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  1. Jude Matas

    New pass system is going to be so exorbitant and ridiculous even locals will be staying home so wouldn’t worry about all these other problems.☹

    1. Keeecha

      Agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Mike

    I will not be dropping another cent on Disney parks. I’m done with them. I took my family to Disney Springs in Florida in early December. We only got as far as the parking garage when we were descended upon by cast members demanding we put on masks for an outdoors attraction. We did, but were promptly told my 12 year old’s mask didn’t meet “Disney” standards. Mind you, my wife (an RN) bought it for her as it was double layered and CDC approved. They offered for us to buy their’s (of course they would) a $5 paper mask everyone else hands out for free. I refused and we left. It felt like we were being harrassed by SS, or caught sneaking into East Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie! I will not be bullied or allow my family to be bullied with Disney’s draconian rules! I’ve chosen not to renew our passes and certainly won’t buy into the garbage they are peddling now.

  3. TacoCat

    What kind of monitoring system will be used for international visitors required to quarantine upon arrival?

  4. KenG

    Everyone seems to think General Biden is the “savior” here, yet has he put restrictions on airline capacity? No! He’s allowing them to pack the planes totally full. If he really “cared” – why didn’t he immediately do an order to stop that? (Hmmm…. campaign contributions perhaps? – We’ll see….)

    As for Disneyland and California? The Evil Empire of Newsom has done a great job of total destruction of our economy and tourism (I hear he’s going to join the ranks of the Disney Villians!)

    For those of you who live outside of California (so lucky you are), go to Disney World and all that Orlando has to offer. When Dollywood reopens after their winter break, go there (outstanding park!).

    There is no joy in California….go somewhere that has at least some!

    1. FlyGirl

      BRAVO! You hit the nail on the head!

      1. Kitty Kat


  5. My daughter and I were to travel to Disneyland in April 2020 for her 30th birthday….sadly it was cancelled. We live in Canada and can’t wait until they day we can visit.

  6. Jeremiah

    Most likely, due to restrictions of the California covid-19 tiers of lockdowns, Disneyland will probably only allowed people who live in Orange County, CA and maybe at the end of the year all Californians will go. I will think that international tourism will only be allowed in 2022 not in 2021. I also think that when Disneyland is allowed to open they will have special tickets for Californians until the state allows international and national travel.

  7. Van Hamlin

    Sell the Disney properties in California. Invest the money into Disney World in Florida. California is focused on controlling the eb and flow of people. Florida is focused on the quality of life people experience. The COVID-19 vaccine is bringing infections and deaths down. California will use the mutated strains to keep people on lock down. Florida will continue to follow the path of making people’s lives viable.

  8. KenR

    Maybe Californians (and most Disney CA employees) will replace their monarch, hypocritical governor and stop allowing their politicians to regulate every aspect of their lives. I know its completely ludicrous and would be such a sad way to treat Walt Disney’s legacy but it would serve them right to close Disneyland California and relocate the attractions to a new park in a state that wants it and will let them open such as Texas.

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