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Magic Kingdom sunrise

Credit: Disney


  1. Larry

    A whole 30 minutes early. That’s Magical, indeed.

    Every little bit helps. At least we’ll have the chance to be the first in line for security and health checks.

    1. Lisa


  2. Rroe

    Disney continues to cut, cut, cut, and raise prices so the average Joe can no longer afford going there. What will be next…….Pay Toilets???

    1. Lisa

      Don’t give them any ideas. ?

  3. This seems pointless since my experience has been that they usually start letting people in regardless around 30 mins prior to opening – for everyone- not just those staying onsite. Particularly now that they don’t have a rope drop.

  4. Tamara Dowd

    Big deal. Get up earlier with your kids. Yeah right. Think these stupid decisions thru .

  5. Lisa

    I couldn’t be more disappointed in Disney. That was one of the perks in staying at a Disney hotel. It’s a lot cooler and less crowded. That’s when we go on the rides with a longer wait. As far as the Magical Express goes, I have 4 rooms (for now) and the cost Mears quoted me yesterday for the ride to and from the airport was almost $700! After 30 years I think our 2022 trip will be the last.

  6. Summer

    Queue applause for new Disney CEO Bob Chapstick – oops, I mean Chapek.

    All of these new changes are all attributed to his many years of experience in – Guest relations? No- Theme park experience? Definitely not – retail, advertising and merchandising? That’s the one!
    He gets the Booby prize!

  7. Christina

    So no matter which park locals go to they will always be behind? As a local we always avoided parks with early entry.

    1. Melanie Durham


  8. SG

    I like the idea that the EMHs are available at all parks. But 30 minutes?! It should be an hour AND 30 minutes.

  9. EM

    What idiot at Disney came up with this idea? 30 minutes early!!! Clearly they never stood in a line in their life. The buses (if you can even get on the first one in the morning) don’t get you there in time for 30 minutes to make any difference. No more Magical Express, EMH makes it not so Magical anymore.

  10. J2

    30 minutes seems lousy, I’ll agree. I am cautiously optimistic that it could still be a benefit to those staying on property, because of what happens in the present system: the actual extra magic hour is great and then that park is slammed by all of the resorts heading that way that day. I’m also tired of feeling like I *have* to go a certain park every morning to get that benefit. Also — psst! — make it 45 minutes or more!

  11. Rich

    Just another spit in the face for the paying customers. With so many eateries closed, you’re better off going later and bringing your own lunch.

  12. Denise

    Are u nuts? Get an Uber!!
    Why would anybody pay for Mears or Minnie vans…when u can take AN
    UBER? For example…Typically, an Uber ride fr the airport to Disney World is approximately $30-40.00!

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