Comments for How Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Helped Solve a 62-Year-Old Cold Case

Elsa singing "Let It Go"

Credit: Disney


  1. Brenda Capone

    Just saw this case on Kendall Rae. I too, felt that there must have been some kind of avalanche that sent the victims running from their tent. Although l did wonder why experienced climbers would pitch a tent where they did?!
    Love Kendal Rae’s program!

  2. Jessica

    Just read about the “solved” case not two days ago. There are still some unanswered questions as to the conditions they were found, pretty gruesome.

    1. Sam

      As a fan of frozen, Disney, animation, animation technology, and crime solving this is really cool!

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  4. Leston

    OMG I love Frozen soo much, it’s my life! Frozen saved and changed so many lives. It’s my entire life <3

    1. Sam


  5. Jordan Davidson

    It’s an interesting theory even a special episode of Expedition Unknown pointed that an Avalanche would be the cause of this incident, but it doesn’t explain the Gruesome and disturbing ways of the hikers death luckily one person survived.

  6. Johnathan Waters

    Dear editor:

    Dyatlov, not Daltov

    Johan Gaume, not Guame.

  7. Vster

    That makes absolutely no sense. That doesn’t explain anything. Never know an avalanche to tear out tongues and eyes. Try again cause this was a swing and a miss.

  8. Frozen lovers

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  9. VA

    Wait, it wasn’t aliens?

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