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  1. Kathy

    I will be at Disneyland as fast as they will let me in. I live in northern Nevada and used to have an annual pass. We went to Disneyworld in September just to get a Disney fix. It’s fun and we really like it but it’s not the same as Disneyland. I stared going there when I was in infant in a baby buggy. I miss it so much. Disneyland has the MAGIC!

  2. Tina

    Disneyland is a place of comfortable childhood fun for our family.We have been been Annual Pass holders for 28 years, I opted out at the closure because this was the year we were gifting our grandson with his Annual so there is now no guarantee for any of us to get in.We are not being offered the same reasons that pulled us in since the closure we have saved tens of thousands of dollars we would have spent in the Parks and rooms and would have gladly given it. We also spend a lot in the areas of California coming in and leaving the state.This new World of which you speak is just to keep aware, keep clean, don’t brush shoulder’s(most of us don’t touch strangers as a normal)fresh air is much more healthy than a mask and a facial rash.Disney needs to study Park footage (I have) it’s obvious we stick to our own family groups, there is at most times plenty of room around our groups even in lines for rides we don’t huddle we fall back there is a very friendly code of decency among most of us,mainly because it is a place of tremendous Happiness and escape.I would rather people cough in the air than in their masks all day each time laying that mask down on various surfaces throughout the day.The Flu, Sars, and various new Super Bugs have never kept us from coming and staying it just kept us aware and know we families have paid a lot of money and invested a lot of planning and have secured days off to get there We will and always have taken every precaution to not ruin the trip by getting ill.I have been staying at the Hotels for 30 years and have always checked in with a can of Lysol, I spray everything including pulling back the covers spraying the bedding ,the pillows, the furniture, the fixtures,the handles, the closet,the entire bathroom in the first 5 minutes of getting the room and do it once more lightly everyday of our stay,I’m sure Housekeeping has seen my large can on the TV console.I hope a can is offered in every room when they open back up.It works! Thank You for your time.

  3. Sue

    I live in Washington and go once a year. We were last there just before it closed. Last June, I made air and hotel reservations for this May 2021. I hope it opens so I do not have to change reservations!! I belong to many Disneyland Groups. I can tell you there is a LOT of Disneyland addicts waiting for it to open! It will be busier than WDW in Florida was when they open….guaranteed!

    1. Raymie Brady

      I too have reservations for late april/early may so i really really hope they will open. I have already had covid and for me it was no big deal at all. I had colds worse than covid was for me, so i have NO problem going! This is the 3rd time i have made plans for Disneyland…had to cancel the last 2 because of this closure and im really hoping i dont have to do it a 3rd time!!!

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