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  1. Ellen

    The CDC does not recommend face coverings while outdoors and distanced, nor while exercising, yet Disney does, at the same time they will tell you they are following CDC guidelines.

    Disney also enforces their mask policy on guests very stringently, yet is very slack on other, more effective means of preventing the spread of Covid and other contagious diseases. Not only do they NOT enforce distancing, allowing guests to gather in crowds, or not following the ground markings in queues, the CMs will get far too close to guests and other CMs. They also do not follow proper mask usage guidelines. I have watched CMs in food service areas touch or adjust their mask, then hand over food plates or drink cups to guests. They also take receipts from guests, then touch food plates, without washing their hands in between guests.

    When we visited in September, there were hand sanitizer machines everywhere, before and after rides, at store entrances, required upon entering a restaurant, and about every 50 feet in walkways. In December, there were less than half the number, and fully half of those were empty or malfunctioning. Most of the hand washing stations are gone now too.

    Enforcement is beyond ridiculous as well. I was sitting at least 20 feet from anyone else, with a bottle of water, with my mask off. A CM told me that I should have my mask on unless I was *actively* drinking, and should put my mask back on between sips. I (nicely) informed him that the more we handle our masks, the greater the risk of spreading infection. Then I asked him to back up until he was 6 feet away, as he was within 3 feet of where I was. I saw CMs saying similar things to other guests as well.

    Then there’s the announcement every 15 minutes that guests not in compliance with the ever-changing rules will be expelled from the park or Disney property (they play in the resorts and Disney Springs as well) which is a bit of a slap in the face, and completely takes away from the magic.

    We visit for 10 – 15 days, four or five times a year, and have been back three times since re-opening in July, but we have about lost any desire to visit Disney as long as these rules are in place – not because of the rules, but because of the inconsistency in enforcement, and the draconian level of the rules.

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