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disneyland vaccine site

Credit: Disney (left) @peppermintoreo via Twitter (right)


  1. Chris

    World’s worst ride line

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    Yay for D-land performing an important public service!! Give out thousands of vaccine doses, the sooner the better!!! Wish they could have done this months ago.

    1. bruh

      this is depressing to look at
      it’s sad really that the happiest place on earth has become well THIS. I can’t look it’s just bad all around how a virus that has killed 300K but has been recovered by 25M 25 MILLION but no that makes the virus look less menecing but hey the news is enjoying this WOO HOO MORE PROPAGANDA.
      His state is destroyed and gone and Disneyland is now starting to question if it will reopen like come on DISNEY WORLD HAS BEEN OPEN WITHOUT AN OUTBREAK SINCE JULY

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