer should be fired for providing a biased, one sided article instead of twisting it to deliver the message they want everyone believe!

  103. Chris Whitworth

    Those calling for Disney to fire Gina have no concept of the First Amendment – but sadly the Cancel Culture usually win – if they let her go for a group of malcontents, I say shame on Disney! Gina is amazing as Cara Dune!!!

  104. Dan l

    Concerned citizen here, seems like there are very young, triggered ppl on Social media today. hopefully these kids can grow up and accept that we are ALL allowed to have differing opinions. Trying to force others to think like you is called censorship. Google that big word and learn something. Freedom of speech is protected under 1st amendment in our Constitution. try reading that once.

    1. Maria

      I have enjoyed watching Gina portrays bad-ass warrior Cara Dune on The Mandalorian. I like her acting though I totally disagree with her views. I do love the Cara Dune character, and I can separate the character from the actor’s views. However, it’s important to remember that words and actions have consequences. Look at what happened to Roseanne Barr after she made racist tweets. They killed off her character and the show moved on successfully as The Connors. It’s not fair but it’s reality. Gina is in the public eye so she must know that what she does and says may effect her acting career and folks. My best advice is to keep your private views and comments private.

  105. Shantel M Houston

    It’s called freedom of speech. You know, the same thing everyone else uses to voice their opinion. If you disagree with her then disagree with her. That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t continue her role. This is the ignorance i have reached my limit on. It seems everyone is now a lynch mob if someone disagrees with anothers opinion. Im sorry but society has almost reached it’s lowest point and humanity is starting to fade away. The world has become flat disgusting.

    1. Caleb

      Hey, here’s the thing ms. Barton,
      No intelligent person actually cares…
      If people can’t handle folks with differing opinions, then they aren’t old enough to be on the internet.

      I’d ask you to stop perpetuating the immature opinions of people to need to grow up. Your article made it to me, so it sure as hell made it to more gullible folk who can’t discern reality.

      Please stop contributing to the problem.


  106. Johann Popper

    Shut down all social media. None of you children can handle it.

  107. D. Mac

    First off, allow me to clarify that I don’t assign labels to my politics. Democrat/Republican, conservative/liberal … those terms mean nothing to me personally. All they do is subconsciously pigeonhole you into not thinking for yourself and developing thought-out opinions.

    The Fire Carano crowd are subhuman trash. They’re lefty extremists who love to preach tolerance and love when they’re talking about LGBTQ people or people who follow religions other than Christianity, but if you have a political opinion that slightly deviates from their own beliefs, you’re a Nazi and deserve to have your life destroyed by any passive/aggressive means possible.

    Oh, and don’t forget that White people can never ever criticize a non-White person for anything, in any way ever … that would also make the offending White person a Nazi who deserves to have their life destroyed by any passive/aggressive means possible.

    These damn extremists don’t even realize that their actions sabotage any morally-sound liberal causes from gaining real traction in America. They’re too stupid to understand that their actions literally feed votes to the Republican party.

    1. Booster

      Agreed. Cancel culture goes too far. Furthermore, if we’re going to make real progress in fighting climate change, we’re going to need Republicans and Democrats working together. We can’t do that if we’re screaming at each other. We have to find common ground. It’s there, we just need to remember the humanity on the other side. We’re more alike than different.

  108. Bren

    I have no problem with those expressing their opinions. However, I do hold some to higher standards, especially if you have a collective public audience. If you are someone who is higher up or famous, whether an actor or sports figure, you have people looking up to you for guidance. As we should remember it’s not only children who idolize famous people. Does anyone on here remember Ronald Reagan being shot and the reason why??? Words have consequences. So yes, she should be able to express her opinions, but it would be wiser for all to have one as a business account for your fans, and one for your personal use to express your true feelings. I remember the day of having role models who you aspired to be, maybe we do need to go back in time a little bit to the simpler days.

    1. NanaPatriot

      Geesh, both parties have been in the wrong. Both have bad judgement calls & death on their side. Wake up America, it’s ALL OUR FAULTS!!
      We better come together before we Americans are completely, irrevocably, utterly and forever, divided and conquered. I can see that line being drawn, can you?

      1. Bren

        No where did I state either party is responsible. This is not regarding anything political, it’s regarding people who are supposed to be role models, and being held to higher standards. However, if you want to get into politics, there are extremes on both sides, left and right. My solution regarding these extremes is we Americans need to buy an island to put both extremes on so the rest of us can have some normalcy in our lives. Hope that helps clarify.

  109. Steve K

    I’m going to follow her on Twitter now, just so I can block her.

    Ha, how do you like them deplatforming apples, huh Gina?

    I’ll show her for saying something I don’t like on a platform where I don’t need to see what she says!

    Take that!

  110. Cdwmt9

    I agree with Gina. #GinaStarWarsMovie

  111. miriam marin

    I am truly sick and tired of having these actors, singers, movie stars, being judged on their political views. That is not why we enjoy them.

  112. Bryant

    Everyone gets their opinion….don’t like it don’t read it. No need to fire people. These bolshevics need to go to Russia if they like this crap so much…these people claim tolerance while acting like nazis banning anyone they don’t agree with

  113. Diggy

    Stop urging for folks to be fired over their opinions and views. What if it were you that was in jeopardy of losing your livelihood??? You don’t have to agree or even respect their opinion but you don’t have the right to shut down their voice. Cancel culture is a ridiculously small minded crowd that needs to stop

  114. Tim

    There’s a difference between supporting Trump and those few who raided the Capitol building. Also, I read Trump’s entire speech and all of this Twitter posts (I suggest you do the same) and nothing even remotely suggested what happened (and quite the contrary actually).

    There’s no connection between the 49% of the population who voted for Trump and the Capitol incident. Voting for Trump and being a supporter doesn’t make you a terrorist. Only the few people who entered the Capitol building could fall in that category (and even that’s questionable).

    So we should fire 49% of the population? Some people are worse than those who entered the Capitol building.

    1. NanaPatriot

      Geesh, both parties have been in the wrong. Both have bad judgement calls & death on their side. Wake up America, it’s ALL OUR FAULTS!!
      We better come together before we Americans are completely, irrevocably, utterly and forever, divided and conquered. I can see that line being drawn, can you?

  115. Alvaro

    I love gina carano. Anyone should be free to have their own opinions and she deserve respect like anyone else .

  116. 🔥 Gina

    Fire her already she supports domestic terrorists. I love The Mandalorian but I love this country more. I won’t be supporting any show which features her. All you’ll be doing is supporting the toxic incel racist fandom. They killed a cop and she’s liking these terrorists tweets. White republican privileged was on display at the capitol and it’s been on display the way you’ve supported Gina Carano.

  117. TS

    When the same rules apply to BOTH the Democrats/Liberals and the Republicans/Conservatives should she then be fired. Everyone would be fine with this if she was bashing and trashing Trump. Funny how the party of “Tolerance and acceptance” shows so much hate to those with a differing opinion even within their own group. She has a right to her opinion. She has freedom of speech just like everyone that wants her fired. Where was their outrage when BLM and Antifa were burning down cities and killing people? I can guarantee if Disney fires Gina over this there will be no more Mandalorian, and no more Disney. Millions will boycott and I know Disney World can’t support all of Disney’s parks. So my question is, how much do you like money Disney?? THAT is the bottom line.

  118. Brent Mosey

    Couldn’t care less about anyone’s Twitter account. Twitter is for mindless drones.

  119. David Robles

    I am out with this Gina stuff. Won’t watch mando until she gone.

  120. NanaPatriot

    Geesh, both parties have been in the wrong. Both have bad judgement calls & death on their side. Wake up America, it’s ALL OUR FAULTS!!
    We better come together before we Americans are completely, irrevocably, utterly and forever, divided and conquered. I can see that line being drawn, can you?

    1. benjimo

      This is what some other countries in power want to happen to the U.S. They are laughing at us and rubbing their hands together with glee knowing that we are just becoming more and more divided and at each other’s throats. They win, we lose!

  121. kay

    If the dems/left continue their in-sane h@te, our country will never svrvive. We are already living in a banana r3public. In my 67 years I’ve never been ashamed of my country before. But now I weep.

  122. Art

    I support freedom of speech and the right to Peaceful protests. The moment it turns violent your point is mute and you detract from the purpose of the protest.

    Just because someone is offended does not give anyone grounds to silence or fire them. It is called freedom of speech, not freedom to not be offended. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  123. Beth

    Okay, first off, I do not support violence, riots, or orange coloured presidents that incite violence because they are a selfish baby seeking attention. I also don’t support firing people from a job they do well because they have a personal opinion that differs from my own. I am against wife beating and I am against falsely accusing people against wife beating in court but since when do wife beaters lose their jobs? People are entitled to their opinion. This woman does her job. Supporting nut job Trump does not affect her ability to act on a TV show. Do you lose your jobs when you say dumb stuff on the internet? I doubt it. People are so ridiculous. Don’t follow her Twitter if you don’t like what she has to say. That’s your right. Enjoy it.

    1. Booster


      (while expressing political views may come with consequences, those consequences shouldn’t be a united effort to deprive a person’s livelihood just because you can )

  124. Beth

    Please moderator, do not publish my previous message. I need to make edits.

  125. Sandy Bear

    Hey Rebecca!! Those weren’t riots at the Capitol. That was literally a textbook example of a “mostly peaceful” protest. AntiFa and BLM breached security. We had 100+ days of actual RIOTS here in Portland. What happened at the Nation’s Capitol was CONSTITUTIONAL & the correct forum to protest the government’s actions or inactions, unlike the Burning Looting Murdering going on nationwide in the name of fake statistics. Words mean things. Be responsible with yours. If that would have been an actual RIOT, DC would have burned. McCarthy was right. Now the COMMUNISTS are actually taking over Amerika. God help us.

  126. Thomas Ray

    I think people who like to state “fire this person, this great actor or actress, because they don’t believe like I do in their personal life” should take a good look in the mirror, read the constitution and the Gettysburg address, and wonder how they’d feel if someone fired them from their job because they had a differing opinion in a personal topic that had nothing to do with their job performance.

  127. Cancel Culture mentality: Continue the vitriol hate and divisions. Gina speaks her mind. She also promotes the Rights of others to do the same. No one screaming to fire Hollywood Elite who support ANTIFA and BLM’s Racist driven destruction!!! Gina did nothing to cause nor support the radical factions, who, as if on que, caused unrest at the Nations Capitol. Gina is a brilliant actor and great person! Leave her to do her job! She definitely adds to the show!

  128. James

    #FireRebekahBurton I can’t state how little I respect a write who copies tweets from a few deranged lunatics and makes a story out of it. Doe it matter that Gina Carano had NOTHING to do with the riots… and literally made NO comments about the subject? This is obvious garbage by a writer who clearly has issues with an actress for some crazy reason.

  129. GS

    I don’t think Gina should be fired for this type of thing and I also think that although people have the right to speak freely from both sides of a subject I think cancel culture has gotten out of hand, but then again, I don’t think actors or MMA fighters should be using their platform as entertainment individuals (which is all they are, not experts in anything, just another opinion) to promote their personal beliefs. Both sides are wrong on this, notice most others on the same show have enough sense to keep their views to themselves, just not Gina for some reason.

  130. I remember the 70’s and 80’s when everyone minded their own forking business….#rememberwhaturparentstoldyou #getthe-f-offtheinternet

  131. Dell

    The problem with Trump supporters is most of them, not all but most , are uneducated. There are not lawyers and scholars at the front lines of this nationalist movement. Students and Masters of the arts and sciences, the purveyors of knowledge and wisdom, were not among those who committed treason in the great Halls of our capital. No. They were not. In reality they were the uneducated, white members of the poor and middle class blue collar section of American society. And in a cold and unfortunate sense of reality they were simply white people enjoying white privilege. Poor uneducated white people who believe ,and are probably correct, that they have been disenfranchised. Trump speaks to these people through racist, nativist, conspiracy driven dialogue. The lack of education is key to all of this. These people can be easily misled through disinformation. This is how Hitler came to power by the way and this is how Hitler convinced a bunch of uneducated, poor, disenfranchised people to foster hate. A hate that nearly led to their own destruction. But anyway, I digress. A Lack of education doesn’t just allow one to take misinformation that is disinformation to heart and mind. It will also, as we are now seeing, disarm one from the ability to discern disinformation from information. That is to say that most of these people do not have the tools or the understanding of the process of checking sources and ensuring the quality of the information being given. Fact checking. That’s what they trust men like Trump to do for them. That’s the power of his rhetoric. They trust what he says as fact, as news. This is why at this moment Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world. Albeit dangerous. His unification of white supremacist organizations and uneducated unaffiliated disenfranchised white people has begun a movement seen worldwide. Now, since the storming of our capital, unfortunately it can be said that undoing what Donald Trump and his followers have done to this nation will take a great amount of time. This great white movement of division and hate that has fractured this nation has always been there but it has been emboldened and normalized by this hateful regime and its constituents. This will linger for some time. Thankfully for those dedicated Americans, those true and loyal to this Nation, there is history on their side. It would be unprecedented in this country for a group of uneducated insurrectionists to obtain power by force or coup. Though many have tried never has one been successful. As history of this nation has shown us Time after Time those educated politicians who favored such a movement quickly abandoned it when it became victim to its own lack of intellectual leadership. Or lack of leadership of any kind. And that is what we are seeing now. As every minute ticks by more members of the hierarchy of the Republican party continue to abandon the ideology of what was once the proud Trump movement. And it is because of a lack of education that’s so few of these supporters of our sitting president understood the repercussions for storming the Capitol building of the United States of America. Or for that matter even understood that what they were doing was in fact treasonous. And it is why upon being informed while in custody of their pending indictment many of these uneducated privileged and at that point I’m sure quite scared white people will start giving each other up. For freedom. When the veil of white privilege is lifted and the reality of their impending doom is leveled upon them they will cower and turn Federal witness for the government’s prosecution. That defining moment when it comes, and it is coming, will signal the end of this immoral and dangerous regime. Not racism. Not sexism. Not nativist anger. But certainly this regime. And then and only then can we and will we begin the process of healing and rebuilding this nation as the strongest to have ever existed in this world. Enjoy the rest of this show. I have a feeling the ending is going to be doozy nobody saw coming.

  132. Katey Barnes

    I cannot imagine the show without Gina. She’s great at what she does and it’s a shame that people want actors fired for sharing their political opinions, it’s stupid! I hope people learn to ignore the fact that someone is in a different political party than you and just get along. That is a problem America has. 😕

  133. Brook

    It is still a free country, for now. I love her for voicing her opinion regardless of what it is. She does a phenomenal job at her job. Can we get all of the people fired from their jobs that want her fired?

  134. Lalee

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  136. Dave

    I support her and our freedom of speech. You either believe in freedom of speech or conditional speech, they are not the same. This whole cancel culture is a cancer in our society. #freedomofspeech

  137. Rudy Ram

    Fire Gina Carano. Christian conservatives created a very toxic environment for the US.

  138. What a load of…

    The article goes on and implying that Gina made comments, then spends one paragraph clarifying the “offense”.

    The fact is, Twitter extremists need to go out live life, rather than try to ruin everyone else’s because they somehow feel offended. When in actuality, they don’t feel anything but contempt for their own pathetic lives, and use Twitter as some twisted catharsis.

    Twitter, and it’s NPC cancel culture need to be fire. It’s done nothing positive.

    Man, I thought Springer was a sh#$$show…

  139. Mary

    This whole culture of ending someone’s career because they have an unpopular opinion is the most Un-American mentality. I am certainly glad that my employers would not fire me if I disagree with them, especially over something that has nothing to do with my job.

    Snowflakes need to grow a set and realize we are never all going to agree on everything and we shouldn’t agree on everything. ffs

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