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  1. Jenn

    My only question is how will Disney know if an intn’l traveler has self-quarantined? We’re asking for personal integrity right? A bit risky…

    1. Gjjgug

      Disney wont know. Thats why all of these “mandates” are ultimately useless unless we put electronic anklets on visitors like we do on those under house arrest /s.

  2. Dr Alex Azar

    Biden and his flunkies kept holding up foreign countries as the gold standard of COVID control…this is nothing more than window dressing…plus, all those modes of transport already required you to mask up…Democrats love the appearance of action through meaningless gestures

    1. Exactly correct: all window dressing if ANYONE looks at these standards objectively, setting themselves up to be the saviors of the US. All of this stuff was already in place and even more strict if we debate HONESTLY. GOOD LUCK.

  3. Dis fan

    Take credit for something trump already put in place

    1. WoW

      The Donald didn’t have a national mandate. He left it up to each state’s governor to implement. As a result we had a patchwork of restrictions, some useful, some not and Covid took hold.

    2. Trump deserves no credit for fighting covid pandemic. He was a failure.

  4. deb

    we had all these mask mandates before ! Disneyworld does a great job! This is fantastic news about international travelers though, leaves more room for the USA citizens…. Hope this works the same at the border seeing they are foreigners as well!

  5. Nick

    Nothing new here, the restrictions have been in place for a while. In fact, the Trump administration was soundly criticized for doing so and the cry went out to ease them. However, now the Biden administration is not only taking credit for imposing them but they’re making them more restrictive.
    Still, not such a bad thing if the guise of safety eases the hoards of visitors at the park.

  6. LL

    The executive order said “should” quarantine. Such language is not enforceable.

  7. Zachary Trussell

    This is not enforceable. Disney will never know exactly when a foreign guest ariived in our country or if they optioned to self-quarantine. No help here.

    1. Cindy

      This no different than what other countries have in place for international travellers, if they are even letting international visitors in.

  8. ELAINE Room

    When we travel to Orlando in October we will already have had the vaccine and a card to prove it, so what happens then?

  9. ELAINE Room

    When my husband and I travel from the UK in October we will have had the vaccine and can provide proof, what’s the plan for us.?

  10. Gee

    One big problem. Not everyone is susceptible so this whole thing is ridiculous. One might get when the person next to him won’t. And don’t hit me the pronoun junk.

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