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  1. Sheila

    Im so sick of people talking crap about Disneyworld. 1st of all that 80 year old woman needs to pick her feet up and watch where she is going. 2nd of all that 60 yesr old woman went on space mountain if your not used to those rides ya you may get sick. Come on people that is not Disneyworld’s fault.

    1. Your a joke

      This is making news? Wow…you must be bored, bad publicity for no reason.

      1. Milton m

        You need to know your abilities. Don’t go on a thrill ride if you’re 80 years old. Witch I am I still ride test track. But not space mountain anymore . People need to think it is not Disney’s fault if you don’t.

      2. Joe

        Disney world is probably have less staff because of covid 19, and layoffs , so thier probably not bending over backwards if someone falls , its going to happen. So I doubt you will get a free meal out of a fall because people fall all the time and have small injuries and bounce back in no time. Problem is if it’s a head injury, you should really be concerned and have thier medical team look at it. Otherwise dont sweat the small stuff. And I’m 40 now, but when I hit 60,or order I’m sure I wont be riding roller coasters.

      3. Fred

        It’s time to close the money grabbing abortion.

      4. Bigthink

        Imagine defending a multimillion dollar corporation @shiela

    2. Sharon

      I agree. Negligence is one thing but having common sense and personal responsibility is something else. Both are sorely lacking in current society.

    3. No

      Why are you simping so hard for a corporation.

  2. Chad Aponte

    I totley agree come on people. Make the right choices

  3. Liz

    I agree if you 60+age you should know your limits I’m 47 I won’t go on certain rides because make me sick..etc RESPECT Disney alot us our fans don’t like here this sh*t tell us something we want here.

  4. Laura S

    Okay I just need to point out this is talking about an article in the news paper! No where does it say these people were complaining. All the Theme parks report injuries, they are required to report especially on those injuries cause a hospital stay for 24 hours or more. So the hospital may have just kept the individual for overnight observation due to their age. Accidents happen, I got hurt a few years ago just walking down the walkway, yes I am a clutz and tripped over my own two feet 🙂 The cast members saw me and came immediately to help and there was an incident report filled out because there was injury! Disney is amazing and really concerned about safety!

  5. Schatz

    Disney pays off it’s”mistakes” & “crimes” i.e., the parents of Lane Graves, rape victims. Disney remains a collosal COVID19 SuperSpreader, yet you Disney sychophants insist on applauding this corporation who does not give a hoot about you. American’s are I’ll informed, or just plain stupid.

    1. DJ

      Your clearly just a Disney hater.. I have been many times since they reopened and have never had covid. I work in the medical field and get tested weekly for work.. We always say if we arrive and don’t feel safe we will leave. I feel safer there than going in a grocery store due to the policies in place.

    2. Nick

      Might want to do some research first before mouthing off about disney fans and cover ups.

      Florida is full of alligators and disney do its best by catching and removing them but its built on swamp land surrounded by water and open space its impossible to get ride of them all and they can’t shoot them as they are a protected species, ive been to Disney over 15 times and only once saw a gator but I have seem plenty of signs tell people to keep clear of the water in areas where they thought alligators were most likely to be unfortunately although rare predators do attack humans on occasion. They didn’t pay off their mistake, the family didn’t want to sue and accepted accidents happen but disney agreed to pay compensation anyway and then want on to set more traps and build a wall around the lagoon to prevent further accidents even though the report ruled it was an accident and disney weren’t at fault.

      As for your rape victim comment, really? disney aren’t responsible for the disgusting actions of another human and to suggest such a thing is offensive to those victims.

      As for Covid, from what I’ve seen they have excellent safe guards in place and if people choose to visit that’s there choice, you could say the same for any location where people gather thats not essential, eating in a restaurant is probably more dangerous since people won’t have masks on but they are still open in places, yes perhaps all no essential places should close like in some other countries like the UK but without income or support a lot of these places, disney including could go bust or not be able to pay it employees.

      Why come on this site if your not a disney fan, clearly just a Troll so head back under your bridge.

  6. Lois Benvenuto

    It seems Disney has problems with the vulnerable populations, elderly and 2 yr olds. Without going into details, sadly my 2 yr old grandson experienced very chaotic, insensitive, unprofessional, traumatizing treatment going into Magic Kingdom Christmas time!! Shame on Disney!! This is NOT what Mr Walt Disney envisioned. I won’t give Disney another cent of my hard earned money. What goes around comes around… One day Disney!!Reported to CEO and he couldn’t be bothered, he passed the buck.
    Disgusted grandmother.

  7. Joe

    6 feet tape for social/physical distancing, face mask enforcement, and fresh air how can you not feel healthy and safe at any theme park in Florida compared to any grocery store mobbed with shoppers!

  8. Nick

    I can’t believe this is even a news article, title is about elderly guests getting injured on rides but in fact its elderly guests have accidents or getting sick due to age and inappropriate behaviour, how is that an injury related to Disney appart from the fact it happen there, its like doing an article on Walmart because elderly people have collapsed or had heart attacks in store, its not news.

    An 80 year getting sick on space mountain “rollercoster”, don’t get me started, you have to know your limitations, my partner is only 48 and she doesn’t go on space mountain or mission space anymore because she knows it will mess with her equilibrium.

    I hope to still be enjoying disney at that age but I’d know my limits and except that there maybe rides id have to skip or face the consequences.

    This article almost seems like its trying to paint disney in a bad light by twisting facts? Personal grudge at all?

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